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Friday Free for All – Aug. 14th

Thursday, August 13, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Once again, ,it is that time of the week to accept  your thoughts on events of the  past week.

it is time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic,  but please, be brief,  no one wants to scroll through a long,  long  rant.

Be respectful  of each other’s  opinions,   you may not agree, but  name calling will not be tolerated.   We do have three simple rules and expect you each to follow them:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal


L E T   ‘E R   R I P




Have a nice weekend and be kind to other people.

[Quote/]”Have a nice weekend and be kind to other people.

On this site that is damn near an impossible pipe dream but then again we can dream about it

How long until one of the jay walkers crossing from the winery to their parking lot is run over by a truck?

Dumbfounded: Be careful there, next thing you know they’ll be wanting to put in a traffic light.

How about those left hand [Lane] drivers. Be them people are from England because in England that would be the slow lane and the right would be the passing lane. Just an observation as I drive to and from work [44km return]every day.
Have a good day All

I’d like to thank the road crews for spreading gravel all over the roads and not putting any signs out warning drivers. For those of us who ride motorcycles you may as well of iced the roads while shooting us with BB guns.

On The poll for who would make the best Prime Minister can we have a choice for None of the above?

If there was ever an instance that proved that the BC Liberals do not give a rats fart about anybody but themselves, surely their latest move shows this clearly.

It wasn’t enough that the Ministry of Children and Family Development royally screwed up and enabled physical and sexual abuse of children, even though the mother warned them repeatedly.

Now that the mother has won her case, the Ministry has seen fit to appeal the Judge’s decision, even though they admitted there were “mistakes”.

The Liberals are circling the wagons instead of allowing this case to have closure for everybody involved, and for healing to start, especially the children.

What a lousy set of priorities the BC Liberals have.

WHAT GIVES,, at the Exhibition yesterday,… People pay to get in to see everything??/ what happens???? All the kin Centres closes at six.. Here people get off work at 5 and rush over there only to be told they close at six, but admission still being charged at the gate… Its no wonder attendance keeps going down every year

gas prices jumped 15 cent a liter yesterday?

Won’t be long there will be a pedestrian controlled crosswalk at the winery and a ” do not use engine brake sign”. I hear the owner has connections. Strange place for a orchard/vinery, couldn’t be more industrialized or polluted, hope they wash that fruit with a scrub brush.

I can imagine sitting at the tables set up outside the winery as the chip trucks stream past..the noise and the dust etc will be off putting for sure.

has anyone living in the McBride Crescent area found their water pressure is low lately????

“How about those left hand [Lane] drivers.”

What about them? I came up the Hart yesterday, switching from the right hand lane to the left one, planning to make use a left exit lane about 300m further ahead! I was immediately mercilessly tailgated within a few feet by an obviously very upset speeding black pickup truck whose brainless driver thought that I had no right to be there! Never a cop car around, of course!

“How about those left hand [Lane] drivers.”

You can utilize the left or right lane when the posted speed limit is below 80 km/h.

Its Friday, any good news ?

Yuuup . The Duffy trial is opening up the Stevie bunch at the seams . And Stevie is hiding in the arctic in front of well trained seals . Photo op and talking point babble .

What happened to the solemn promise of open, honest and transparent government?


It was a bill of goods Princegeorge. What we got was deciven Steven . You know when he’s rattled because he then forgets to lie .

To the Tailgater : Your Day will come ,in the Courtroom and ICBC , it’s just a Matter of Time , your Lack will run out!


I’d like to thank the road crews for spreading gravel all over the roads and not putting any signs out warning drivers. For those of us who ride motorcycles you may as well of iced the roads while shooting us with BB guns.

I’ll add my voice to express those sentiments.
Plus, a news flash for the YRB subcontractor dudes who ‘oil’ the gravel roads, did you know that the liquid you are ( so sparingly )dribbling onto unpaved public roads is slippery on asphalt? Ever give a thought about those people on two wheels? How about you don’t open the valve until the end of the trailer is on the gravel?

Plus, there are a lot of yahoo steering wheel holders on the roads who really ought to go Greyhound, and leave the driving to someone who has an attention span.


