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Friday Free for All – June 5, 2015

Thursday, June 4, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

It’s Friday, and that can only mean one thing, it’s time for the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic,  but  even though  you may not agree with another person’s comment,  please respect their  right to  their opinion.  We ask that  you  discuss the issues raised without having to resort to name calling or derogatory remarks.

So with that in mind,   remember the three  simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying!

L E T   ‘E R   R I P !!!




Greetings everyone…sure has been a fabulous spring. Hopefully summer will not be too hot and dry. Enjoy the weekend !

“The Conservative government is downloading billions of dollars of health-care costs on the provinces, says the parliamentary budget officer, making federal finances sustainable over the long term but leaving provincial governments to stare down severe financial pains in the coming years.”

Ottawa’s overhaul of health-care funding has left enormous ‘fiscal gap’ for provinces, PBO warns


(PBO – Parliamentary Budget Officer)
(CHT – Canada Health Transfer)
(FSR – Fiscal Sustainability Report)

“In FSR 2011, federal CHT cash was projected to average 21.6 per cent of provincial-territorial health spending over 2011-12 to 2035-36, then 26.8 per cent over the following 25 years and 38.1 per cent over the remaining 25-year period, as projected growth in provincial-territorial health spending continued its downward trend.

In contrast, under the assumption that the new CHT escalator formula is maintained indefinitely, the share of federal CHT cash in provincial- territorial health spending is now projected to decrease substantially from its 2010-11 level of 20.4 per cent (Figure 3-1). PBO projects that federal CHT cash will average 18.6 per cent of provincial-territorial health spending over 2011-12 to 2035-36; then 13.8 per cent over the following 25 years; and, 11.9 per cent over the remaining 25 years of the projection horizon.

To put this projected decline in context it is helpful to compare the share of federal health cash transfers in provincial-territorial health spending over a long historical period. Over the period 1968-69 to 1976-77 under cost-sharing federal health cash transfers amounted to 36.1 per cent of provincial-territorial health spending on average (Figure 3-2).”


John Ivison: $26B shock — Canada’s largest ever defence procurement handed off in sole-source contract

(Article has an autoplay ad in it)


“Add it all up and Budget 2013 in conjunction with a few announcements earlier this year provides $6.4-billion in new corporate welfare, courtesy of Canadian families. That number doesn’t include corporate welfare announced in previous budgets.”

Canada’s corporate welfare budget


After promising to flush out companies that stash their cash in offshore tax havens, the Harper government has lost its enthusiasm for ruffling corporate feathers

Tory crackdown on tax evasion lost in a fog: Goar


Happy weekend everyone, I’m going fishing :)

NMG: Good for you! Hope you can catch some nice ones and enjoy some fish straight out of the water. Hope your weather is nice. Looks like ours is going to be.

Good Morning to all my friends in Gorge. Its a beautiful day here in Odoursford. The cows are mooing and the gangsters were quiet last night. Nice view of…….wait a minute. Seems to be a lot of smoke and ash coming off the top of Mt. Baker this morning. Uh…..I’m coming for a visit PG. See you in 8 hours.


“B.C. may not see any LNG facilities built until after 2020, according to the International Energy Agency, which reported Thursday that the world market is flooded with liquefied natural gas.”

B.C. LNG facilities may not be built until after 2020, report says

(Remove the space between http and : and put into your computer’s address bar)

http ://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/premiers-lng-promises-not-likely-to-be-fulfilled-until-next-decade-report-says/article24817050/

It is a nice day out there today, looks like the weekend is going to be decent. I’m heading out to the lake and do some R and R. our summers are so short, so get out there and enjoy them!!!!

Will the LNG project go ahead, It won’t happen this year, nor the next. Likely start scratching the ground by 2018. First load shipped in 2020.

Still a lot of work to be done before the project gets past the FN, governments, EA, and financing.

Our “Wood Innovation Building” has competition for the tallest wood building.


First camping trip of the year..hope the fish are biting. Have a fun and safe weekend everyone.

Nice try Shell, Esso and Petro Can. 1.24 L They must have forgot Costco has a gas bar and were up to their usual gouging! Thank god for Costco Gas!!!!!

I find sautéed sole fillets much better. I catch them in the store. That way I can avoid mosquitos, blackflies, horseflies and any other bugs that make my life miserable.

No big headlines for the weekend. Guess the local politicians are all away playing in Edmonton. We’ll have to wait till they come back.

