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Friday Free For All – Sept. 4th, 2015

Thursday, September 3, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Here we go again,  a fresh month, a long weekend, and  it’s Friday.It’s time for the Friday Free For All, when  you get to speak up on  issues that struck a chord with  you over the past 7 days.

Our rules are simple,  you pick the topic,  but please,  keep the comments brief.  Long comments  are  often ignored  because of length so any message you may have wanted to share, will be a waste of time.

So,   here are the  three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying!


L E T    ‘E R    R I P  !!!



Palopu. With regard to the following, which you posted at 4:58 PM under the “NDP Set to Acclaim Candidate in Northern Riding” thread last Wednesday:

“I will give you one accomplishment to chew on. 2011 election results.

Zimmer Con, 23,946
Boone NDP 9,876
Crowley Grn 2,301
Levine Lib 2,008

So it seems that he is accomplished in the art of butt kicking.”

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http ://www.250news.com/2015/09/02/ndp-set-to-acclaim-candidate-in-northern-riding/

Given the right climate, change at the ballot box can happen very rapidly.

“The morning after the night of Alberta’s election, new Calgary-Currie MLA Brian Malkinson was just as surprised as many other Calgarians that he’ll soon be heading to Edmonton as an MLA.

After all, he’d run in last fall’s byelection in Calgary-West and collected just 337 votes.”

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http ://calgaryherald.com/news/politics/surprise-elects-bring-fresh-faces-to-alberta-legislature

“The B.C. government is not alone in its informational tight-fistedness. The champion is the federal government under Stephen Harper, which jealously guards even the most innocuous information.”

Editorial: Hiding behind the privacy laws

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http ://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-hiding-behind-the-privacy-laws-1.2023483

Brrrrrr…….Fall is surely on it’s way.

With all the road construction out west I noticed they tend to leave things like large rocks protruding from the ditch banks and other potential future hazards. I think its unacceptable.

It is well known that people in these parts use the road side ditches to ride their bikes in the summer and sleds in the winter. I have seen people get devastating injuries from things as simple as a protruding rock hidden by vegetation. Maybe one day it could be one of their kids or grandkids.

Why not use the machinery to ensure future potential hazards in the ditch are mitigated when they do the highway upgrades? Why leave huge rocks sticking up, some near waist height, when we know come winter some young boy will be riding his sled in the ditch?

Ditches are not designed to be driven in its designed for irrigation and helping in removing water from the roadways not as a playground for those on recreational vehicles who are not supposed to be near the roadways in the first place

In an ideal world Dearth… but still no need to leave hazards around because we all know that there will be people that will ride in those ditches… mostly children that don’t know any better.

So why leave obstacles behind that will be hidden by vegetation and can cause serious injury to someone at a future date?

Why is that the children don’t know any better…. Perhaps better parenting and or grandparenting!

Yes, riding an ATV has responsibilities, no different than driving a car. Should a parent be allowing a 8 year old drive an ATV at full throttle. Should a parent be allowing a 8 year old drive an ATV without supervision. The problem is the parenting, or lack of.

Yes a lot of kids have died, and will continue to die, until the parents start being responsible parents and educated their children about proper use of ATV and making an informed decision if they are capable of handling a 300 lb motorized vehicle that can travel at 70 km/hr, and have the ability to throw the kid 30 ft. So is it the responsibility of the system, or the responsibility of the parent. I say the parent.

If kids are riding in the ditches is it not the responsibility of the parents to educate their kids about the dangers of driving in ditches and that it is illegal to do so and if parents are not educating their kids or even driving those same ditches with their kids who is at fault if an accident occurs the ministry of highways for leaving obsticales in the ditch or the parents for allowing or not educating their kids about the dangers of it.

I have had the opportunity to spend some time driving the highways and byways of the province next door. One thing that I found very helpful was that the learner drivers all displayed white license plates with red lettering :-). Another thing I found was that the speed limit signs and road lines were universally ignored. Knowing these things from past experience made me ready to expect all kinds of driving excitement. Sorta remined me of some days driving the Hart 500.

