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October 28, 2017 4:05 am

Fire on George Street

Friday, May 29, 2015 @ 5:30 PM


Prince George, B.C – Firefighters responded to the George Street scene around 4:30 this afternoon.

The fire  is in the west side of the 500 block between the old photo fax shop and the former Ric’s Grill

Earlier this month a fire caused extensive damage to two buildings on 3rd Avenue next to the polar Nancy O’s restaurant.  The cause of that fire has not been determined.

Mayor Lyn Hall was at the scene and heard to mutter “unbelievable” as he walked by.


First it was the fire next to the Copper Pig. Then it was the fire next to Nancy-O’s now a fire next to whatever failing restaurant has taken over Ric’s Grill. Nancy-O’s and the Pig are both doing well, I know but there is a pattern here.

I sure hope it’s Photofax that is burning down. Careless business that couldn’t care less about making the downtown look good. If a building cares that little about how it looks on the outside, I couldn’t imagine how poorly maintained it was on the inside.

That’s harsh Summit. If you don’t like a business, don’t buy from them. But to hope they are losing everything to fire? Wow.

Always have to wonder when a business has been under renovations for so long ( 48 North) then there is a fire next door………

Flipside Records fire on 2nd was caused by stupidity (on several levels) but classified as “undetermined” by the fire department. Insurance investigation will glean more light once it’s completed.

It’s all just Prince George “urban renewal”, permits are costly and take too much time apparently.

Damn, I hear that it wasn’t Photofax that burned up. Oh well, one can always hope.

Are these being done on purpose to benefit from Insurance? The economy is terrible so a way out for some of these owners is a “accident” and collect their insurance money?

I have a string source that has confirmed photofax will be renovating their facade this summer. So thats good.


I saw a photo with words scrawled on the plywood along the front of this fires location that said “A salvage Caution Fire Potential site”

So how was the Flipside fire caused by stupidity on several levels exactly?

That pic is all over facebook now Dumbfounded, Kinda weird though that I can’t see it in any of the “official” media pics so far. I wonder if it was painted on the alley side plywood.

Nope, I saw it too, it was on the George St side facing the Keg.

Maybe the city should hire a capable fire investigator , instead of spending the money on a media relations people?

@ professionaler: Wait for it….. video will show up.

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