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October 28, 2017 3:32 am

Pride Flag Raised at PG City Hall

Monday, July 6, 2015 @ 1:29 PM
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Prince George, B.C. – Pride week has officially started with the raising of the rainbow flag at Prince George City Hall.

A couple dozen were on hand for the event including members of City Council, unions and members of the LGBT community.

“The meaning behind the flag raising is it’s a recognition by City Hall of our presence in the community and the importance of the LGBT community and that we are a part of,” said Pride Prince George president Valentine Crawford. “Scientifically 10 percent of the population and we live, work and play here.”

His words had the full support of Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall.

“I’ve talked a lot about the multicultarism of our community but also when you look at other organizations we are an inclusive community,” he said. “They’re a big part of our community, the same with all of our multicultural friends within the City.”

Hall added the City is considering putting in Pride sidewalks for next year’s celebrations.

“So there’s a couple of locations they’ve (Pride) asked for and we’re going to take a look at that for next year. This year was too tight because we got talking about it only about a week or 10 days ago.”

CUPE 3742 president Karen Wong said she attended today’s event because “CUPE provincially, locally and nationally supports all inclusiveness and equality for everyone.”

Today’s flag raising will be followed up with events all week including a drag show Friday night at the Ramada Hotel and the Pride Parade Saturday morning.

For more information about Pride Week click here.


How did the rainbow colours get attached to LGBT?

OMG, OMG, the world is coming to an end, and they are flying the Pride flag right next to the Lheidli T’enneh flag… OMG, OMG… the sky is falling.

Just anticipating the conservative right’s response.

Gonna need more flag poles.

Sophic Sage. You might have to wait awhile for a conservative right response to this celebration, however I note that you lost no time in getting your less than stellar gibberish posted, with the hope that you would draw some rightist comments, then be the proud owner of a self fulfilling prophecy.

When is hetero pride day scheduled?

So big deal. This week we celebrate some boys like boys some girls like girls, some girls like girls who use to be boys, and some boys like boys who use to be girls. Assuming you are able, if you get out of bed most days, go to work, pay your taxes, that’s all you need to be included in my right wing world view. How you choose to love another is none of my concern.

That would be “everyday” Loki

It’s just after Euro Descendant Guilt Day.

We’ve got the other 51 weeks Loki . Being proud of being one or the other orientation is rather odd to me . I didn’t accomplish hetroism . It just happened . I don’t think pride should be appropriated . Or the rainbow , that’s a rip . Gay used to mean happy . Or special . Oh well, that’s what happens when one lives inside a living language . And another thing everything isn’t awesome . The word is becoming meaningless .

Love it; Palopu states; “You might have to wait awhile for a conservative right response to this celebration,…” and within minutes those responses start appearing on this discussion thread.

In answer to Loki’s Christian right question; When is hetero pride day scheduled? Submit an application to City Council, and design a hetero pride flag… would love to see what design you come up with Loki.

Loki – a Norse God and from that you extrapolated Christian right?

Look – Gay pride sprung from the problem of gay people getting the crap beat out of them for being different. The concept was to get it out there that people are people – i.e., all are equal – a Christian concept in spite of the retard preachers in the Southern US.

The concept has worked well. In fact, want to lose your job or business, just criticize the gay lobby and see what happens.

No ski51; I extrapolated Loki being Christian right, from a couple of past comments wherein Loki quotes biblical text and verse.

“Hall added the City is considering putting in Pride sidewalks for next year’s celebrations.”

What does this mean ? Colouring some sidewalks with food colouring or does this mean paint like the rainbow crosswalks in Vancouver ?

Hopefully rainbow crosswalks like Vancouver.

Ski50, yuh done good, still laugh’in!

@ 4seasons…..the paint might be slippery in the winter. Ask Lyn if you could get City Hall painted instead.

Weird, despite the flag being raised. My life has not changed, or been effected in any way (positive or negative). The world still turns. Crazy thought.

Strange…..I have twice tried to leave a comment that my husband and I fully support the gay community and twice it has disappeared????

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