VANDALISM TO RURAL MAIL BOXES – On Aug 18 about 1/3 of the 150 mail box compartment on McBride Timber Rd were broken into and robbed of mails contents. It was report to the RCMP at 10:00 pm when it was first noticed. Fortunately our compartment was not raided, but I feel sympathy for those who were less fortunate and may have lost some important mail and maybe a cheque $$$, or 2 they were depending on.
We left for holidays for a week and came back to see these mail boxes in the same condition (damaged) and no mail had been delivered. There was however a general notice from Canada Post, explaining to customers how to protect their mail, by picking it up daily.I phoned the local number at the bottom and was told to pick up our mail at the PO office on 15th Ave. We went to pick up the mail again yesterday for the second time and asked the nice fellow there when we could expect repairs to be done, so we could get local delivery again and he said “Victoria has informed them that NOTHING may get fixed till maybe 6 weeks from now. This is not acceptable, especially for the older folks who depend on this service rather that to drive to town (30Kms) through heavy road construction and apply in person to pick up their mail> Thanks

Tackdog isn’t it incredible that living in one of the richest countries in the world that we cannot afford to deliver the mail . This county is becoming more kafkaesk that Kafka himself . This why I think that tha majority of Canadians are dumber than the day is long and I mean summer days long . Btw we are the only G7 country that can’t afford to deliver the mail .

MAIL BOXES – Sadly when we did report this to the RCMP, we were told that our mail box station was not the only place hit that night. I believe that West Lake and the Blackwater (which has been hit 3 times) areas were also vandalized and robbed that night. By old Canadian law, any direct disruption to the mail service or theft of, is a high priority criminal offence.
I will be following up with Canada Post in Victoria and any other influential people available to see if these damaged boxes can get repaired fasted than anticipated. As Is aid before, I am extremely concerned for those of less fortune and senior citizens who cannot travel to town every second day or more to collect their mail, that they dearly rely on. If anyone else has something going already with Canada Post on this issue, I would welcome getting in contact with you. Thanks

The only thing that I can think of is to dump Harper . He’s the one that can’t afford to deliver the mail .

Albatross we are being called upon to help those who are being repressed by war, insurrection, through out the world, we have to get the funding from some where, the cutting back on door to door delivery is but one way to receive some of this funding to assist these people.

Good morning to all my friends in George. It’s a sunny day in Abby but a cool 9c last night. Maybe nice tomorrow but then its back to fall weather.

I just have to comment on the great provider that Canada is with our military help to the war ravaged countries today and here is an idea that was just posted on 250;

Albatross; we are being called upon to help those who are being repressed by war,

I guess the author of those words hasn’t read the article by Peter Ewart on 250 this morning.

It is tragic to see a dead child that has downed trying to escape to a better life but have you ever seen a young Canadian that has stepped on a landmine or been hit by HE. We have had 152 young Canadians that have died in that fashion and we have spent 18 B to support those deaths. As Peter points out we have not solved the issues in Afghanistan by aiding a war in that country.

It makes no difference how much military aid that we provide we can not solved the problems in the Middle East. All we are doing is making the arms manufactures getting richer and it keeps our economy growing.

Just imagine what 18 B would have provided in human aid to these war torn countries.

Ataloss how is your solar system doing?

here is some reading for you


Just had to post this,


“So why leave obstacles behind that will be hidden by vegetation and can cause serious injury to someone at a future date?”

I take it that these are in the ditch and not on the shoulder which is used by cars, bicyclists as well as pedestrians in rural areas.

If they are in the ditch, they may actually be placed there on purpose to dissipate the energy flow during a high rain event so that the ditch is not scoured out, It mitigates such problems as silt deposits in culverts which then get reduced in size and may end up plug up. The growth of grass is a positive sign.

R02 – You said all that without dissing Prince George. Good on ya!

Bad as the situation is in the middle east, it has become even worse, on top of every thing else they have also lost their three wise men. Ataloss ,Eagleone and Peter to B.C.

Just imagine what 18B would have done here in our home country?. Canada is a big land mass but not a “big” country. We need to start to take care of our own.

Be safe out there this weekend everyone. Too many accidents happening lately.

Whats with all the graffiti on Fort George park roads and on Queensway?

Ryan Leef mp Yukon is the new Yukon light weight ( 110 lb) woman’s champion . He and his bromate defeated Carrie Boles in one round on a rainy dark night in the bushes . What a man . A real con . Yuk .

Hey Ataloss as usual in your post you left out the details. The lady was sneaking around at night defacing campaign signs. Ryan decided to take action on why his signs where being destroyed, good for him.
The sneak said she did not know it was against the law, the lying sneak.

