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October 28, 2017 2:40 am

Refugee crisis and the destabilization of the Middle East

Friday, September 4, 2015 @ 3:45 AM

By Peter Ewart

The image of a drowned young Syrian boy picked up and carried away from a beach in Turkey by a soldier is shocking and heartbreaking. The immediate media focus, of course, has been on the refugee crisis and the action or lack of action by countries like Canada to alleviate this crisis.

But there is a problem if this tragedy is looked at in isolation. For example, how has this terrible refugee crisis come about?

One thing is clear – the entire Middle East and much of North Africa has become destabilized. A big factor in this destabilization has been the intervention and aggression by outside powers, including the U.S., Canada and various European countries.

The invasion of Iraq on false premises by U.S. coalition forces back in 2003 and the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein regime destabilized the country and region, and created conditions for the growth of Al Qaeda and other sectarian forces.

The invasion of Afghanistan also destabilized that country and fostered a civil war that continues to this day. As various experts now agree, the arrest of Osama Bin Laden for the 9/11 atrocity could have been achieved using other avenues rather than invasion, which has cost the lives of many Afghanis, as well as U.S., British and Canadian troops (1).

In 2011, the U.S., Canada, and other European countries bombed Libya, again under what has since proven to be false premises (2)(3), and contributed to the overthrow of the Qaddafi government. Since then, Libya, which had the highest standard of living in North Africa, has been overrun by fanatical and warring sectarian forces and reduced to a basket case both economically and politically. Many of the refugees to Europe now are Libyan.

Bolstered by their victory in Libya, sectarian forces from that country migrated to Syria and played a key role in forming ISIS (4). In addition, other African countries like Mali were destabilized by forces fleeing the Libyan chaos.

It is unfortunate that parties in the Canadian parliament, including Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP, supported sending Canadian planes to bomb Libya.

And then there is the issue of Syria itself. It is well-known that various western powers, including the U.S., Canada, U.K., and France have, in one way or another, backed so-called “moderate forces” to overthrow the Syrian government of Bashar Assad. Much of the weaponry and other supplies provided to them actually ended up in the hands of ISIS when these so-called “moderate forces” joined ISIS, as did many of the forces trained by the U.S. (5)

Now, Canada has joined the U.S. led mission and is bombing ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Will we be bombing the Assad government next? Unfortunately, there are those in the West who are advocating just that.

It is well known that NATO member, Turkey, a supposed ally of Canada, has been supporting ISIS forces in both Iraq and Syria to fight the Syrian government (6). It has done so by allowing arms and equipment to pass through destined for ISIS, as well as allowing ISIS training facilities on Turkish soil and the sale of oil from ISIS. More recently, Turkey has been bombing the very Kurdish forces that are fighting ISIS (7).. In the past, other so-called allies in some of the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia have also been implicated in supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda forces in Syria in various ways. Although, now even Saudi Arabia appears to becoming wary of the terrible forces it has helped come into being.

It is a fact that the fascistic and barbaric ISIS, which Western powers are now saying is the main enemy, was in large part a spawn of the various interventions by foreign powers over the last 12 years that destabilized the region and created the fertile soil for ISIS to grow. As is abundantly clear, ISIS has all sorts of modern weaponry, brand new vehicles and bundles of money to pay its militants. This does not come out of thin air.

So, is it any surprise that there are hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees fleeing the chaos of Libya, Iraq, Syria and other countries in the region?

When peppered with questions regarding the death of the little Syrian boy and the refugee crisis, Stephen Harper claims that what is needed is more foreign intervention in Syria and Iraq to combat ISIS. In other words, throw more gasoline on the fire.

Indeed, sectarian forces like Al Qaeda and ISIS use the aggression and intervention of foreign Western powers to justify their existence. The formula is simple: the more Western intervention, the more support they gain.

Canada needs to take a different approach. Why not take a stand against any foreign military intervention in the region? Against any foreign support for terrorist forces such as ISIS, whether it is financial, military or material? And that includes our NATO ally Turkey.

Foreign intervention and aggression are a big part of the refugee problem in the Middle East, not the solution. It is time that the Conservative government, along with the NDP and Liberals in Parliament, realize this. It is time to reset Canadian foreign policy and put it on a different path.

