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October 28, 2017 3:33 am

Lost Tickets Could Mean Loss of Income

Monday, July 6, 2015 @ 10:13 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  Eric Bradshaw is hoping the residents of Prince George will  be true to their nature, and that someone will step forward  if they found his  book of  trades tickets.He attended the Canada Day celebrations at  Lheidli T’enneh Memorial park,  and somehow, his  book of trades tickets was lost.

The  tickets are  the key to his life,  proof of his welding certification.  “Nothing in there is of any value or use to anyone else” says Eric’s mother Lori, “however, it represents $1,000’s of dollars of training courses and licenses to my son.  No one else would be able to use any of them and there was no money or credit cards, so I’m really hoping it’s found and turned into someone.  He went back to the park to try and retrace his steps but wasn’t able to find anything.”

Calls have been placed with City Hall Parks Staff, the Multi Cultural Heritage Society and the RCMP, but so far, no sign of the black folder which holds the tickets. The folder is a little larger than the size of a business card, and contains the tickets, some identification and Eric’s hunting license.

While it is unusual for 250News to post such a story, this young man can’t work without those tickets so it is important they be returned.
Anyone with any information , or who may have found the items, is asked to contact Eric Bradshaw at  250-614-2325


Lost something like that once. Found it under my truck seat.

doneright … so glad you found you tickets … unfortunately, he was on foot that day …no truck

Isn’t there a registry of such tickets from which he can obtain duplicates, or which employers can consult?

As the trades exams are provincial and inter provincial there shouldn’t be a problem getting replacements.. My only concern would be how slow the government would be at getting the replacements done.

I happen to know some of the tickets can be replaced by ITA … but many were for additional courses; etc., sponsored by different companies he’s work for and when he checked, many of those were not replaceable.

And then, of course, there is a cost to replace what can be replaced

It’s too bad that it is necessary to replace the actual tickets at all. Why not have a registry on-line where an employer can look up whether someone has the necessary tickets? In this day and age, it is crazy to have to rely on paper.

billposer … what a great idea .. the whole idea of having to have all of these tickets on one’s person while at a job site never made sense to me … you don’t see that in other industries …

Although a pita, duplicates are easily available.

Why would he be taking these to a Canada Day Event anyways. Just asking

man’s gotta weld what a man’s gotta weld, canada day or not

Ohreally: these tickets are usually issued on wallet sized cards that you carry around with you. Makes it handy to go from site to site.

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