So in your little world it okay to break the law, and cherry pick the victim. Puts you on the same level as that vandalizing little gutless sneak.

I don’t think many people have not read the story . The facts are the facts . This ex prison guard / mma fight guy had to rough up a little girl and put her in handcuffs ,which he says he always carries . If that isn’t creepy enough to make your skin crawl , then you are as creepy as is Ryan the yukons new woman’s light weight champion . What a guy .

There are signs on 97 North past the John Hart bridge warning drivers of Sand On The Road! I was travelling up the Hart this morning doing about 70 in the right hand lane when a fully loaded logging truck pulling a trailer passed every one doing at least 85! He sprayed all the vehicles in the right lane with clouds of sand and stones, when he ran out of momentum he swung into a gap the right hand lane traffic bombarding some more cars with dust, sand and gravel! I got a small chip in my windshield, you moron!

Only an idiot or somebody on dope would drive like that! Hope you lose your license for a year!

Hey, does anyone know what happened to our friend Sophic Sage? Must have got tired of the abuse.

Hey ataloss no it’s you leaving out the details. So you are okay with vandalism then. It was night time hard to tell identify the sneeky lying little creep. Hey if that creep was vandalizing one of your chosen ones what then would be your attitude?

Let’s get a ban on campaign signs. They are an eyesore and in many cases, block drivers lines of sight. If a sign sways your vote, perhaps you should avoid the ballot box.

Not everyone that reads this paper needs spoon feeding , like you . You can’t even see that you are insulting every one that has a brain and a search engine . Grow up a little . As for the signs . I’d like to see them all gone . They are as annoying as pop ups . The number of blue ones are tant amount to bullying . Like you are trying to be . And we the tax payers will be on the hook for half of them. Will they be recycled or just fill up the dump .

Tomyd: Who cares, really. Didn’t bring much to the circus anyway.

Seems to be a lot of calling down other people on this forum recently. Let’s not be taking the house of commons as an example. Let’s try to be a little more civilised than that, please.

I would much prefer the annoying signs, to the annoying Ataloss.

I notice he is silent on the by-election that the NDP lost in Alberta, and the fact that the NDP is slipping in the polls Federally. He had lots to say a few days ago, but now we get the silence. Hmmmm.

Ataloss is the quintessential cherry picker.

Palopu why would I or you give a crap about a meaningless provincial by election that doesn’t mean a thing for Notley . Cherry picking ? That’s your gig . You’re really reaching . You righties must be losing sleep . If the women come out and vote in Whitehorse that Leef creeper will be toast . Leef the little girl abuser . He’s a perfect example of a Tory . So says Stevie . That’s not cherry picking on my part . More like turd picking .

Guess your into turds then Ataloss.

In any event, got ya on the Alberta by-elections. Your still silent on the NDP slipping in the polls.

If you want entertainment checkout ryanleef at Twitter . I’ve laughed so hard I’ve almost peed myself . No one likes the guy for abusing a little girl . What a man boy . If he gets re-elected . Cuffs for everyone . I wonder if his are pink and fluffy .

The polls ? The only polls I trust are the north and south polls . And they have a tendancy to change as well . Back to Ryan and his gutting at the hands of the people at Twitter . You should check it out , it funnier than Stevie and his constant lying .

Tackdog. Re disrupted mail delivery. I would send an email to the following outlining the problem and asking when you can expect some answers. I agree that 6 weeks is unacceptable

Deepak Chopra, President & CEO Canada Post.
email Deepak.chopra@canadapost.postescanada.ca

Lisa Raitt, Minister responsible for Canada Post.

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister

Dick Harris, MP for PG Cariboo.

Give more when some post miss information, miss direction, truth stretching they get jumped on.

Hey Ataloss hows your solar system? Did you know Anthony Watts has solar power and drives an electric car.

My solar system is doing just fine . I’m still orbiting sol at 1 au . Speed 1k per hour . Elliptically . How’s yours ? Have you always been a goof ? Or are you new to it .

OK that was damn funny Ataloss. What a typical Harper conservative… probably appointed by the party no less lol. I would think Leef is done and finished now.

Hiding in the bush in army fatigues with a pair of hand cuffs waiting to pounce on the little women… how does a guy explain that one in any rational sense.

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