Peter Ewart is a columnist and writer based in Prince George, British Columbia. He can be reached at: peter.ewart@shaw.ca

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news networks were really pushing this story hard lastnight, usually see this sort of things done just before we’ll be told troops are needed sent to the region and war :(

Indeed, sectarian forces like Al Qaeda and ISIS use the aggression and intervention of foreign Western powers to justify their existence. The formula is simple: the more Western intervention, the more support they gain.

Canada needs to take a different approach. Why not take a stand against any foreign military intervention in the region? Against any foreign support for terrorist forces such as ISIS, whether it is financial, military or material? And that includes our NATO ally Turkey.

Foreign intervention and aggression are a big part of the refugee problem in the Middle East, not the solution. It is time that the Conservative government, along with the NDP and Liberals in Parliament, realize this. It is time to reset Canadian foreign policy and put it on a different path.


I couldn’t agree more. Anyone who believes that having western combat forces in the middle east will somehow lead to a solution in the region, simply isn’t paying attention to history or the big picture. It’s not going to work and we should stop fantasizing that this time will be different. It won’t be.

Seeing that little boy removed from the beach was a terrible scene to behold. The scene encapsulates the Harper foreign policy of Canada.

This is a story as much about the ratlines into isis controlled areas as it is about the indifference and feigned war against isis. When we have jihadist’s driving through the desserts of Iraq and Syria in hundreds of brand new white Toyota pickup truck convoys, Toyota’s that are manufactured in Austin Texas and seem to be immune from coalition airstrikes… when we have the guns and ammunition used in the isis atrocities manufactured in Independence Missouri, and the night vision goggles exported from Canada… when we see our biggest allies in the region Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia being the major backers of the Sunni terrorist groups and Israel acting as their personal airforce in the fight against the Syrian government… then we know we have a problem with our foreign policy.

The ratline starts at the American Joint Security Operations Command that was set up by Dick Cheney under Ronald Regan as a continuity of government operation in the event of a nuclear war, but has since become the operational command for neo-cons in the middle east. Black ops operations all emanate from this nefarious organization.

Even Aston Carter the US Defense Secretary was heard complaining last week about JSOC operations involving Turkey in the smuggling of American TOWS anti tank missile systems through the ratline via Georgia and the Ukraine.

Before we go any further into the ratline, lets recap the facts that Canada was the lead nation in the destabilization of Libya through the bombing campaign and eventual road side mutilation of its leader that unleashed hell on earth for its citizens, and then spread to Syria. Harper has also been heavily involved in promoting the Madian forces in Ukraine being the most prominent world leader shepherding this neo-fascist lead government through its coup and into its war with Russia. Ukraine is integral to the JSOC ratline into the isis controlled areas of the Middle East.

We know that the Americans have 2500 TOWS missiles missing from their inventory and we also know that these are the front line of offense for isis. Syria had one of the largest tank inventories in the world and so any mercenary force operating on its soil had to have an anti tank missile system in order to take the fight to the Syrian army. Evidence is abundant that isis has and uses the TOWS weapons systems when they put the run on the Syrian and Iraqi armies.

One has to ask if these TOWS weapons systems are being used by isis in Syria and Iraq, then what is to prevent them from being used someday against a NATO country either in battle, or in some kind of terrorist attack? It appears now that isis has more of the American built TOWS anti tank systems than the Canadian military, and how does this all come about?

The ratline starts at the US Air Forces base at Constanta Romania, which is the hub of arms exports to the Sunni terrorist groups in Syria. Constanta is essentially right next to the Ukrainian port of Odessa, which people will remember for the place that started the Russian uprising against the Madian government of Ukraine… the place were the neo-nazi’s burnt down the trades union office building after chasing all the Russian protesters into the building. Odessa is now governed by the much hated Mikheil Saakashvili (a strong Harper ally), who isn’t even a Ukrainian citizen and has no skin in the game other than his puppet status to the American JSOC as an ardent opponent of Russia, as exemplified by his war with Russia while President of Georgia.

The weapons flowing into Odessa are officially for the ‘defense’ of Ukraine against the Dunbas uprising, but unofficially are destine for the fight in Syria and Iraq.

From Odessa the weapons are shipped to Georgia under private security of American corporations Bachtel and British Petroleum under the guise of oil industry parts. In Georgia these private corporations security personnel are teamed up with local army units to protect the ratline.