I thought I’d seen it all. A blind guy wants to cross st the crosswalk at 3rd and Victoria. He gets a little disoriented and by the time he starts to cross the light has changed. So I along with everyone else cool their jets while he crosses except for the SUV in the far right lane. He goes anyway cutting the blind guy off. Thank God no one else came down that lane on the green. They would have no way of seeing the blind guy until they hit him. So SUV idiot if you’re reading this. Not waiting for a blind person to cross the road is depraved indifference to human life.

Quite often politicians are people who create problems with the idea of telling voters afterwards that they are the only ones who can solve them or protect them! If voters fall for that ruse they will not hold them accountable and even re-elect them! Elections based on fear can be very effective! Some of these tricks are as old as Babylon, yet people get sucked in over and over again!

Morning everyone
I have been operating a pilot car escorting long, high and wide loads for several years now and want to share a few thoughts with you. Please don’t pull over on a double or solid line for us to pass, we won’t do it! Do not pull over to the shoulder on a corner or the crest of a hill for us to pass. I know it is a big load you see in your rear view mirror but we don’t want to pass when it’s not safe to do so. Remember the rocks and dust you create blocks the vision of the oncoming traffic as well as ours. When we speed up while approaching a uphill grade it is to help us make that grade without causing quite so many issues to the traffic behind us. Also yes we do go faster down hill so if your trying to pass on a down hill we are NOT racing you. My pet peeve is bikes. When I honk my horn to let you know there is a big load coming behind me please look up and pay attention. You ride on the shoulder inside the white line and this is where the overhang from the load also sometimes has to be. We have no where to go if there is oncoming traffic and a lot of you don’t give a damm. Don’t follow so close please! If you can’t see our mirrors we can’t see you and if we have to stop or slow quickly( say there is a bike on the shoulder not moving over) the only place for you to go is under the load. When you have to stop for any reason please find a place where you can get off the road and make sure there is room for other traffic to get around you safely, I have seen vehicles stopped on corners over the white line just to take a picture of a bear or the driver standing there relieving them selves. These truck drivers and myself just want to get the load to the other end delivered as safely as possible so we can all go home to our families. If you are traveling faster than us by all means pass, but only when it is safe to do so please. Now I know there are going to be many of you with comments on this and I know you have all had a experience with some trucker pi@&ing you off but I ask you to please just think about what you have read and practice road sense we are not all alike. I am sorry if you have had a bad experience with a big load at some point in your driving history I just want to live!!

The revelations from the Duffy scandal are quite eye opening. It is now quite clear that staff in Harper’s office were working in the interests of the Conservative Party while being paid by taxpayers. They were setting up a flim flam scheme to get the amount Duffy had improperly claimed paid back by the Conservative Party, while at the same time encouraging Duffy to lie and say he was repaying it. When the amount turned out to be too much for them rather than let the scheme die Wright stepped in to keep it alive. All while being paid by taxpayers. Sopposedly he was working for Canadians. In fact he was working for the benefit of Harper’s Conservatives and merely being paid by Canadian taxpayers.

There is a very long standing tradition in parliamentary politics that a minister, including the Prime Minister, is responsible for what his staff do while working for his ministry. Whether he knew about the specifics of the scheme rather than just a minimal general outline is not the point. It happened on Harper’s watch. It happened in Harper’s office. It happened for Harper’s benefit. Tradition dictates that Harper should resign.

This certainly is an outrageous, pathetic theatre of the Harper regime – but boy oh boy, it sure is a riveting show to watch.

That would be taking responsibility. That’s what leaders in leadership positions do . Stevie is no leader . He’s a minion .

How about those left hand [Lane] drivers. Be them people are from England because in England that would be the slow lane and the right would be the passing lane. Just an observation as I drive to and from work [44km return]every day.


There might be something to this. Lately going up Peden Hill I have noticed something very strange. As anyone who has to drive it knows the left lane is usually bumper to bumper while the right is fairly empty.

What I’ve been seeing for the last month or more is many drivers pulling out of the left lane to take the Davis road exit and more who move right near the top to make their way up Tyner or exit to Southridge just past the lights. There are too many doing this for me to believe they are making a last second decision to go somewhere.

