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October 28, 2017 2:59 am

Liberals Make it Official for Calogheros and Shaw

Thursday, August 13, 2015 @ 8:45 PM

Prince George, B.C.- It took only minutes this evening,  for the  two Prince George  Liberal  riding associations  to  officially approve their  choice  for candidates .

In the case of Tracy Calogheros,  from the time the rules were explained to  the  moment  she was acclaimed  as the  Liberal Candidate for Cariboo- Prince George, only 2 minutes and 42 seconds had passed.

In the case of Matt Shaw, it took even less time but only  because the  speech to put his name forward as the candidate for Prince George-Peace River- Northern Rockies, was much shorter than the one for Calogheros.  In Shaw’s case , the whole process took just  one minute and 58 seconds.

In their acceptance speeches both candidates spoke of  a “groundswell of change”  with people telling them  the time for change has come. “We are ready, as a community for real change, and that change is going to come from the Liberal party” said Calogheros “Canada deserves a real democracy, we don’t deserve to be shut out of the PMO and we don’t deserve to have  some strange version of Canada on the international stage.”

Shaw echoed  those comments,  saying he has had a chance to  speak to  perfect strangers who are  opening up to him about the  issues “There is a lot of  frustration out there” and says those he has spoken with are open to a Liberal Candidate. Shaw says  the biggest  enemy in the campaign is voter apathy, as  voters think  the riding  has always been and always will be Conservative whether they vote or not. “Really what we have to do is get people motivated to vote, and if we can get them to vote, we can win.”



Change may well happen but not with the libs holding power, these two parties have been trading seats for 70 years. And the cons,well looks like they will go the way of the socreds and Libs, NDP. Get punted and sent to the corner to reflect on their screw-ups and re-focus and take stock of the fact Canadians do get to a point were they are fed-up with all the crap and Governments that just become totally self serving and blinded by power.

Let’s hope The Progessive Conservative Party of Canada fields a candidate in both pg ridings . Too bad we don’t also have a wild rose equivalent in bc . I’ve been province hopping this summer and everyone I listen to say they want change . Most are disgusted with Stevie’s bunch of lying ,cheating and lack of taking resposability .

Seems you need to expand your circle of friends Ataloss! Everyone that I listen to says that the last thing they want is a Lizzie, a Tommy or a Justin! Most are disgusted by even the thought of that, haha!

Hey, how about the news that the NDP is paying Punjabi phone canvassers $13.00 per hour while paying English speaking phone canvassers $17.00 per hour? Disgraceful!

This from the party that jumps up on their soapboxes to scream for “equality”! This from the party that is demanding a $15.00 per hour minimum wage! Disgraceful!

Mike Duffy, Nigel Wright PMO Senate scandal.

Harper said he would clean up the Senate but all he’s done is help cover it up. And refuse to answer questions about it.

He is not looking out for the tax payer.

Just can’t trust Steven Harper.

To the layman NDPer and Liberal he has Dave, Harper is just as frustrated as you and many others are with the senate, so far so he refuses to appoint any new ones suggested by the PMOs office – you see “Harper” does not select the senators but they are rather suggested by the staffers in the PMO who do the research and he appoints them.Find out how parliament works before you spew forth what bloggers who are as ignorant of the inner workings tell you.

Slinky you are in the dark my friend. Harper is in total control of his mimions. They don’t do anything with out his approval. And the 58 or so senate appointments he made that he said he would never do. Another lie. He spews out what ever keeps single issue people voting.

Just can’t trust harper.

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