Georgia acts as the hub for jihadists coming from Russian regions of Chechnya and Central Asia where they are trained for insertion via Turkish intelligence into the isis ranks. It is in Georgia where the training in the use of the TOWS missiles takes place. These weapons take tremendous amount of training to operate effectively to understand the batteries, electronics, and technical manuals requires at least a month of training. Its not something one just loots and then fires.

So weapons are shipped to Odessa Ukraine for the private security organizations to fight the Russian insurgents, then make there way to Georgia where they are paired up with fresh insurgents from around the world where they are trained and equipped (all over seen by CIA cut out Saakashvili), then delivered by Turkish intelligence through Turkey and into the fight against the Kurds and the Syrian government. These terrorist unleash hell on the local population and the end result is innocent little boys washing up on the shores of the Mediterranean after trying to get away from the hell unleashed on them.

Harper has said bluntly that Canadian forces will be training private security organizations in Ukraine and not the Ukrainian national military. With Saakashvili being a huge Harper ally one naturally has to wonder how deep Canadian involvement is in the ratline. What happened to the $3.5 billion that the auditor general highlighted as missing from the Canadian security intelligence budget a few years back… that never was resolved.

I have many questions I wold like answered that will likely never be answered, but I have just one question I would like Harper to answer….

Does Canada now, or has it ever, delivered weapons into the Black Sea area to any third party other than official national military units?

I suspect with the whole issue around Zimmer and Harper blocking the UN proposal to track weapons transfers across national boarders, that the answer is self evident. Pasties for power at their finest, and Canada and its new global reputation at its worst.

But NMG it has worked. It just depends on ones perspective. If your perspective is from Israel or Turkey, or Saudi Arabia… then chaos in Syria and Iraq is just what they want… deny power to the Iranians in Iraq, deny stability for the Allawite government of Syria, have freedom to bomb targets at will, deny the Kurds the stability they need to organize a homeland. The current situation is everything they could ask for.

If we want stability in the Middle East we need to first shut down the neo-con line on power through the JSOC, and then bring all operations in the Middle East above board and into the daylight of open and informed politics on the issues of the day… and if force needs to be used it should be by national armies accountable directly to nationally elected leaders.

This idea that we need to not be involved because look at what a cluster pluck it is… is naive at best and only plays into the hands of the globalists operating behind the scenes in the shadows using western power and influence through black ops stiring up all that we would never allow and stand for if done out in the open.

To make matters worse I read an article the other day where the American military news feed was hacked… where they detailed how Russian jets are arriving in a Syrian air force base to protect the Assad regime… similar to the stories we heard about Russian invasions of Ukraine last year. This is the unbiased news feed America’s military goes to for information.

Turns out later the new feed had been hacked and the erroneous story was a fraud exposed under protest of the Russian government. It was a story designed to feed into the narrative that someone wished American military personnel to believe.

Things like that are troublesome, and I think go to the heart of the global conflagrations we are now involved in.

Moral of the story is keep to yourself and who cares what happens in other regions of the world and all will be rosy. Let them kill themselves over hunks of desert or jungle while you sit by the concrete pool. Let them kill and torture their own, it will never end up on our shores and beaches. Let them invade their neighbours and gas them to death. Has no bearing on us or our way of life. Just stay to yourselves and noone will ever try and hurt you.

Is that the moral to the story Slinky? Really you think that? How do you think these shadow organizations get their power… its through the exact kind of behavior that you are advocating.

I remember a few months back when Zimmer was asked about his position on the economy… he said there are people that think about this stuff everyday and are more informed than he is on the issues, so he takes their advice, the advice of the experts when it comes to these issues. A good way to not answer a question when one is lost, but tends to reveal a propensity to be a pasty as well.

Makes sense that those with the above mentality would be among the biggest Zimmer and conservative supporters.

Another well written article by Mr. Ewart, thanks.

We have all seen the picture of the child washed up on shore.. This is not new..this kind of thing has been happening forever.. Humans are the most cruel animals on this planet..

As for the aunt blaming the world for her family dying I am disgusted by her statement… Lets see what really happened.. her family paid some crooks to try to get her family to a different country.. Its the families fault for gambling with thier lives this way..

