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October 28, 2017 2:59 am

Gas Prices Jump

Thursday, August 13, 2015 @ 4:41 PM

Prince George, B.C. – There is a full 14 cent a litre difference between the lowest and highest price for regular unleaded gas in Prince George.

The  price hike happened over the last 24 hours,  with  Costco  remaining the cheapest  in town at $1.139.  Superstore is close behind at $1.149, but  other stations in town are now  at $1.279.

The hike is hard to  explain as the price of oil was as low as $42.52 US early  in the day. That mark is less than half of  what it was a year ago when it was $97.59 US a barrel.

According to Gas Buddy.com, the average price in B.C. is $1.28 a litre,  but that is still 10 cents a litre lower than it was this time a year ago.


Greed from the oil companies and the government is the only reason.

The price jump was pretty much the same all across Canada, Please tell me there is no collusion in the market place and that prices and fuel stations are competetive and based on supply and demand according to the local markets

A couple or so major refineries is out of commission due to incidents so forcing us to pay more with less gas being produced.

Thieves! End of story. Used to be the price of a barrel for an excuse. Now at $43.35 a barrel today has nothing to do with the price at the pump. Just getting robbed in BC as usual.

Pgman, how is the government responsible for this price hike?

Go figure, gas prices in Vancouver are 125.9 and 126.9. That price includes the transit levy.

When we’re all driving electric cars in ten years you all are gonna be happy that we built site C. Probably gonna need a few dozen natural gas electric generating stations as well just to keep up with demand.


Most likely the fuel conpanies are taking advantage of the end of summer travellers. Everyone seems to be hitting the road before back to school, or heading out for camping. I suspect prices will remain inflated until after first week of Sept. Don’t ever expect the govt to investigate collusion of fuel pricing… They reap money from the taxes. COSTCO needs to carry diesel, look what it has done for gas prices. Otherwise we would be paying alot more here in PG.

No collusion in this City.Take a look at Gasbuddy- Most SS at $127.9.I hope not one person will buy fuel from the higher priced stations.

There was a comment on a CTV? news channel- about gas jumping in price because of a refinery strike in the US somewhere. That’s ‘supposedly’ the reason for the jump—nah! it’s just greed. 122.9 in most of the Calgary area, as of yesterday.

Canadian Tire was still 114.4/litre at 5:00pm

No real reason for the price hike other than that is what the gas companies think they can get away with. I fueled up at $115.9 at the Shell yesterday after I saw the price at Petro-Canada. I felt sorry for the fools who were gassing up there as I saved a few dollars. Just a cash grab.

“The hike is hard to explain”

LMAO, that’s a good one.

Just read that the world has the largest amount of oil in storage since 1930’s

Here’s my solution…gas up only at Costco or Superstore and let the gougers suck slew water.
This is definitely a situation where you and I can vote with our wallets.
sendthema message… preferably a real good virtual middle finger!!!

Not only is oil storage high, the refined oil ( GAS) is also extremely high with storage tanks at capacity. So refineries profits are up 50% and Federal Government raking in the tax’s, as one Oil VP for Esso said its supple and demand and whatever the market will bare. The companies that produce the oil also own the refineries so price fixing and gouging is easy.

Unfortunately, Gas Buddy posted that Costco has raised their price to 123.9 in the last hour and Superstore is still at 114.4 (not for long)

On CBC news the $ talk from Amanda Lang said, ” the refineries are gouging, and making record dollars. Our price here a yr ago was 1.31/ltr with the barrel at $100. Now it,s 1.29 with the barrel at $42 . The lower the barrel price, the happier the refinery owners are ! Who owns these refineries ?

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