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October 28, 2017 3:31 am

Council to Look at Plan for Parks Survey

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 @ 3:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. -Prince George City council  meets this evening and will examine the plan for  a parks strategy that will  examine  existing  facilities and  decide where  taxpayers money would best be spent.

With  limited dollars   to support new parks, upgrades to aging  sites, and  expansion of  operations, the strategy  is aimed at making sure the dollars available will  give  residents the best bang for the buck.

Through public consultation , staff will   develop a plan that  lays out priorities and options which include:

The plan would  look at existing sites and determine  a category for each property:

  •      Addition (New) – Acquisition of parkland or the development of new outdoor recreation facilities
  • Replacement – Replace aging outdoor recreation facilities
  • Betterment – Improve the service capacity of existing park or outdoor recreation facilities
  • Repurposing –Change the existing use of park areas or outdoor recreation facilities
  • Disposal –Sale of surplus parks or removal of outdoor recreation facilities

This is the first step in the parks strategy as  the  final  recommendations are not  expected to be back before Council until the winter of 2016.



I would like to see view scape parks at the pine centre exit from highway 97 across from PGSS, and above university way. Also a water park at fish trap island on the nechako to provide a safe place to swim within the city. Why not leverage PGs best assets to promote the city and improve our quality of life?

IMO this exercise will be about selling parks and not improving park assets.

Was there any public consultation before they forked over 15 million plus for a new arena?

The park near me hasn’t had a penny spent on upgrades in more than 15 years. asphalt is cracked all over the place with weeds growing between, basketball rims are bent (I put up new nets each year) and backboards are rotten, the two pieces of playground equipment are rusted and the sand under them long ago turned into a dandelion field.

With all the grass now growing up through the sidewalks and curbing, it looks like the whole town is becoming a big unkept park!
Fate: you have just described a good many of the neighborhood parks around town.. while the grass gets mowed, the rest of the park is becoming unusable (for children and families).
Maybe council should deal with handling all of their current park space before sinking money into a new one on George St..

When are we going to get an RV park back in this city??? We miss a lot of $$ by not having anything for these folks. Maybe develop one of the parks for that.
I won’t go near Moore’s meadow since they made such a mess clearing the dead/bug kill trees there.

Parks should be classified by the number of visitors during the season. Does the City have that kind of crucial information? It makes no sense to maintain city parks which are frequented by far too few resident!

Draw a line through the middle and close those which are non-performing as they seem to be unpopular.

The good news is that finally the mayor and council are addressing this issue!

I don’t know if counting visitors at a rundown, old park would accurately determine the number of residents who would use a new, updated park in the same location. Some parks are unpopular because they are so outdated and not taken care of.

While I agree in principle PrinceGeorge, but it’s a circular relationship. Parks that aren’t maintained, or aren’t upgraded, naturally get less traffic as people gravitate to parks that are better maintained or have better equipment.

So, moral of the story. Less parks = better.

No, the moral is take care of the parks we have before making new ones.

WHAT about a few ponds developed for dog training. MEMBERS of the PGRTC PRINCE GEORGE RETRIEVER TRAINING CLUB have absolutely nothing for good development of hunting or field trial dogs.ONE must travel insane distances to get to quality developed ponds for this great sport. JUST look to the great city of RED DEER at what is available for this great sport. SASKATOON AND BRANDON both have excellent ponds, it can be done.

Maybe they should of had a public survey before they decided to change the name of Fort George park….

Just to be clear the proposed “park” on George street isn’t actually a “park”, it’s a “bus interchange” with quality loitering space for the stellar downtown set (urchins). Not at all to be confused with a treed and clean green space to enjoy in safety and comfort with family and friends.

The parks issue is “budget”, there’s not enough money to spend on up keep based on observed use by residents and general public. So off set the cost by putting in meter parking to help cover the cost of maintaining these parks. It’s a user pay world, if you drive you need to park and a couple of bucks for a meter ticket to take the kids to a clean safe and maintained park shouldn’t be and issue.

They should get rid of some parks, if they’re not able to maintain them. The city also wants to focus on “in-fill” developments. Higher density housing would help offset the costs of infrastructure which would help ease the budget issues. An ever-expanding city with huge gaps is just going to keep our property taxes increasing.

Prince George has an area of 320 sq kms. and Kamloops has 300 sq kms, and Kelowna 211kms…

We have the lowest population, yet spread the furthest. This isn’t sustainable.

@ice, while you may think using caps draws attention to what you are trying to say, in actual fact it makes people skip over and ignore your thoughts. People are too used to reading posts written in caps by individuals trying to draw attention. As a result, in todays’ internet, those posts get skipped over and ignored.

plus it’s just annoying. You’re post might have great insight, but as soon as I come across someone trying to draw attention using caps, I move on to the next post. Posters that have important or insightful commentary don’t need to draw attention to themselves. Readers can figure it out.

Eagleone, your idea of a park on Fishtrap Island makes a heck of a lot of sense. Go further and get a park going on north side of Nechako off foothills, with ample OFF road parking, and a couple more boat launches, I think it’s ridiculous for a city this size, they have done squat with the rivers.

FATE unless you have something intelligent towards the post about your wants/needs….IDEAS then just shutup and crawl back into your hole

As far as developing ponds for retriever training, that would be so far down on the list, it would not gain mention. Try a lake, try the slough.

Hey Prof, urchins? How bout winos and hobos, now I understand…..LOL

Did we not turn down the application and force the developer to walk away from the PGCC golf course based on parks? To be feasible they needed a reduction in park percentage but the city would not budge on the issue?

Now they say lets reduce the amount of parks we have to maintain, maybe build a condo or two – why not start by cutting down some trees at the edges of these parks and testing the ground for other development…

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