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October 28, 2017 2:58 am

New National Poll Says Tories Have Slim Lead

Friday, August 14, 2015 @ 3:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The latest national poll of Canadian voters shows the federal election is a very close race.

The Mainstreet/Postmedia  survey  shows that among decided and leaning voters, the Conservatives lead with 31% the NDP have 30% and the Liberals have 29%.  The Green Party  is at the back of the pack with 6%“

“Whether the post debate bump enjoyed by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party can be maintained, only time will tell, but this race has only just begun”says Quito Maggi, president of Mainstreet Research

The survey also  indicates  79%  want Green Party  Leader  Elizabeth May  included in future debates and  that despite the length of the campaign, most Canadians  are  following the campaign.

“The economy continues to be a major issue for the coming election as recent world events and oil prices affect the economy and employment negatively across Canada. Canadians are feeling less secure than they were a year ago, 44% vs just 14% who say they feel more secure. In fact, over 60% of Canadians believe we are already in a recession, compared to just 17% who say Canada is not in a recession. As that financial insecurity increases, look for greater scrutiny of each parties economic platforms” adds Maggi.




It will be interesting to see how Quebec votes this time. Their support of the NDP last election helped make them the official opposition.

I think that Quebec will be a total mix this time around. Voting Conservative, Liberal, NDP, and Bloc. If so they could split the vote seven ways from sundown with a significant loss of seats to the NDP. The NDP won by vote splitting in Alberta provincially, and now may lose for the same reason in Quebec.

I doubt Alberta will throw in too many orange ridings. Went thru Alberta couple weeks ago. People not happy with the Provincial government and their policies.

Palopu ,you completely missed the other two Quebec parties . Even one that holds two very strong ridings . I guess you are not the political expert you imagine you are . As less than a novice , I find this quite amusing . You might not be good for information but you sure are good for a laugh .

The Bloc has more seats than the Greens, why are the Greens in the debates but not the Bloc?

The GPC fields candidates country wide the . The BQ does not .

“The Bloc has more seats than the Greens, why are the Greens in the debates but not the Bloc?”

The Bloc do not wish to participate in English debate, they do however participate in the French speaking debates.

Well I have to remind Pal that he blew it in the Alberta election. I guess you have the correct analyses of Pal Ataloss he just cant leave politics alone.

The Green Party is splitting the vote so its hard to say what will happen but its a long way to election time so its early to make concrete predictions.

Ataloss, what was the point of your first post other than to amuse yourself? You didn’t add anything intelligent to the thread.

I agree with you Palopu, Quebec might be a mixed bag this time, although the latest poll still shows the NDP leading. Seems to me that at the last election, they were just mad at the Bloc, and voted against them, rather than for the NDP. Wonder how the Bloc will do this time round.

Retired02, I hardly think that the Greens are “splitting the vote”! At 6% in this poll, they are relatively insignificant! Their 6% is likely to remain at or around 6%, so the other parties will fight over the remaining 94%!

Well Hart Guy I see why you support Harper it seems you are not aware of how votes can be split and it dose not reflect the standing of the party. It depends on the votes cast in each riding.

R2 what you are missing is that as in Alberta ,here in Harpervalley math is really hard for righties . You see how quiet they are on the PCP of canada . That should have put Jimmie Hughes over a cliff . Progessive and conservative in the same sentence .

Ataloss that just must make your blood boil that you field candidates country wide and get one measly seat for your leader and the Bloc spews hatred and separation talk and gets 4 seats, but usually get in the range of 60 seats in just one province.

Slinky please don’t be so dramatic . Blood boil ? Mostly Canadian politics makes me laugh . I can’t believe how incredibly stupid the electorate is . However , the new methods being used are very much giving me hope . Canadians are starting to wise up . #cdnpoli

Ataloss, you can’t believe how stupid the electorate is? You are of course speaking about the segment of the electorate that you belong to, right??

Haha, thanks for the laugh!

Ataloss:”Progessive and conservative in the same sentence.”

The party you are referring to is now known as the Conservative Party of Canada, CP for short. The Progressive part has bit the dust. Might as well! It was a misnomer anyways, just like Compassionate Republican is an oxymoron.

Not so Princegeorge . They are very much alive . Check them out at Thetyee . They are centre right and are trying to unseat Stevie for obvious reasons in his weak ridings by splitting the right vote . That’s their plan in black and white . Or search Progessive Conservative Party of Canada . This another instance of a long campaign not working for Stevie . I think they or the reformacons would just do a wild rose if the both had the numbers .

Here a few paragraphs of the article.

A centre-right political party says it has had enough of Stephen Harper and will run candidates this election in ridings where a Conservative candidate barely won in 2011, in hopes of siphoning off enough votes to allow for a Liberal or NDP win.

The Progressive Canadian Party was started in 2004 by former Progressive Conservative party members who were upset at their party’s merger with the Canadian Alliance to form the modern Conservative Party of Canada in 2003.

The party’s leader is Sinclair Stevens, a former Progressive Conservative minister under Brian Mulroney.

Stevens said the plan is to offer conservatives who are also unhappy with Harper’s performance another right-of-centre option, with the aim of explicitly taking away Conservative party votes.

Progessive Canadian party . My mistake , hence the confusion .

Ataloss. In your rush to prove me wrong, and to try and impress us with your intelligence (or lack thereof) I believe that you are using stats from the 2008 election, or you pulled the number out of your …

In any event the Federal Election had the 4 mains parties ie; Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Bloc, and of course the one that I didn’t mention because they don’t rate a mention the Green Party.

Retired 02, in a rush to remind me about Alberta, and the split vote, jumped onto your band wagon, which surprised no one.

So we have a Greeny, and an NDPer, trying to join forces and come up with a coherent statement, and so far are falling a little short of their goal.

Back to the books boys/girls.

Sinclair Stevens is 88 years old. He is a disgruntled Conservative millionaire who likes to try and influence politics. Brian Mulroney refused to sign his nomination papers to run as a Conservative in the 1988 election.

I don’t see any threat here. I would say that it appears that Ataloss is grasping at straws.

Progressive Canadian Party. Election results.

2004 16 Candidates 10,733 votes
2006 25 Candidates 14,151 votes
2008 10 Candidates 5,920 votes
2011 9 Candidates 5,790 votes.

Interesting to note that they increased there number of candidates in 2006 to 25 from 16 but only picked up an additional 3,418 votes, roughly 379 votes per candidate. Hmmmm.

Yes , Sinclair is 88 years old . What are you trying to say ? I’m not grasping at straws . Are you saying that Sinclair is grasping at straws ? Btw Sinclair is not alone . You keep saying that I’m doing something . All I’m doing is to illustrate what others are doing . I’m glad I got you to look . What ever you say next , please do not marginalize the elderly . I’m sure there are many that are sharper than you or I .

You can see the red building up in your posts there Ataloss. Are you at a loss that your party will once again fail?

Ataloss. Being a senior myself I am hardly marginalizing the elderly, in fact its the elderly in this Country that actually get out and vote.

Fact of the matter is when you are 88 years old things start to get a little testy. Ask yourself why Stevens is shown as being an **interim leader of the party**,. Could it be that they are looking for someone else.???

Have a nice night.

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