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October 28, 2017 4:07 am

New Hotel in Westend

Thursday, May 28, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

microtelPrince George , B.C. –   The lot has been cleared, now all that is needed is construction to start.

The lot is at the corner of Marleau Road and Highway 16 frontage road west . It will be home to a new hotel.

The developers are building what they call a “Microtel” Inn for Wyndham. The hotel will be 87 rooms and will have an added feature of a water slide. The site will also have a restaurant, although the developers have yet to divulge   the operators of that restaurant. They will only say at this point it will be a “franchise” and will likely serve lunch and dinner.

In a presentation to the Design Committee for the City of Prince George, there was one burning question, will there be a sidewalk hotel guests can use to get to and from the Westgate shopping centre on the opposite side of Marleau Road?

Marleau Road and the Frontage Road   are not equipped with sidewalks, and the gravel shoulders are narrow. Add to that a lack of lighting, and there are concerns about the safety of anyone walking over to the big box stores.

There is no quick answer to that. Under the development standards, new construction is expected to install   a sidewalk to tie into the existing sidewalk. Since there is no existing sidewalk, the builder may request a variance permit to skip that requirement. In cases where there is no existing sidewalk Council has, in the past, approved such a variance.

The hotel will be similar to the Wyndham hotel in Estevan Saskatchewan which opened in 2012. The developer is also looking to build   in Ft. St. John and in Kitimat.

The finished Prince George version will be pet friendly. Builders hope to have it to lock up by the time the snow arrives later this fall.


The obvious question in my mind is what is the cities plan for the Ospika connection to Highway 16 and over to Westgate. This is long overdue, originally planned for completion over 30-years ago before the university was even a thought in anyone’s mind.

This is critical, not only because its time has come, but because it will be essential to figuring out what kind of sidewalk considerations need to take place considering the considerable cost of installing sidewalks to these roads.

I think in the short term the hotel should be required to have sidewalks installed on its own frontage… even if like a mirage, it will be relief where it is much needed. In turn the city should be required to install lighting the full length of both roads to improve pedestrian safety in the area.

In the medium to longer term I think the city should be pressing for the federal government to fund an Ospika overpass as part of trans Canada highway relief for Pacific Gateway improvements. This should be a central election issue in the federal election this fall, for construction in the elected term. With the federal government picking up the cost for the overpass and ramps associated with that, the city could use the gas taxes to fund the completion of Ospika to the highway overpass on the city side of things, and the tie in with West Gate on the other side.

The city needs this for an effective bi-pass route when Peden hill is closed to traffic, to alleviate Peden Hill congestion considering the development plans to add 5000 people to the Cowart road intersection, and to cut down on dangerous traffic going from Westgate to Tyner, or saving fuel going from Ospika west.

Put in the overpass and services (ie, sidewalks, lighting, sewer, water, hydro, gas, cable ect) to the area and all four corners would be ideal for high density hotel and low income housing considering the proximity to low income employment in the area… thus reducing the transportation issues in the city.

But I am sure we will see everything grind to a halt once the downtown land owners have their say in the matter.

Eagleone: Maybe its sort of like the Fraser bridge from College Heights across to the BCR industrial site that was proposed at about the same time, about forty years ago.
I think its developers and business owners who may be playing a hidden hand in all this, wanting all traffic to see their particular brand and hopefully stop to shop.
The truth is, commercial traffic could save a LOT of time and fuel if they didn’t have to take an enforced tour of what they aren’t going to take any notice of anyway.
Same thing happened in Burns Lake. There is a very easy bypass that was surveyed for a highway many, many years ago, probably seventy, that was never allowed to go ahead.

I bet you this project never happens, the funding isn’t there.

should be interesting how they route the overpass down to Marleau. Not much room.

Isn’t it curious that they are considering building a similar hotel in Kitimat. The last I heard, Kitimat wasn’t a growth market. Are they betting on Enbridge?

Marleau and Bear are both badly neglected roads. They are narrow, rough, one section not even paved, no sidewalks, no lighting. These roads serve a high populated area with heavy foot and vehicle traffic. They are also a major access to and from hwy 16.