I’ve started to believe it must be that they don’t know where they live, They are trying to do the right thing but but don’t know their left from their right or they are from a country that drives opposite of us.

Ammonra:”Tradition dictates that Harper should resign.”

Correct! There is no indication of a resignation. Quite the opposite. Of course there is the democratic process of making sure that his party’s representation in parliament is reduced to what it deserves. Zero would be fine with me.

Good morning to all my friends in George. Over cast day here in Abby and I hope it pours cats and dogs for relief from all the fires in our province.

Had a great trip to PG. It was a bit warm at times.

I never realised that PG had so many careless drivers. Made a trip up Peden Hill on #16 West and I couldn’t believe the speeders that pasted me. To see theyer speed I was up to 78 k’s and they were still passing me. There were also a number of red light violations. I don’t understand why people are in such a hurry to get across town when it only takes a few minutes to do so.

Prince George looked much the same as ever. It was the first time that I saw your new cop shop and man is it ever grand. Noticed that they have done away with the one-way streets which is a smart move.

And finally don’t forget to vote NDP in the up coming election. By the vote on 250 at the top of the page I’m sure you wouldn’t want a looser representing PG in Ottawa now would you.

Well that’s it and have a great day all you people in Prince George. And be kind to me in your remarks I know there will be a few that are confused and don’t much care for an old guys opinions

Re: the Prince George Citizen’s sports department

I like to read the sports section in our local paper, especially local sports news, BUT do we have to have hockey, hockey, hockey every freaking day, in the middle of summer, on the front page. Please, please, please Citizen sports department team – get out into the community and report on something other than hockey!!!!! For the love of god (and people who enjoy sports other than hockey).

The more I cover the Conservatives this election, the more I feel back in Beijing, where for a time I worked inside state media.

I took that job hoping China was opening up, lured by a false promise I’d be helping the media there grow into an independent and free one. Instead, before I quit, I got a real schooling on how totalitarian manipulation of the news works.

Having completed that education, these days I am increasingly startled by similarities between tactics of the Tories and those of the Chinese Communist Party. Both seek to preserve power by stifling dissent, conducting affairs in secret, and obsessively controlling the message.

The rest of the article is at the tyee . Stevie is even scarier than I thought .

Wow bornandbred I thought I was the only one! Ive held my hockey thoughts in check as Ive learned that speaking out against hockey is akin to saying something negative about Tim Hortons. The pitchforks come out in a hurry! :-P

The hokey guys have a new pee pot full of money and the news wants to tell us about it. One of the big wheels is going to Alabama for a new bus to give us even more news.

Pretty funny R2 . Over a billion people watched the woman’s Fifa World Cup of football including me . From msm hardly a peep . World wide hockey is not even a blip . Most haven’t even seen it .

@frank2 Last time I checked the speed limit was the same for the left and right lane. Why should I wait until the last minute to change lanes to make my left turn? Just because some clown driving a pickup with oversized wheels trying to intimidate everyone.

+1 Foggy… LOL That’s some funny stuff. It’s usually a Dodge. The same ones who couldn’t get a loan from their mother’s.

Ammonra:” It is now quite clear that staff in Harper’s office were working in the interests of the Conservative Party while being paid by taxpayers.”

I had to read this a few times to get the meaning of it. Has there ever been a time when a PMO staff was hired with neutrality being a requirement? Would a Conservative PM hire a card carrying NDP, Green or Liberal person? These people are dedicated insiders, admitted into the sanctum where behind closed doors things happen. Ipso ergo they have to be ideological followers.

Ammonra good thing you don’t know anything about the PMOs office, the job of the PMOs office is to put forth suitable candidates for appointments including senators. You see senators are not “Harper’s picks” they are picks from the PMOs staff and the names are forwarded to the PM who in turn makes the appointment. It isn’t a reflection on the PMs ability to pick senators but rather a reflection of the staff’s ability to pick good candidates. Noone has an inkling that these people are going to “cheat” the system for lack of a better word.

