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October 28, 2017 3:54 am

Warehousing Space Crunch Hurts Business Expansion

Thursday, June 11, 2015 @ 3:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A yet to be released  report by Initiatives Prince George says the shortage of warehousing space in Prince George is holding back businesses from expansion.IPG  conducted  a survey  of local businesses to  find out what  they saw as barriers to the growth of their business.  CEO Heather Oland says  the lack of quality warehouse space  was identified as an issue “In fact the  vacancy  of  warehouse space in Prince George is  about 3.5%.  That is a very very low  number, and in fact a barrier to business  growth.”

IPG was involved in developing the business case for the  just announced  cargo  facility  project underway at the north end of the Prince George Airport lands. ( see previous story)

Oland says the  Airport cargo warehouse project  will help ease some of the pressure ” It will help bring on line some class ‘A’ quality warehouse space for local businesses.”  She also sees the  Airport project as one that will  open new opportunities for local businesses that want to expand their business “The connectivity of Prince George to external markets is one of  our City’s competitive advantages,  for   both investment attraction and  for existing  business growth and expansion.”

Oland praises the  Prince George Airport  for the integral role it plays in the City  and region “having a cargo facility  is integral to moving cargo through the  airport. The facility  will  also open up new  export opportunities for local and regional businesses especially for producers of goods  that require quick transport to export markets.”

Oland says the full report on warehousing and  barriers to  business growth will be  released soon.



Seems to me that this report was to be released some time ago.

There might be a shortage of warehouse space to-day, however like everything else this business is dependent on the economy and the need for warehouse space fluctuates.

Has no noticed that the warehouses on the North side of First Avenue have been for sale for a number of years.

Beyers Transport on 1st Avenue closed down a number of years ago, and Purolater Courier upgraded that building and moved out of their Ongman Road location.

Canadian Freightways on 22nd Avenue closed a few years ago, and this property is still for sale with not takers.

So is there really a long term shortage of warehouse space, or is this just a blip.???

What about the new space at the top of the hill by FraserWay RV? With all of the work done there surely there is space for industry…

Warehouse space isn’t and issue regardless of who did a survey. It’s planning that’s the issue in Prince George and the lack of it at city hall. Everyone’s running off half cocked and just whipping stuff together without real consideration to future business needs in the city as a whole. A warehouse at the airport is fine but we need more access to supplies from other regions and countries. That means a bonded warehouse that can do customs clearance, not just another building sitting empty due to poor planning.

The airport here needs other major upgrades to allow cargo and large domestic passenger flights to be serviced and reloaded. Prince George just isn’t stepping up to the logical and clear need of so many businesses in the industrial and retail markets.

What I am trying to get across to folks is that this airport is only a “regional” airport with the name “international” stuck on it to appease folks. It is not equipped to load and unload large commercial passenger jets let alone cargo jets (well it may be able to do that).

Several factors come into play when you want to play with the big kids, your facility needs to be organized for traffic flow from every perspective (airside and passenger side). YXS is not so configured.

The facility need to be physically secured, electronically monitored and be staffed with the personal to ensure it stays secured.

You want to play big airport you need to be able to unload passengers via overhead walk ways, to portable stairs in minus whatever weather.

You want commercial business you need a customs approved bonded warehouse to clear all inbound and outbound goods, this makes $$$ because you don’t need to ship stuff to Vancouver for clearance it can be done here and flown out “in-bond”. This saves shippers lots of money on moving goods back and forth pending clearance by customs. It can be flown in from where ever and cleared right here then shipped anywhere north it needs to go, saving big dollars for commercial buyers. But short sightedness is what PG is known for, isn’t it?

So don’t hold your breath for any great “Northern Gateway” BS any time soon until someone other than me points these issues out and addresses them in a timely fashion. Silk purse out of a sows ear….

Our airport is a joke, from loading to unloading without cover, to an atrocious parking lot.

PG101. They just expanded the parking lot a few years ago from 300 spaces to 500 space (or was it 500 to 800). In any event they spent a lot of money. Are you saying they didn’t get it right????

They didn’t cover it, darnit! Nothing but snow in winter. Pro’s right, we’re still getting off the damn plane the same as the 50’s, no shelter from weather anywhere. Ain’t we the softies, LOL.

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