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October 28, 2017 2:58 am

Excel Contract Accepted

Friday, August 14, 2015 @ 3:57 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The final offer vote  for  a contract for  union members at Excel Transportation  saw 64% vote in favour of accepting the pact.

The contract is a two year deal.   The final  ballot count was  45 in favour, and 25 against.

This was the  third vote on the contract,  as  union members had rejected the deal  twice  previously over the  switch from an hourly rate to a trip  time  system.  Drivers now  will  not get paid  if their  cycle time is over the  accepted  time for  a specific route, and  they won’t get paid overtime until they have  worked 11 hours.  Overtime used to be paid after 10 hours.

The final offer vote was  conducted by the BC Labour Board.


Backwards IMO. You should be paid for all the hours you’re at work. Is there going to be seasonal adjustments? When the weather is bad and you have to chain up at every hill are they going to cover the difference somehow?

I used to work in the trucking industry not that long ago. It was always push push push…go go go. I finally got out when a dispatcher wanted me to exceed Hours of Service regulations by three hours because “he” really needed that load to get there…..

Truckers do a thankless job for not a lot of money…..

Totaly agree Mercenary. Is there any part of this agreement that will encourage or support safety? Not saying they will all be speed demons starting now, but no good can come from this other than lower labor costs. Maybe a Manager or two could have their job discontinued to find some savings rather than dumping the problem onto the driver’s (and public’s) backs…

well it look like the union is a waste of money to have members vote on a contract that is substandard to the BC labour code.

“Drivers now will not get paid if their cycle time is over the accepted time for a specific route…”


I have to think this is incorrect.

I drive these roads to the mills on a daily basis and I say 98% of these drivers are totally professional and are very speed repectable. ..But now. ..if you thought it was bad watch out now. ..correct me if I am wrong. ..

“The final ballot count was 45 in favour, and 25 against.”

I`m guessing that the 25 votes against came from the more experienced drivers that did not want to accept this pay cut.Some or all of these people will most likely look for other jobs that pay them what they deserve,leaving Excel with an less experienced workforce.
Shame on the owners of Excel for not only screwing their employees,but for doing a huge disservice to the driving public in their community.

Totally agree fuceneh.
Shame on the owners of excel. These are men and women with families to support. Why should they not be paid for the hours they work? And why no OT until after ten hours or eleven? Doesn’t make sense. When we owned equipment we paid time and a half after eight and double after eleven. Very rare though anyone worked after eleven. I understood this to be regulations.

I believe they have bought into the Pattison Group way of doing business…..mine the workers until there is nothing left, then move on.

Had to be done in order to compete, they were the last hourly company bidding against trip rate companies. Sadly some guys abused the hourly driving up costs. Logging used to pay a % of truck gross, someone wanted hourly pay and disputed it and won, companies were not going to pay for waiting (over trucking) so they challenged it. LRB ruled trip rate was legal and slowly over the years everyone else has followed suit, Excel was one of the last hourly holdouts to switch to trip rate.

It was properly negotiated, quit the whinning. The co needs to know what their costs are. If its all hrly, the cost will be higher. If the Co
cant know their cost, they likely would have to close doors. They negotiated, and it was accepted, good for them. Good for everyone.

It won’t be long before Mexican migrants will be brought in to drive these chip trucks. The Pattison Group has done absolutely nothing to improve living conditions for Canadians. The Group has decimated the fishing industry on the west coast, raped our forests, sell food products that make us ill, and now is attempting to put all its employees in poverty. All this to make huge profits for the billionaire owner. Thanks Jim.

I know nothing of Pattisons practices but what excel has done is an industry wide issue and the reason truckers make the same today as they did 25 years ago. Back then however, you could make it in 6 months, now it’s so regulated you can’t. No other industry has so many regulations. A hours of service cap and companies who expect drivers to waste their limited hours allowed doing company work for free. Anytime now when a wage increase is proposed immediately you lose more than the proposed raise in poor health benefits or lost overtime. No sympathy for the companies, they are all pathetic greedy morons who are so busy undercutting rates they don’t care about paying an honest days wage for an honest days work. If an employee is abusing the hourly rate, terminate because if you pay right, you’ll have no problem filling the position. A massive lack of leadership, who’s solution is to import inexperienced driver not suitable to handle our winter conditions and have to sign a contract(borderline slaver)) to stay in country, this leadership has lead this industry further down the toilet. The metro port strike showed that eventually these guys will cutrate themselves and their employees to nothing. Shame on you Excel for lowering yourself and joining the ranks of stupidity. Enjoy what you get

Good on Excel,now they can stay in business while paying very fair wages with very fair benefits. The 25 guys should be thanful that the 45 kept their jobs for them.

Perhaps I’m stating the obvious…but it seems to me that if Excel couldn’t stay competitive with the others in the industry, pretty soon they would not have any chips to haul, putting them out of business. If they are out of business these drivers, and a lot of other employees that support their families with their wages would be out of a job.
So what is preferable? Hold firm keep the hourly set up and risk having no job, and no pay? Or accept the inevitable go with the industry norm and continue to collect a pay cheque.

The question you might want to ask your selves is

Who owns Excel, When you find that out, then the question is who owns or partly owns the Co., that owns Excel. When you have the answers to these questions, then you are getting closer to what is happening here.

No fair Palopu, you’re teasing us!



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