No friggen variances. Hold the developers accountable for everything they are supposed to be doing. With so many hotels opening it is fairly obvious that this isn’t a dead market anymore, we don’t need to be handing out incentives.

If these guys put a sidewalk, then the next people will have a sidewalk to tie into. It really isn’t that hard to think ahead.

On a sidenote, I’m stoked for new development!

That intersection is a joke. It routes all traffic heading west out of the Westgate shopping area along a narrow side road with no sidewalks to the Westgate/fire hall/Hwy 16 intersection that was designed for servicing a residential neighbourhood. You feel sorry for the tourists with their RVs trying make a right hand turn from the side road to the lights and not impede traffic leaving Westgate turning right onto Hwy 16. Then there are the ones that get up to Hwy 16 on Marleau and just turn left anyways.

I agree with phje.

It’s great to finally see PG grow and have some developments. Every year there seems to be a new announcement. City of PG has kept spinning its wheels and not getting anywhere but I’m hopeful we’ve finally caught some traction.

I have stayed in the two prominent motels in Kitimat. They need competition. Maybe they will clean up there facilities. Construction of a new hotel was started last year. I haven’t been there since December so I don’t know how far along it is.

Do we need another Hotel? Everything is going West, what is wrong with sending some of the business to the Hart ? or buy out the Homeland Inn and the Connaught Inn on Victoria and make that a nice area?

“Do we need another Hotel? Everything is going West, what is wrong with sending some of the business to the Hart ? or buy out the Homeland Inn and the Connaught Inn on Victoria and make that a nice area?”

The city doesn’t decide where developers want to spend their money. The Hart really isn’t suitable for extensive development because it is heavily industrial. Plus, there is more traffic going through the west corridor of PG than the North.

Doesn’t say who the developer is, sure hope that Clint Dahl doesn’t have his hand in this. Big dreams if it is.

Yes millworker ,
I’m pretty sure I seen Clints name on this new project so hope for the best .
That slab of dreams that clint was pushing downtown hasn’t amounted to much .Hes kinda like the Canucks , “good enough to get you to the show but no finish “

@billposer you are right about kitimat except for the ” Not a growth market “. FYI there are two hotels currently under construction and one waiting permits in the city of terrace . There is also a holiday inn express being built in thornhill across from the northern inn. One in terrace and the one in thornhill is nearing completion . The growth in the last five years has been staggering . Commercial ,industrial construction has also been eating up almost all the commercial properties and home owners are getting cold calls from realtors . There is also a truss manufacturing being set up in thornhill . Out of town workers are having a hell of a time finding housing . Betting on enbridge ? Who knows ? They are betting on something . That’s for sure .

Whoops I forgot to add that another is waiting for enviro remeadiation before building a Superior Lodgings hotel ( Calgary money ) with 100 rooms which will make it five brand new hotels under construction .

Superior Lodging is advertising for construction workers . So I’d say it’s a go . There is also another major project being considered for kitimat called the Crossroads project . That one is a hotel ( 150 rooms ), housing subdivision and shopping mall / restaurants .

Darn ,also forgot about the crossroads convention centre . It’s all a bit much to remember it all .

I presume that all the construction in the Kitimat, Terrace, area is dependent on LNG, Enbridge, and the Mines up Highway 37.

My guess is that some mines will go forward. Ie; Red Chris Copper has been hauling ore to Stewart BC for export for the past three months and is awaiting some permits before they go whole hog.

Terrace will be the new distribution centre for Prince Rupert, Kitimat, and Highway 37, and a lot of business will be sent direct to Terrace for distribution. This could have an adverse effect on Prince George.

As for LNG and Enbridge it doesn’t look so good.

Prince Rupert Container Terminal will increase its capacity by 500,000 TEU’s per year, in the next few years, so that will generate jobs in Prince Rupert.

Rio Tinto Alcans huge upgrade to the Alum Plant in Kitimat is for all intents and purposes completed, so they will lose 2500 construction jobs, and the plant will operate with approx. 400 less full time employee’s.

The Kemano Two Tunnel will keep some people working.

In any event it looks like the future is West of Prince George, ie; Kitimat, Terrace, Pr Rupert, and Highway 37.

Not much going on in Prince George, or North, South, or East of Prince George.

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