Gas prices sure were strange this week. From 1.089 to 1.249 then down to 1.139 within a 24 hour span at a lot of stations.

Lol, Digitus, that gave me a chuckle but don’t forget the perfunctory, passive aggressive crapping on of our fair city.

TGIF, its suppose to be a hot weekend, so stay cool and enjoy yourselves.

Stumbled upon some unbelievably good news, will try to share that with you later tonight… busy all day, and most of the night… yup, I work.

Whats the news, did May find a new organic wine, new jokes?

I see you didn’t get much sleep last Charles. You had to wait until midnight to post your usual non-comments. Your 6:21 am comment was interesting though, something I’ve been saying all along.
Hope you don’t yawn too much today.

Sophic, good news?? Did you also read that Mount Polley could re-open by the end of the month?

“British Columbia’s energy and mines minister says a gold and copper mine that suffered a disastrous tailings pond collapse last summer could be back up and running by the end of the month.

Bill Bennett says the owners of the Mount Polley mine appear to have provided all the information the province has asked for in order to get 370 people back to work.

He says the province is reviewing the information provided by Imperial Metals Corp., and if nothing is missing it will issue a permit allowing the mine to reopen by the end of June.”

Very good news for the workers and the people of Williams Lake!

Hopefully the mine will operate in the safest manner possible, while at the same time taking all steps possible to do so in an environmentally responsible way!

You’re right Sophic, very good news indeed!

Its going to be a nice day here in Abbotsford. Looks like a hot one

Digitus Impudicus, hey you creep you stole my line. I don’t make jokes about Prince George all though I know all the wrinkles and you are completely clue less as to how I live in Abbotsford.

Everyday I read 250 and the crimes you have don’t even touch abbots ford. so keep your stupid comments to yourself and bore us with them.

I have not been in the PG Coliseum in the last month or so — BUT
I hope the Arena Staff have replaced all the Spruce Kings Banners in the rafters. (banners were taken down for winter games)
After all-It is the Castle-Home of the Spruce Kings.
They worked hard for them–they should be on display for all to see.

And listen creep it takes me 10 hours to drive to PG.

Who’s afraid of Elizabeth May ? harper and his Useful idiots also known as harperettes . They are so afraid of truth and reality .

I was sitting waiting to talk to someone at B.C. Housing, and while I was waiting a young couple came in looking for housing the girl was very pregnant, she was asked for copy of her Income tax from last year , she said she could not give it as it was with her father in Ontario. It looks like we have Homeless from all over Canada coming to P.G. I wonder WHY ??

@ HG; baa, ha, ha; “a gold and copper mine that “suffered” a disastrous tailings pond collapse last summer”.

Hardly… the gold and copper mine suffered? More like the environment suffered with all that toxic effluent in it, of which its effects will be felt in perpetuity (forever), along with some of the locals who live in the area.

Oh poor Imperial Metals and their shareholders. Woah is me… :-( thanks for the laugh!

Poor Likely B.C. Sure am glad I didn’t own real estate there . Sad for those that did .

The best possible news to come out of @ss is that the moderators of the site have imposed the “gus” rule and will limit the number of posts per day at a maximum of 10. It is always the same old tired rhetoric regurgitated and about as appealing as a sidewalk pizza.

At least gus had a reasoned and measured tone to his comments.

“busy all day, and most of the night… yup, I work”

Working girl, huh?

Sophic, thought you were working?

Thanks for taking a few minutes between clients to respond!

Now, get back to work! Money, Money, Money!

Harper afraid of May? Whatever. I see the nutbars are out in force today.

More good news for our economy!

“Reuters – ‎June‎ ‎5‎, ‎2015

Canada’s job gains biggest in seven months, buoyed by manufacturing

Canada’s economy added 58,900 jobs in May, handily topping expectations and the biggest gain since October, helped by a surge in employment in the manufacturing sector, data from Statistics Canada showed on Friday.”

Ok, Ataloss and Sophie, go ahead and rain on the parade!!

@ charles,

A very bad news to Clark govt and BC. But is is ture as LNG market in Asia becomes oversupplied in just short 5 years…

Does anyone in PG encounter big buck moose with growing racks? if so, where is the best place to find them for photos? thanks in advance!

Posted on Friday, June 5, 2015 @ 9:38 AM by Retired 02

And listen creep it takes me 10 hours to drive to PG.