A few comments :

Yet again the wealthy arab nations, nor are Japan/China getting involved. You know why? They know their economic/social systems cannot handle it. The EU is a joke. They are taking in tens of thousands of people, young people who are never going to gel or assimilate in any city they land in. They immigrants from the Sudan, etc are bringing in disease, and filth. You want an ebola outbreak, continue opening your country to this mass immigration. In Germany, the immigrants are protesting the free meals being given to them. Throwing away fruit, cheese, crackers… out into the streets because it doesn’t meet their daily/religious requirements. They are ‘demanding’ their food meets a standard, they do not receive when at home.

– The kid on the beach. So let me get this straight, the parents pay up to 1k dollars to take a old boat across the pond, for a new life, but a 20$ for a life jacket never dawned on them? Then the leave the kid on the beach, and run away, only to show up grieving in the news? You left your dead kid to rot on the beach…. nice parenting.

– The same politicians who are preaching how ‘the countries in Europe must open their arms to the refugees’ are living in a dream world. These politicians travel with body guards, live in guarded palaces and are not in touch with reality. In Italy, there is not work, and the cities have never been so unsafe. They have allowed thousands of African immigrants to settle there, and crime has tripled. Never before has it been so unsafe to roam the streets.

– Paris has been overrun by Muslims. The majority of Muslims in France belong to the Sunni denomination, and it has become so dangerous that the non muslim population is warned not to venture into Muslim neighborhoods.

But you can pretend this is 1905 if you want, and the world hasn’t changed. Mass immigration is dangerous, and is destroying many countries. Spare me with your ‘we are all immigrants’ speech, that argument ran out 100 years ago. Legal immigration , still works, when they can assimilate and have skills to adapt.

There is a reason no other countries want to take on the syrians, turks and Sudanese… the EU has to wake up, even though it is far too late.

Leroy get your facts straight . Germany has taken in over 100,000 Syrian refugees . Britain has taken in 450 . Your guy Stevie with crocodile tears says in an interview ” I’ve seen way worse ” and still does very little to nothing . Then he uses this little boys image to promote his war agenda to feed the military industrial complex in the same breath . Leroy did you know that even modern war equipment has a best before date ? Use it or lose it ? One good out come is that the whole world now know what us Canadians are subjected too with this monster that rules us .

Ataloss, you got it we have to keep our economy growing no matter what the cost.

Slinky, I am trying to figure out if your comment was made tongue in cheek. In my opinion Ataloss has his finger on the pulse. Yes, the military industrial complex, it is as hungry as ever to be kept well fed.

The lingering of colonial rule mentality, with Britain predictably in the lead, followed predictably by the US and now even Canada. Harper is side-stepping the question of refugees with a reply that there must be more bombing of ISIS, which – according to him – is blowing up people all over the world! All over the world? Really? Canada needs to be mixed up in this mess? Remember Korea and Vietnam, what precisely was solved over there?

There is an old Chinese saying: “Pity the warrior who leaps over the fence without knowing if there is a deep pit on the other side!”

That is how it all got started. Thanks for the great article, Mr. Ewart!

(BTW, notice how many countries are NOT actively involved in Middle Eastern affairs, including China!).

One thing is certain – this refugee tsunami is going to change our world forever. We mustn’t let fear override compassion.

Leroy pretty much nailed.

The middle east was a powder keg for a long time and it was just a matter of when, not if.

Middle east has been at each other’s throats since the beginning of time.

Glad to hear from you R2 . I was worried that you were the 74 year old that got smoked in the cross fire . Most Canadians don’t know that we are part of the military industrial complex . Also glad that you do know . The Saudis buy from us and hand it over to ISIL . Then we try and blow it up . Great business if you don’t mind having blood on ones hands . No wonder Bobbie Zimmer doesn’t want our guns stamped with a CN identifier . That’s all he’s done . Stood up to the UN . What a hero .

So Ataloss has completely lost his mind, I see. One more thing, since you are a sucker for the news, taking it at face value….

The news stated “Three year old Aylan Kurdi, and his family was fleeing Syria on a small boat to the Greek island of Kos”

This isn’t true, They Left Syria Three years ago. They Lived in Turkey
He had a job, and the family had a home in Turkey. The media has an agenda, they are puppets. The mass immigration and turn of power in the EU is all but done.

The Sister did NOT file completed Immigration refugee status papers in Canada.

He was coming to Canada in the hopes of new teeth, he needed dental implants. He put his kid on a dangerous boat, with no life jacket. Canada isn’t responsible for his child’s death, he is.


But you keep on believing what you want…..

So Peter, Ataloss, eaglone how many refugees have you taken in and have you donated money?