Too bad for you there is no smoking gun, the defense and the Libs/NDP/Greens are trying to make a smoking gun out of something but it just isn’t happening to their disappointment. What the defense found to their benefit was the fact that the PMOs office staff did not think what Duffy did was criminal but he should repay the amount anyway. When he refused because he thought he had done nothing wrong – Wright cut him a check to pay it. How many people would believe in their job as much as to cut a check for 90,000 to make things right? Should have left Duffy owing the money is what he learned and had to resign because of it.

The main job – sorry not the sole job of the PMOs office but the main one. They still work for the PM.

We learned a lot about what goes on in a PMO! And there is still a lot more interesting stuff percolating to the surface!

Hey retired I guess you are ignorant to the idiot drivers in your neck of manure heaven. Just went past, whew my eyes where watering.

You missed my point, Princegeorge. In this scandal the PMO staff were not just not being neutral. As you say that is to be expected, but they actively worked to cover up a scandal involving Harper’s Conservatives, even going so far as to pressure a senator to lie about who was paying for his debts. Not being neutral is one thing. Actively engaging in a cover up is something altogether different. And all while they were being paid by the taxpayer, too.

Slinky, if they thought there was nothing wrong, why did Wright say not to put anything in writing? A normal person would only be done if they knew what they were doing was wrong so as to try and hide it. That is the smoking gun that shows the staff in the PMOs office knew they were behaving improperly. Most are still working for Harper, too.

My point was that as Prime Minister, Harper has to take responsibility for what his staff do and the actions they take, with or without his agreement. The principle is called vicarious responsibility. Long standing parliamentary tradition dictates Harper should resign.

“A normal person would only be done”, missed while editing. It should read “A normal person would only do that”.

The issue here is Duffy and his expense accounts. Not what the PM knew or what the PMO did. Duffy is on trial, not the PMO or Harper. Duffy’s lawyer is doing a good job of changing the subject if you go by some of the comments that get posted here.

Once they get through questioning the PMO staff the trial will move to the nitty gritty of fraud. Then we will be back on track. Meanwhile try to stick with the issue rather that what you would like to see happen.

Ataloss. In my humble opinion, you should have known how totalitarians states work before you left the Country. Its common knowledge. How did you miss it. Surely you did not have to travel to China to find out how the Country operates???

PS: What planet are you from??

Pal, I could not have said it better. If folks would stick to the facts of this particular case (That includes CBC and other media who love to sensationalize stuff, hey it sells..)instead of slandering everyone around it, pretty straight forward. Will he be found guilty? That all depends on the Judges interpretation of the senate rules relating to fraud. Once you weed out all the hype it can be a pretty boring hearing. And if folks believe everything they read in the media, well, each to their own.

What is the cost for GPSing all of the City of PG vehicles (happening now)? Or F.O.B. enabled ignition (to come)? I know I know, “its gonna catch them lazy slackers doing nothing!”, but consider this; what will the cost to the taxpayer be of operation/maintenance (failures) and oversight of data be? Will there be a new management position created for this? Or will the person they supposedly hired to solely monitor sick time usage by employees do that job? Maybe the money came from Green’s “net zero” savings. Stop spending money on junk.

Outwest: Just do what works, take your foot off the gas. It works for me. They either slow down and back off or they pass you. Either way, you’re ahead of their game.

Why do people buy a house seemingly with no thought to all the toys that need parking space.

seamut,you must of been smelling your feet cause I don’t know what else you could smell going through Abbotsford.

Ammonra, I agree with you! It should never be alright to pull all kinds of tricks to try to hide the potentially wrong actions of a senator from the public by telling him to make up a lie, like putting pressure on him to state that he paid the amount with money he got from the bank when the staff of the PMO knew that it was not true. It’s called deception.

Duffy had misgivings about being appointed as a senator for a province he did not reside in, he asked to be appointed as a senator for Ontario where he lived. He was told him not to worry. He also maintained to the very end that he did not believe he had done anything wrong with his expense account as nobody from the Senate questioned his expenses when he submitted them and if they were questioned he withdraw them. Beats me why he was thrown under the bus.

So, who are the idiots that launched the lanterns that flew southbound over the Southridge area tonight around 9:30?

Anyone know about the Spanish TFWs working at the Bio Energy plant in Fort St James?
Our BC trades people out of work and the Spanish have permits to work. What’s with that?

That’s liberal free enterprise Frank.

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