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October 28, 2017 2:52 am

Two Arrested After Traffic Stop Nets Drugs

Friday, August 21, 2015 @ 9:44 AM

Fort St. James – Two fort St James residents have  been arrested and face a string of charges  after a vehicle was stopped by  Ft. St. James RCMP and drugs and prohibited  weapons  discovered.

On Wednesday August 19,  Fort St. James RCMP stopped a vehicle travelling northbound on Highway 27 by Lower Road.   The vehicle was not insured and the 26 year old female driver, was a prohibited driver and subsequently arrested.
Several offences were noted under the Motor Vehicle Act, the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and Criminal Code and subsequently, the male passenger, age 33 of Fort St James was also arrested.
A search of the vehicle revealed drugs believed to be heroin, crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, methamphetamine, pills and marihuana and some of it in individual  packets.
Also in the vehicle were weapons such as bear spray, collapsable batons, knives, “brass knuckles” and an undisclosed amount of cash.
Both the driver and the passenger were taken to the Fort St. James RCMP Detachment and multiple charges were recommended including possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking and weapons related offences.
The female was released and is scheduled to make her first appearance in Fort St. James Provincial Court in early October, while the male has been  held in custody until his first court appearance in Vanderhoof Provincial Court  next week.


“good work” by the boys and girls in blue !

That’s called the whole kit and kaboodle, great work! Sounds like a no bail deal!

Now that was a productive stop. Good work you guys! That one probably made your day!

Drugs in the Fort, I don’t believe it.

two people with a demonstrated total disregard for the law,
the police have done a great job,
now if only the courts will….

‘Several offenses were noted’ I can’t believe our writer would even print that. They are both ‘known’ to police and neither should have been in that car if the criminal justice system did it’s job. The RCMP must be rather frustrated to nail the same people again. In more enlightened jurisdictions that care about their kids and the safety of all legitimate tax payers, these two would be in stir for the next 20 years and unable to continue their nefarious ways.

Frustrated? FRUSTRATED? Absolutely nuts when you consider all the reports, report to crown, crown saying I need this to prove this count, I need that to convince the judge. That’s after all the queries about how these folks are going to re-offend if the judge decides to release them. Then, all the criticizing of the police for doing their jobs, yeah frustrated is the one word, there are others but can’t print them. Damn good outfit if you ask me, and it’s always damned if they do damned if they don’t. Next time any of you get a ticket, take a second to say, Thanks for waking me up.

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