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October 28, 2017 3:32 am

Canada Day Partying Costly for Two Drivers.

Monday, July 6, 2015 @ 1:39 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  Two drivers, heading  out  of  the West Lake area on  Canada Day, found their celebrations were just  a  bit too much  to pass the test.

RCMP in Prince George issued a 90 day  license suspension to one driver who also had  his vehicle impounded for  30 days  after blowing  a ‘fail’  on the roadside breathalizer.

Another driver was issued a 24 hour license suspension.

Police remind   everyone  who  wants to  enjoy these summer days that alcohol and boating, floating and certainly  driving,  do not mix.   Alcohol can impair judgement and  result in tragedy on the water .

That  message  needs to apply to those who are  getting out of the water after hours in the sun and having a ‘beverage’  as they float down the river.  In some cases, those same  floaters  load the floatation  device into the  back of their truck  and  then get behind the wheel.

RCMP   will be watching  the traditional  river  exit points ( Foothills bridge,  Wilson Park, Nechako River boat launch) to ensure  drivers are sober.


Nothing but targeted policing, that’s all they do now. They trap a few guys, easy targets, meanwhile they don’t put an ounce of effort into crime prevention etc.

This is crime prevention. I’m glad they are catching these idiots before they kill someone. They are criminals and the police are targeting them and preventing them from murdering others. I certainly appreciate it.

There is NO excuse for driving impaired. NONE.

I certainly appreciate it as well.

I would llove to see no one get caught…then I would know the program is working until then, catch as many as you can and make the roads safer..

Crime prevention goes on every shift a police officer is on, don’t understand people don’t go down to the community policing office and engage
one of the members, could learn a lot.

Pg101 has it all figured out.

All the cops do is catch the drivers under the influence..that’s not police work. So what they are drunk and may kill a few of us..oops..such is life.

Cops have a lousy job..add dealing with people like PG101 certainly adds to it.. I am sure PG101 is the first to complain to the officer when caught for speeding, drunk driving etc..why aren’t you getting murders etc..but he doesn’t get it that drunk drivers murder people. See it all the time.. But in PG101 that’s targeted I guess.

I think that we can all agree that impaired driving kills a number of people. It seems that distracted driving is even worse, and of course the other big killer is just plain stupid driving.

So we want to put the impaired drivers in jail and throw away the key.

We want to fine the distracted drivers, and collect some money.

And we want to ignore the stupid drivers, because there is no law against stupidity.

Either way you look at it, ie; impaired, distracted, or stupid, someone gets killed, however we seem to focus on the impaired more than on the others, under the illusion that the impaired driver can control himself. Well so can the distracted and stupid drivers, so how do you solve the problem???

The police need to ensure that all infractions are policed and that the appropriate charges are laid. We need to have people go to court and plead guilty or not guilty and go through the court system, we then need to (if necessary) incarcerate some of them. Overtime, along with education in schools, etc; we should be able to reduce the carnage on the roads.

Cops need to be out on our hwy’s between Pg, Vanderhoof and Mackenzie at night time. The only time you see them at night is when someone has had an incident. I know I’m getting tired of being passed in dangerous places by both passenger vehicles and commercial transports and being high beamed by idiots with out of adjustment HID headlights and LED light bars, (they like to blind you first before they dim them) every night. Commercial transports are the worst offenders. I emailed head office for Diversified Transportation about the small bus that travels between PG and Vanderhoof at 2 am during the week about his headlights being ridiculous. No reply. The bus still has dangerously bright headlights. I asked the driver one night about his bright lights and he said he has reported the problem many times due to other drivers flashing their high beams at him but they won’t fix the problem.

Since Pval is too much of a bleeding Lib to figure out my stance, I’ll clarify. All police work these days is ‘targeted’ , there is almost zero crime prevention. Do you ever see the police cruising your neighborhood at night? No you don’t. Do you see the RCMP patrolling school grounds unless they are asked to? No. Do you ever see the police walking the malls? It’s all about going after the easy targets. I don’t want drunks on the roads, but where are these road blocks every weekend on the blackwater? It’s always targeting an event, never a regular occurrence.

But if you want to lump my comment into ‘I hate the police’ go ahead, that’s what the irrational liberal nutbags do. You don’t like my opinion, therefore I’m a ‘bad person’. You can’t handle anyone who disagrees with you.

lol why wouldn’t police work be targeted? you think the cops got time and manpower to fart around patrolling malls and schools and crap? hell no these are busy and attractive men and women who are using their time wisely by being where the crime is at. plus I guarantee if a cop car drove past your house once an hour for a few days you wouldn’t think “oh that’s nice the police are on the job” you’d be like “dang which’n my neighbors dealing dope”.

crime prevention? you don’t think impounding a drunk driver’s car is a crime prevention? runnin over a kid on account they are drunk as a skunk, that’s a crime just got prevented by takin that car and lockin it away.

I support any and all police roadside checks and yeah sure there are places I’d love to see ’em set up every night or at least every weekend night but I know they got jobs to do and other stuff to deal with so good on ya, cops, thanks for all your hard work and keep on goin.

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