What’s interesting is before these countries were destabilized they were ruled by brutal dictatorships. So is the implication these people can only be effectively governed by dictatorship.

We have taken in 50 thousand Vietnamese ,twenty thousand kosivors and many ,many more . I have dutifully paid my taxes my whole adult life ,including sales taxes . The taxes are still being paid . Chris Alexander is so proud of having cut refugees by 87% on his con watch . He is now trending on Twitter as deadmanwalking . Let’s all hope the puke is gone .

Ski the borders of those countries were gerrymandered by the French and English in the Middle East and Africa to maintain instability . It was called the divide conquer doctrine and this is the result . The Ruwanda genocide was a direct result of the doctrine .

Keeping the Middle East destabilized in the policy of many Western Countries. It has been destabilized for many many years and will continue to be. This is all about control of the area, and oil exploitation.

If the Western democracies left the Middle East the void would be filled by the Russians, and the Chinese, and anyone else who could get a foot hold. We would then be on the outside looking in.

Its a basic premise that he who controls the oil in the Middle East controls the world.

Lets hear some realistic alternatives to what’s happening now, and what could be done over and above the utopian view that resetting Canadian Foreign policy could somehow have an effect.

Canada has very little or no effect on what goes on in the Middle East.

Ataloss party true. But you are saying it was a garden of Eden before, oh wait. Oh wait the apple and snake, if one is a believer.

Okay you paid your taxes, kept your hands clean and feel all self righteous.

We already are doing something about it . Two weeks ago at noon , Germany created 100% of their energy needs from solar and wind . This number is only going up with new installs that continue . There is no looking back for them . Energiewende is unstoppable . the key to falling populations around the world is electrification . That’s why Ban Ki Moon has the UN policy of laterally distributed electrification of the third world at for front of his policy for population control . Freeing the women , children from the hearth and ever destruction of forests for fuel . Just because canada is backward doesn’t mean the rest of the world is standing still .

Both Iraq and Iran were democracy’s until the U.S. and England installed dictators so as to steal their oil . It’s all well documented .all you have to do is read it . There’s a South American joke that goes . Why has the U.S. never had a military junta ? , because there is no USA embassy in Washington .

Bad as the situation is in the middle east, it has become even worse, on top of every thing else they have also lost their three wise men. Ataloss ,Eagleone and Peter to B.C.

Peter could you call out Harper on his latest bald face lie . We are not the most generous country for refugees in the world per capita . We are in fact 26th . What a lying bafoon . Anyone else in the world that can read must be embarrassed for us . Every time he opens his mouth lies come out .

It’s official ‘Ataloss’ has lost it.

Tongue in cheek is right, so all this complaining and zero ideas from the peanut gallery. Doing something is bad, therefore doing nothing is good – that is the gist of the article. The middle east and Africa is a powderkeg, always has been, always will be. Sitting on our hands in the western world will not change that. Trying to get better leaders who actually care about their people and not just the ones in the palace is a tough challenge in those countries mired by dictatorships. Many a slaughter has happened that neither you nor I have heard of all in the name of keeping power in the war torn area.

The child in the photo and his parents never applied for refugee status in Canada, that has been misreported (imagine that). Noone is denying that it was a tragedy, but as stated here much more tragic things are happening every day not caught on camera. Helping these people where they live is a far better thing than having them jump on a dingy to cross the Mediterranean, we as a country just have to figure out how to do that and what to do in the mean time.

The downfall of Saddam Hussain in Iraq and then the Arab Spring protests has allowed the festering discontent to be brought to the surface again. Destabilization, my a$$, unless you call rule by tyranny “stabilization.”
Much like what happened in Yugoslavia once Tito died, the ancient tribes will always try to reclaim their land.
ISIS is a truly frightening anomaly though, with no history to back it up. A product of ignorance and western excess? Who knows?

Slinky, I sure hope the aunt of Alan Kurdi doesn’t read your post (no fears there). She has worked long and hard to get her brother’s family to Canada. She even went to Turkey to try and see if the process could by hurried up. The problem with the Kurdi family was that they were not in a UN sponsored refugee camp, so many western countries such as Canada could not accept them.

I think we have been had. I call it the latest Muslim Invasion of Europe!
We all want to go to Germany, Germany pays the highest Rates, the real Reason for all the mad Rush to get there! Benefit shopping not Asylum , it won’t end well!

