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October 28, 2017 4:04 am

National Day of Action Targets Bill C-51

Saturday, May 30, 2015 @ 4:00 PM
Anti Bill C-51 campaigners gathered at Prince George City Hall Saturday - photo 250 News

Anti Bill C-51 campaigners gathered at Prince George City Hall Saturday – photo 250 News

Prince George, B.C. – A group of Prince George residents took to the streets today to help educate locals on what they say are the “dangers associated” with Ottawa’s anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51.

“It’s part of a national day of action that’s taking place across the country against Bill C-51,” said Peter Ewart, spokesperson for the Stand Up for the North Committee. “We decided we would distribute these brochures throughout the downtown and in the neighbourhoods to engage Canadians in discussion.”

He said those dangers include “an attack on the rights of all Canadians” and a bill that “could potentially be used against them” if they are critical of things like “pipelines and resource projects.”

The Conservative government passed Bill C-51 earlier this month and it’s now under review in the Senate.

“It’s important people be aware of this, it’s a non-partisan issue,” said Ewart. “This legislation affects people no matter what political party they support.”


Big crowd, almost as big as the anti GMO bunch.

I’m glad you were there Seamut

Glad this news site at least covers these events, sadly i wasn’t aware this was going on or missed news of it happening

Fluoride was also small to start but people in the city eventually voted to not add it to water

If I’m ever targeted by our govt for legally protesting anything in Canada, they will have more to worry about than me legally protesting.

Dumbfounded maybe with a comment like that you will be on a list.

How come so called peace loving left are so vicious.

C-51 legislation has been passed by the House of Commons along with Liberal support. Once through the Conservative controlled Senate it will become law.

Those people opposed to the legislation now need to watch the Government and CSIS and wait until they actually arrest someone under this legislation, hold them without legal representation, and take away their Charter Rights. Once this happens, then people will have an example of the Government and CSIS actually abusing this legislation, and we can take action against the Government and support those individuals who’s rights have been trampled on.

I don’t actually expect any examples anytime soon that we could use, however that’s the next step. If it doesn’t happen, then this whole process has been a tempest in a teapot.

I think you’ve nailed it, Palopu. Really, if any government wanted to make life a living hell for anyone there are already sections of a plethora of Laws previously enacted that could be interpreted and administered to do just that. Ironically, most of those sections were inserted into those Laws at the insistence of the same types most visibly opposed to Bill C-51. I would be far more concerned about the chances of such interpretations and administrations happening under a NDP or Liberal government than any likelihood the Conservatives would mis-use Bill C-51.

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