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October 28, 2017 3:59 am

Calling All Yarn Bombers

Friday, June 5, 2015 @ 3:42 AM

Prince George, B.C. – In the spirit of Prince George’s centennial birthday celebrations this summer, Two Rivers Gallery has organized a yarn bombing in the city.

“It’s the first organized yarn bombing and it’s a kind of guerilla street art,” says spokesperson Kathleen Angelski. “Often people do it anonymously, they go out in the middle of the night and they attach knitted or crocheted fabrics to everyday public objects.”

However in this case, she says they’re doing it as an organized event and hope to do 100 trees in celebration of the City’s 100th birthday.

And just where will the yarn bombing take place?

“It’s up to the people who pledge to take on a tree. So obviously we are planning on doing quite a few trees around the gallery and downtown because it’s also in celebration of KidzArt Dayz,” says Angelski. “However people can pick a tree in their yard, they pick pick a tree in a favourite park, their school ground, wherever they want to.”

Those interested in joining the ‘Yarn Bomb Squad’ must have their bombings installed by July 9th.

They will remain up during centennial celebrations July 10-19 and must be taken down no later than July 30.

The trees will be mapped through Google maps and be used to create a walking/bike tour.

Those interested in participating can learn more by calling 250-614-7800 or by emailing caitlynn@tworiversgallery.ca


Careful, CSIS and the CBSA may pay attention to you article title.

bill c51

I believe the expression is: the yarn bombers are “known to police.”

It’s difficult to admit it but I know some of these so-called “citizens”. They carry needles and lengths of brightly coloured yarn that doubles as a garrotte. They are to be avoided at all costs if you value your life. Almost makes bill c51 seem rational.


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