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October 28, 2017 3:59 am

Annual FCM Conference Underway

Friday, June 5, 2015 @ 3:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Mayor of Prince George, City Manager Kathleen Soltis, and all but two  members of  Council (Councillors Brian Skakun and Murry Krause) are attending the Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual conference in Edmonton this weekend.

The conference will hear from the major political parties, with party leaders Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May and Thomas Mulcair expected to address the delegates from across the country. Prime Minister Harper will not be speaking, instead, Finance Minister Joe Oliver will make a keynote address.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is the national voice for more than 2000 communities across Canada.

The kick off to the event was yesterday with the group “Big City Mayors” meeting with representatives from the Federal parties.   Make no mistake, this is an election year, and Mayors took the opportunity to question reps from the NDP, Liberal and Green Party on each party’s plan to partner with communities on issues of transit, infrastructure and housing.

Infrastructure remains a key issue with the FCM. Latest information from the FCM is that it would take upwards of $55 billion dollars to bring aging infrastructure up to current standards.

Other issues to be discussed include engaging youth in the upcoming federal election, finding new revenue streams through sponsorships not tax hikes, issues of housing and the cost of living in northern and rural communities and building mutual economic benefiting relationships between municipalities and First Nations.


Of coarse Steve won’t be there because Elizabeth May will . Who’s afraid of Elizabeth May ? Not Tom . Not Justin . Just little stevie .

Liz should attend every campaign of Steve’s .

Wonder if May will stay off the wine.

The mayor, city manager and all but two Councillors are attending? And people wonder why their taxes are constantly going up.

Of course Liz will be there! Obviously there will be free booze!

One thing about Liz, she is good for the environment. After all, when she is in the room, there is no need to turn on the heat, what with all the hot air that comes out of her mouth!

Actually, on second thought, maybe all of the hot air coming out of her is contributing to global warming?? Hot air out of one end and like the cows, an abundance of methane coming out of the other, haha?

Hmm.Just got up and feeling woozy. Looks like the same is true of the folks posting here so far.

Lets see, Trudeau flipping his hair, Tom Mulcair introducing himself over and over even with a huge name tag and May, I hope that is organic wine she is sipping or else she would be going against the party philosophy.

seamutt, May “sipping” wine?? More like guzzles it!

With a room full of harperettes she didn’t watch her drink close enough . That’s what I suspect .

If I were harpers opposition . I’d watch every thing I were to eat or drink .

That’s the best you got this morning, Ataloss?

I’m disappointed! I thought for sure that you would have had a better comment!

Of coarse you are disappointed hartguy . The fact is however that many of us greens think the same thing about the incident . But by all means try to frame her as a drunk . We know the truth about Liz and put nothing past a government that lies , cheats , and rigs elections . I would not put any dirty trick past neocons . Sure would be nice to see del mastro in jail with Duffy as cell mate .

Dizzy Liz, thanks Ataloss.

Ataloss, seems our harper friends are taking a page out of their leaders book . They have no shame and make stupid remarks about the other democratic parties involved in the election.

On election day the truth will be revealed and they can join their friend Prentice and cry in there beer. Probably Corona from Mexico.

So what about your stupid Harper remarks, oh wait that doesn’t count.

I could vote for any party and have issues with the conservatives but I find it hard to find issues with the other parties when they are so vacant to begin with.

Ataloss and Retired 02, you two are quite the pair!

Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper is NOT attending the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference because today he departed for the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. He will then be attending a G7 Summit in Germany beginning on Sunday. All in all, he will be travelling until June 11 visiting Ukraine, Germany for the G7 meeting, Poland and Italy.

Seems like far more important work for our Nation’s Leader, more important that watching Liz get hammered!

Come on Ataloss and Retired 02, grab a brain! You guys are clueless!!

I think the G7 should have been made aware of Canada’s important annual FCM Conference. Someone should advise them so that this kind of mistake never happens again!!

Careful Hart Guy. If you try to talk common sense to Ataloss, or Retired 02 you will confuse them. They deal strictly in fiction and fantasy.

Ironic that you guys lump r2 and I together because in a way we have crossed paths at different times . I can remember diving off a log float on stave lake to retrieve a knife that I had dropped . I was ten .

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