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October 28, 2017 2:48 am

Just a Little Diversion

Thursday, August 27, 2015 @ 3:44 AM

economy diversion


The big media players are just bending over backwards trying to tag Harper with nonsense; it’s sillier then the above cartoon. The big pro-liberal media are so focused on poor old Duffy and not reporting Trudeau’s idea of trying to manage the economy “from the heart” or Mulcair increase taxing on big corporations, then backing off a bit, trying to make himself more palatable to the populace. It’s good that Harper called an extended election campaign, so that we can see the flakes fall off of Trudeau and Mulcair.

The big media have done a pretty good job of reporting on all three major parties’ agendas. So much in fact that I have started changing the channel when they are at the same subject again. The Duffy thing was not a creation of the NDP, the Liberals or the Greens! It was caused by the present party in power and the loss of control of a bunch of control freaks. Doubts still remain in the minds of the vast majority of people out there as nothing was really definitely settled. Don’t be too surprised if the Duffy affair will get more media headlines in the near future.

The media being liberal left love the Duffy trial using it to bash the Conservatives. Notice those self proclaimed righteous parties libs and NDP including the media seen to have no care on the cost of this dog and pony show as long as its a means to an end. This shows just what fiscal irresponsibility these parties would have with taxpayers money.

As for the senate members misconduct all parties are guilty and notice how the biased media tend to ignore especially the very biased public rag which only survives off taxpayer handouts, CBC.

Do to the very biased reporting from the CBC it should be classed as a political party and have the same political spending limits applied as the parties.

I am just looking for a level playing field and will decide who to vote for on judgement day. Eeny Meene Miny Moe.

Unable to respond to the actual subject, the extreme right that has hijacked the Conservative Party insists on slaying the messenger and discrediting the source.
That the free-ist and most open press in human history is all “liberal” and “biased” is something repeated so often that in a perfect example of The Big Lie, it is unfortunately believed by more than just their own tinhat conspiracy theorists.
As we’re seeing, replying to an editorial cartoon with claims of bias. Sad, just sad.

“This shows just what fiscal irresponsibility these parties would have with taxpayers money.”

Conservatives running eight (soon nine) consecutive budget deficits sure does not qualify for the term fiscally responsible in my opinion! Not to mention adding 150,000,000,000 (150 Billion) to the national federal debt!

Quite a record! Harper shouldn’t touch that subject with a ten foot pole!

I said it right from the begining . It’s about the economy stupid ! And boy is Stevie ever stupid . We now as of this morning have a 74 cent dollar and money is pouring out of canada . We are the only g7 country that is in recession . We can’t afford another 4 years of this incompident government . He’s done more damage to the country than any of his boogymen ever could have . It’s hard to believe that anyone believes anything that comes out of this pm and pmo .

Yesterday, from the Globe and Mail:

“Conservatives are favoured to win most seats, even as NDP lead polls.

Our election forecast, based on recent polls and historical data, projects the likelihood that a given party would win the most seats, if an election were held today.

Even with NDP leading polls, Conservatives projected to win more seats.”

Yes Ataloss, you say it is about the economy.
Of which we have little control of. Since we export.
Are you or your party of choice able to tell the Americans & OPEC.
To stop pumping oil.
So the price will come up.
Along with telling China to get its economy growing again at 7% or more
per year.
So commodity prices will come up.
I think not!!!.

In regards to the dollar look on the bright side.

It is worth more then the Australian dollar which is at .72 to the USD.

As Alberta’s economy suffers with increasing unemployment and a low oil price, I’m sure that the taxpayers of Alberta are just thrilled that their new NDP Jobs Minister Lori Sigurdson is out campaigning with the federal NDP in British Columbia!

Is her priority to help the federal NDP establish their mandate or is her priority the mandate given to her by Albertans?

Yup, just what we need! More NDP, not!

Toronto Sun, August 25, 2015:

“If Canadian voters are wondering why the federal NDP is not as popular in Manitoba as it is in the rest of the country, they should look at the party’s record in government there to figure out why.

As Canadians flirt with electing their first national NDP government, they may want to examine how Manitoba has been governed in recent years to get an idea of how a socialist government operates.

Tom Mulcair’s NDP are leading in the polls in many parts of the country. But not Manitoba.

A Probe Research poll over the summer showed only 23% of Manitobans would vote for the NDP federally, well below the Conservatives’ 43% showing.

There’s good reason for that.

The NDP in Manitoba has been a disaster.

We all know the economic fall-out brought on by former Ontario NDP premier Bob Rae in the early 1990s.

Premier Greg Selinger’s government in Manitoba is a more current example of how an NDP administration governs in a modern economy.

Canadian voters should take a good look at it.

After all, Mulcair has praised the NDP in Manitoba.

If elected, he would no doubt bring the same high tax, fiscal expansionary policies to Ottawa that Manitoba is now plagued with.

What Canadians should know about an NDP administration is it believes government should play a significant role in our lives. The cost of that — including the empire-building and bureaucratic growth that goes along with an expanding government — is not a concern for the NDP.

Its overarching philosophy is that if taxpayers have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for more government, that’s the price they must pay to live in a socialistic society.

Under an NDP government, Manitoba pays the second-highest income taxes in Canada.

The NDP raised the retail sales tax to 8% in 2013 after promising not to do so.

They expanded the PST three times while in office, raised the gas tax and increased the Land Transfer Tax.

They have created a structural deficit they can’t get out of, increased the provincial debt to record levels and Manitoba’s credit rating has been downgraded.

This is the approach the federal NDP want to bring to Parliament.

Canadians should be very worried about that.

You forgot to mention the NDP (mis)management record of ten long years in British Columbia! When BC voters finally smartened up the BC NDP was reduced to 2 (two) seats in the Legislature. I believe it was the biggest rejection of a party (and biggest landslide victory of the other one) in the history of the province.

Federally voters traditionally prefer to have the NDP as a vocal opposition rather than attempting to try to run the country’s finances.

Many devoted NDPers decided to become Liberals, like Bob Rae and Ujjal Dosangh.

Mulcair; National $15 a day child care – $5 billion; Roads, bridges, transit – $1.5 billion; Restore home mail delivery – $500 million; Low-income Seniors – $400 million; More police – $100 million; at the same time Mulcair promises to balance the budget at the same time? There is is at least another 54 days of left in the election. Where is Mulcair going to get all this money from in the light the global economy is in the tank as well?

I think that to most people its pretty obvious that the NDP could not run a lemonade or shoe shine stand. They are for all intents and purposes incapable of seeing and dealing with the big picture.

One can only hope that this election will give them a kick in the butt that will send them into the hinterlands.

Picking up seats in Quebec was an anomaly, and along with becoming the Official Opposition they now suffer from a extreme case of **Swelled Head**. The case is so severe that they actually think they can run a Government. Time to give them a reality check.

According to Hart Guy: Yesterday, from the Globe and Mail:

“Conservatives are favoured to win most seats, even as NDP lead polls.

Our election forecast, based on recent polls and historical data, projects the likelihood that a given party would win the most seats, if an election were held today.

Even with NDP leading polls, Conservatives projected to win more seats.”

So, you’re saying that one poll is saying what you don’t like to hear and another is saying what you do like to hear, so the one you like to hear must be correct? have I got this right?

What ever happened to “Sophic Sage?” Her/His “cut and paste rants were entertaining in a comical sense. This persons absence, due to the public having some input on the persons statement with a “Thumbs up, Thumbs down voting tool? just curious..

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