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October 28, 2017 4:13 am

Province Delays Mandatory ORV Registration

Thursday, May 21, 2015 @ 3:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – You don’t have to scramble to  meet  a June 1st deadline to register your offroad vehicle,  the mandatory registration  for ORVs has been delayed.

The new rules were to take effect June 1st, but the Province has announced an extension to November 1st.

The reason for the extension appears to be related to rules and regulations, as they have not yet been finalized.

The extra time provides additional time for off-road users to prepare for the mandatory registration, while the regulatory details are finalized on both registration and safety.

Another change will see ICBC issue a numbered sticker that will be available in the early fall for those who would prefer to have a sticker on the vehicle instead of a registration number plate. That change is a response to requests from off-road motorcycle and snowmobile users.

Whether a plate or a sticker, the cost will be the same, $48 dollars.

Those who have already taken advantage of the voluntary registration period and have a received a plate may exchange their plate for a sticker, if they want, at any ICBC broker at no additional cost for a limited time.


Yet another tax grab …. still trying to pay off the 2010 Olympics at our expense

they used to have this same decal thing for boats and snowmobiles, did that stop?

If this is a one time fee then I am okay with it, if this has to be paid every year or so, then yes it is a tax grab.

I wonder what share of the 48 was given to Petronas that was in the hidden tax structure of this LNG deal in yesterdays announcement that British Columbians are not allowed to know about?

What’s next my lawn-mower?

Anything to nickel and dime us and then brag about low income taxes….

Pretty soon I will be paying an extra 48 bucks for a new blender at Canadian Tire cause milkshakes will be deemed recreational….

The fiscal shell game of the BC Liberals, a tax is a tax, and with this regime they continue to invent more ways to slip into our pockets.

I think it is okay because,
if it is stolen and located it can be returned to its owner a lot faster as a name is associated with a serial number…

yes it is a little big brother ish , but effective…

I registered my snowmobile years ago for 10 dollars. The sticker license plate still looks new. Seems for some reason the first registration is not good enough now I have to re-register it?? but this time the cost is 48 dollars and it comes with a metal license plate. No one can figure out where to attach this plate. I can just see all the littered license plates and fines that go with it…. stupidity.

X-it there is a sticker option,

That’s one of the problems I had too. Where the heck was I going to put a metal license plate on a quad with no plate bracket? I’d have to drill holes in the plastic and there was no way I was going to do that. A sticker is a much better option IMO.

THE ANSWER to one of the postee is yes transfer ownership to another individual and YES…YES…YES…there will be taxes levied. CASH GRAB…CASH GRAB! These leeches have got to go.

The NDP could take lessons from the Lieberals in how to fleece the public out of another buck. Freebies for industry and taxes for the working class.

Nice..I just got my plate yesterday. Could have kept my $48 earning interest for another 6 months!!

Just wondering where your supposed to attach this sticker on your ATV? On the bottom of the seat? On the gas tank? On the front rack?? On a fender??

Sleds that have been previously registered must me re registered under the new program but it also includes a rebate of the new registration (tax grab) fees.

Must “BE” re registered.

For years sledders have just carried their license stickers in their sleds with them. The fuzz always seemed OK with it and I never heard of anyone getting fined for not having it attached. I had custom numbers made up for my sleds that matched the machines paint scheme and this was always OK with them as well.

I can think of a place they can put the license plate and the sticker. Nothing but another cash grab.

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