Palopu:”Canada has very little or no effect on what goes on in the Middle East.”

Canada has very little or no effect on what goes on in the Middle East and that is just my point as well! So let us bring home the 600 or more troops and personnel, the attack planes and missiles which often kill innocent women and children on the ground! Now Harper is urging the exact opposite – more bombing and missile attacks! Does that make any sense? Only to those who have a hidden agenda! Who in their right mind is going to believe that those whose relatives were exterminated by Canadians are going to love Canada for it?

If Cameron wants to increase the scope of the mission, let him send his own troops! He urged others to join in! The Middle East has always been a powder keg according to other comments, so who is stupid enough to get involved in the volatile internal affairs of that unstable part of the world? Don’t tell me, I know! The hundreds of millions we blow over there (billions once we have to replace those worn out attack planes) are sorely needed over here, a country with debts and deficits, crumbling infrastructure, food banks and homelessness!

Wrong outwest . Germany wants the refugees for the same reason that the maritimes do . Falling birth rate . They have already taken in over 100k and Angela wants more .

Ataloss : Like I said it won’t End well! The Attractions are the high Welfare Rates and for the Moment no Rejection like in the other European States!

Sorry lbear read the news again.

Tima Kurdi filed paperwork for Muhammad Kurdi and his family not Abdullah who’s family was involved in the tragedy. She was hoping to sponsor Mohammad and his four children.

Does not make it any less tragic

When the tyrants were ruling, everyday citizens in Libya and Iraq could send their children safely into the streets. With the proliferation of cell phones, uprisings would be front and centre on digital media. Yet no mass protests by civilians in the streets. Perhaps due to fear of government, perhaps not. These dictators, in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, enjoyed monetary, military, and financial support from western governments. When they got too big for their britches or told the west to pound sand, they became despicable tyrants. So we went in with our best “shock and awe”, bombed the hell out of them, destabilized their society, and left them war torn hellholes, where murder and terror rule. We are responsible for ISIS and The Taliban, and the deaths of hundres of thousands of innocents. Most people just want their kids to be safe and grow to an old age. These are the tragedies of western intervention.

Thanks for bringing that up slinky. I reread the Vancouver Sun article, and guess I missed the Muhammad reference first time.
God, what a mess.

Where are all the local bleeding hearts when a 3yr old Canadian dies from drowning, or abuse? Hypocrites, all of yuou.

PG101, be very proud of yuourself!

What I would really like to know, is how much the other Arab or Muslim countries around there, are doing to help their own?
If Islam is such a benevolent religion and they care for each other, why haven’t we heard of the great humanitarian help that they have been giving to all these people?

Hmmm, I think Pakistan, Jordan, and Lebanon may be in the top 10 for taking refugees. You don’t have Google?

Not so sure govsux, I think the Taliban were created by the Pakistan government and not the west, US is guilty of supplying Pakistan with weapons and some of those weapons were no doubt given to the Taliban which were mostly Pakistani fighters. Don’t think the west was ever buddies with the Taliban

Taliban leaders had visited the US a few times in the late 90’s. I didn’t say we created them, but we’ve definitely helped in their rise to power.

Yup the evil west, that is why millions are wanting to get into the west. But then after many get into the west they want to turn it into their homeland which they ran from,WTF!

Another stoopid statement . Did the 50 thousand Vietnamese turn your part of the world into Vietnam ? Zenaphobia much ?

Hey Ataloss, I guess you forgot what Castro did to Florida in the 60’s? Released all the miserable, despicable locals upon Florida, destroying the social fabric of the southern US till this day. If you think unleashing a few hundred thousand upon the EU won’t have an adverse effect on the fabric of that society, you are incorrect.

The sweet loving Libs in the U.K want Cameron to take on 1.4 million refugees in the next 5 years. That is inconceivable that any sane person would even suggest allowing an influx of 10% of that amount. Ask anyone in Richmond if allowing 250000 chinese turned Richmond into China. Have you ever been out of PG? Have you been to Richmond? The signs are in Mandarin at every mall, and corner store. I’m sure you will suggest this is just accommodating the locals, but how can you deny the influx of Asians hasn’t changed the fabric of Richmond?

You cannot assimilate with mass immigration. It has never worked, it never will. Just ask the Palestinians how the settlement of their neighbors is working out, after all these years…. oh wait…

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