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October 28, 2017 4:14 am

Fire Still Unpredictable

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 @ 4:41 PM


Northern flank of Little Bobtail Lake fire – image courtesy BC Wildfire Management Branch

Prince George, B.C.- The BC Wildfire Management Branch says  while there is progress being made on battling the Little Bobtail Lake blaze,  “crews  are still being challenged by certain areas of activity”.

The photo  above  shows the fire behaviour on the northern flank, near Norman Lake Cluculz Lake at  around 4 yesterday afternoon.

Despite  some rainfall, the Wildfire Management Branch says this fire is still displaying “aggressive behaviour” at times.

The fire has not grown from the most recent mapping of 25 thousand hectares and  crews have  achieved 30% containment.

All evacuation orders and alerts remain in effect.



Ok Clark, quite screwing around and send some water tankers to actually put out the fire, I for one haven’t seen a water tankers.

Funny how BC no longer uses the Mars water bomber. With the recent spike in large forest fires in the past 10 years it would have made a big difference in fires just like this one.

it would have been nice to see a faster response to the fire, but at least the crews have managed to help prevent the fire from damaging structures. I have a coworker who has property under risk at this point.

Protect structures and let it burn. Such a waste of money and its mostly all dead around there anyways. Forest fires are need for regrowth who cares how they start.

They kill plantations, if you look at some of the pictures there are open blocks which may or may not contain planted trees – in a fire this size millions of seedlings planted years ago will be killed or at risk – and millions more if the fire continues to spread

There has been logging in this area for decades and each one of those blocks would have been replanted. There would have been blocks in various stages of growth. I heard that there was a year’s supply of wood for one mill lost.

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