That would mean your average speed is in the mid to low 70’s. All that while in the left lane with your signal on? :)

Toxic effluent, where? Just what do you read?

Axman at least you have a sense of humour.

I have checked out Gus’s website doesn’t have much action but the posts that were on it were interesting. didn’t see any driver complaints

No Axman there are only two lanes to PG so why would I leave my signal on?

was on a walk-about downtown this morn while waiting for my car – saw a building across from ramada i had not seen before – took alot of looking before i saw the sign to tell me that it is the wood and innovation building – this cost us alot of money yes? and it is fairly new yes? then why are there letters missing on the sign? on another note there is a new thrift shop next to ramada as well – phillips thrift shop, it is fairly small (just starting out) and they only take cash but the good news about this is that some of the proceeds go to the spca, the legion, and s.o.s.(counselling service for abused and traumatized youth) maybe go down and check it out. oh, and i stopped in at the black donkey cafe – some of the best coffee i’ve had in a long time. have a good weekend everyone and please leave your dogs at home, it’s gonna be a hot one – i will be out patrolling the parking lots looking for “hot dogs”, will be taking down license plate #’s and making phone calls and if i think your dog is in distress will not hesitate to break a window – ciao

Hart guy, sounds like you are giving us a lot of do do. The unemployment stats on 250 this am give us a different story. Seems the unemployment rate for prince George has increased to 6.6% so where are all the manufacturing jobs. Would that be in China? You are just giving us a lot of harper’s dreams.

Retired…or should we be using another “R” word for your continuous useless drivel on this site??
I find it so interesting that you continue to make snide, backhanded derogatory comments about Prince George, while at the same time get offended when someone points out that the place that you fled to, couldn’t hold a candle to Prince George on it’s best day ever!
Talk about gang violence, auto thefts, random shootings, and crime in general and Prince George seems like Utopia by comparison! Oh and that smell, last time I was there for a Golf Tourney I opened the door to my Motel and I could have sworn someone took a crap right out side the door! Yeah it was PLEASANT!
I would suggest that perhaps YOU pay attention to what’s happening in Crappersford, and leave the 250 to those of us that chose to live here!
Oh just one more thing..perhaps if you read something other than the funny pages you might actually see a report on unemployment from Stats Canada!

I did state Canada’s job gains and Canada’s economy, didn’t I Retired02?

You must have missed that! Perhaps you need stronger bifocals?

In any event, here’s a link to the Reuters article:



Neighbours after fighting to clean up our Neighbourhood and doing a good job it was almost normal but the hooker problem is coming back and it looks like we have to start all over again. We have to get the Johns plate no. and phone it in. The crap we have to deal with is no fun in a residential Neighbourhood. We have a lot of new faces and lots of First Nation people maybe the Highway Of Tears People could look into this?

@ Returded 02

Bwahahaha. Ow ow my feelings. Bwaaahahaha.
(I noticed you can’t even spell Abbotsford) Bwaahahaha

Cheers and sneers

The Bike Track near the YMCA hired a person from the States to map and set up the “new” Track ?
Was there no one in PG or BC or Canada that could do that ?
I mean come on–give your head a shack.

Here is an interesting read


Sage and Ataloss, 5-4-3-2-1 go.

OMG what a lot of angry comments today. And I am guilty of it as well. First, my apologies to Charles for all my snide comments – I think I realize why you can’t post your own opinions.
Secondly, to Retired 02, please don’t let all negative naggers stop you from posting.
And to Sophic Sage, keep on keeping on!

Ibear – Hats off to you. You are the bigger person for sure.

“It is always the same old tired rhetoric regurgitated and about as appealing as a sidewalk pizza.”

Speaking of which.

“Harper afraid of May? Whatever. I see the nutbars are out in force today.”

Anything to keep those dividends rolling in hey Dick?

“”Reuters – ‎June‎ ‎5‎, ‎2015

Canada’s job gains biggest in seven months, buoyed by manufacturing

Canada’s economy added 58,900 jobs in May, handily topping expectations and the biggest gain since October, helped by a surge in employment in the manufacturing sector, data from Statistics Canada showed on Friday.”

You believe that crap?

“Neighbours after fighting to clean up our Neighbourhood and doing a good job it was almost normal but the hooker problem is coming back and it looks like we have to start all over again. We have to get the Johns plate no. and phone it in. The crap we have to deal with is no fun in a residential Neighbourhood. We have a lot of new faces and lots of First Nation people maybe the Highway Of Tears People could look into this?”

