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October 28, 2017 3:11 am

Snowbirds Overhead

Thursday, July 30, 2015 @ 5:03 PM


Two Snowbirds fly over Prince George – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Thunder roared over Prince George  this afternoon and it wasn’t the  weather.

Two members of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds (431 Air Demonstration Squadron)  and  a CF-18 Demonstration Team member,  were flying over head.

Residents near the Rocky Mountain Ranger  headquarters  on Dornbierer Crescent noted  the CF-18,  which  they say was  in the area for a while.   The Rocky Mtn Rangers are  mourning the passing of  Reservist Kirby Tott who  died  last weekend during a training exercise at Shilo Manitoba.

Although not confirmed,  it  is suspected the CF-18 was  doing a flypast  as a salute to Tott.

The Snowbirds and the CF-18 demonstration team will be participating  in the SkyFest in Quesnel this weekend.




The snowbirds really have to improve those planes one day…. the Cf 18 is still fun to watch, even though long past it’s prime.. but those CT-114 Tutor’s are ancient relics. Like watching a Ford Pinto accelerating down the road…

well PG101, you best put together a fleet of newer jets and show them how it’s done! How dare you mock one of the greatest group of performers Canada has ever had. The F18 might be old, but it’s still got lots of people that love to see it perform!

I remember seeing the Golden Sabre jets in 1958. I would love to see them here again.

Or how about a fleet of Mosquitos and Spitfires?

It was an impressive sight at the CF18 flying over the bowl earlier today! I didn’t see the snowbirds though.

A very big part of the Snowbirds’ respect in the world-wide flying community is that they perform very tight and precise maneuvers in an aircraft that was never designed to do such things. Then, add in the age of the planes and their lack of on-board technology. They are amazing pilots.

Was working in the bush today and they flew over.. Scared the shit outa me at first then I realized what it was..! Definitely a little treat to break up the routine..

And then add in the pollution that they produce just to have a bit of fun. Its time we started to think about climate change in Canada and how we are accelerating it with our toys.

…..and all vehicles older than 10 years should be pulled off the road and sent to the scrap heap. That will help the climate. Less pollution

……..All Homes that were built before the 80’s should be torn down. That will help the climate. Less energy to heat them.

…All outdoor burning should be banned.

I should have known that somebody on this site would turn my comment into a negative.

Retired 02: How old is your car? How old is your home? Do you drive to the store for a litre of milk, or do you drive, even if you have to go a few kms?? How many tv’s and computers do you run? Do you BBQ?

The flyover wasn’t for fun. It was a sign of respect for the loss of one of PG’s sons. I noticed the flag at the Signature Liquor store was flying at half mast. That’s where Kirby’s mother works.

That one of the great things about living in a city like PG. A flyover and a flag flying at half mast would go unnoticed in the lower mainland.

“Thunder roared over Prince George this afternoon and it wasn’t the weather” ….”Scared the shit outa me at first”

My dog reacted the same way as if it was thunder, except there was not pressure change warning, so we was likely even more shocked. Shaking like crazy. We live near the Rocky Mountain Ranger headquarters so it was probably especially loud.

Very lovely show of respect for Kirby Tott. Thank you to the pilot!

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