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October 28, 2017 3:39 am

PG School Board Tackles Technology

Sunday, June 28, 2015 @ 3:42 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George School Board has voted in favour of establishing a district technology advisory committee.

It will be established by the superintendent in the fall and its creation follows a recommendation made by the Ad Hoc Committee on Media Tablets and Mobile Technology in April.

“The committee will be looking at technology in the district and how we use technology as a tool for our students in order to help with student success and to make sure we’re incorporating technology into our learning practices,” says vice-chairperson Brenda Hooker.

She says the committee may look at such issues as providing tablets to all students.

“Yes, and that has been something that’s been an ongoing dialogue we’ve had within the district.”

Hooker adds the new committee is something the Board’s stakeholders (PEA, PGDTA, CUPE) have been asking for.

“So this is just a recognition of those requests. Also that the need is there for us to have a consolidated effort within to address technology.”

Once the committee is formed, she says it will report through the Education Services Committee.


Well, it is about time! We have so many ways that technology can be used to help students. Tablets may be a beginning but think of all schools being linked via video conferencing. If there are not enough students to offer a physics 12 class in either McBride area or Mackenzie, they can tie into a class in PG. Think of things like small engines or heavy duty mechanic coming direct to your classroom from a shop in PG. The ways to use it is only limited by your imagination.

Yeah, so they had one of these committees. But, well when they went away from a dual MAC/Windows platform and bought junk windows computers (Dell, Acer etc) which failed in short order. Then they went on to disband the Tech committee, removed teachers from being resource people in each school and hired technicians who answer calls for repairs or changes with slow or non-existent service. Needless to say the system rapidly started to break down.

Now many schools don’t have functioning class sets of computers in their static or mobile labs, the teachers are not allowed to do even simple fixes like change batteries, and the entire technology system in SD 57 is a heap of junk.

The in-house engineer of the current ‘marvelous’ technology program has now left the district, and the Board gets to start over again.

What a waste of resources, knowledge and time.

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