Go sit out on the sidewalk with them. That’ll move them along. Maybe to the mayors hood!

“I mean come on–give your head a shack”

Americans can provide spelling lessons too.

“At least gus had a reasoned and measured tone to his comments.”

What’s a gus?

Websters dictionary defines as “one that knows everything about everything and displays such to the world at every opportunity”

posted by Dumbfounded: “You believe that crap?”

ah when its positive news its “crap” but when its negative you lefties all shout if from the rooftops eh Dragon? Funny how that selective believability works.

Have a good weekend folks

Dumb founded, if your not in agreement to the report out of Reuter’s, perhaps you would prefer the one from the Globe and Mail?

“A stronger manufacturing sector, led by strong auto sales and exports, was one of the main drivers behind Ontario’s surprise May employment numbers.

The sector added 21,500 jobs last month, a 1.3-per-cent increase from April, according to Statistics Canada’s May Labour Force Report, released on Friday. Nearly 16,000 of those jobs were created in Ontario, a 2.1-per-cent increase from last month.

Manufacturing makes up for 1.7 million jobs across Canada, with about 45 per cent located in Ontario.”

DUMB founded, I realize that this isn’t the HuffPost or the Tyee, but try expanding your outlook on life. Here’s a link for you!


6 posts in a row. That’s pretty Gussish.

Dragon drivel, new name same inbreeding.

Hear, hear!

Municipal staff earn $6.43 more an hour than private-sector workers: Report
Postmedia Network
Thursday, June 4, 2015 11:30:03 MDT AM

City workers across Canada make an average of $6.43 more an hour in wages and benefits than private-sector employees, according to a new report that calls on municipalities to close the unfair pay gap.
“Cities, big and small, are spending well beyond their means,” Canadian Federation of Independent Business research analyst Nina Gormanns said in a statement. “When we look at inflation-adjusted operating spending by our municipalities, data shows that it has increased at four times the rate of population growth over the past 13 years. The lion’s share of that spending is dedicated to wages and benefits for city employees.”
The report says the gap is greatest in municipalities in Quebec (23%), Ontario (21%) and New Brunswick (19%). Alberta’s sits at 16%. Toronto and Montreal top the list of cities at 26% and 25%, respectively. Calgary’s gap is 19% and Edmonton’s is 13%.
The federation says the data are based on the 2011 National Household Survey, which contains the census records of 132,790 municipal staff and 3.6 million private-sector workers in Canada.
The report says high wages and benefits in municipal governments cost $3.4 billion a year.
The federation wants municipalities to curb employee raises, and calls the wage gap “unfair” because it results in higher taxes.
“There’s only one taxpayer. Instead of looking for more handouts, municipal leaders need to look in their own backyards, and put their energy into getting a fair deal for their constituents in labour negotiations,” CFIB executive vice-president Laura Jones said.

oneofakind Friday, June 5, 2015 @ 3:56 PM
In regards to your comment of The Bike Track near the YMCA. No local help.
There was bike track builder designer, his name was Duncan MacKenzie age 30 of Whistler / Pemberton on Friday, December 30, 2011
he was killed by an avalanche in the Casper Creek area, north of Pemberton.

Anyone else getting called by SSI from Utah 385-207-7135? Wanting to do a survey with you but refuse to say what the survey is for? http://www.surveysampling.com are the scumbags calling you.

Our Canadian women are going to face the Chinese tomorrow . The best Canadian footballers are going to face the best national association football team that over a billion Chinese can muster . FIFA.com

3 family members on bicycles using a pedestrian controlled crosswalk to stop traffic, then riding across and without helmets. Insert level of intelligence here—–>___________.

Did you know them? I am just wondering how you knew they were a family.

Go Canadian women go .

itelman, the wage gap has been in the news a lot over the past couple of years! Public sector workers working for Federal, Provincial AND Municipal Governments are raking all of us over the coals.

Unfortunately NO Government at ANY level seems to have the gonads to address this issue.

In the meantime, they just keep raising taxes!!

Wow, that was a long work day. Too bad it’s so late, not many viewers will be on here and the Friday Free-For-All is closing soon… so… I will wait, and share my good news about a “fantastic and positive” Harper Government achievement, on the next Friday-Free-For-All.

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