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October 28, 2017 4:05 am

Severe Thunderstorm Warning in Effect

Friday, May 29, 2015 @ 4:47 PM

Pgoes_wcan_1070_100rince George, B.C.- A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for Prince George.

At right satellite  image of storm system- courtesy Environment CanadaEnvironment Canada  says  its meteorologists are tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of producing strong wind gusts, dime to nickel size hail and heavy rain.

A severe thunderstorm 50 km west of Hixon is moving northeastward at 50 km/h. The storm is expected to cross Highway 97 between Prince George and Stoner in one hour.

Vanderhoof has already been hit by this storm,  with  witnesses saying the roads are  a foot deep  in hail.


Another one?? Oh god, people, run and hide. Fed up with normal occurrences making news.

Come on Griz, hail a foot deep on the road isn’t exactly ‘normal’.

Oooh, I bet that much wiped out a lot of gardens.

Massive storm rolled through about 2ish this morning massive hail followed by torrential downpour overwhelmed our sewer system here at work storm lasted on about 40 minutes but damn it was powerful and the Lightning show was freaky and awesome all at once

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