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October 28, 2017 2:37 am

Province Sets Up Special Fund to Assist Syrian Refugees

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 @ 11:24 AM

Prince George, B.C.- B.C. Premier Christy Clark  has announced this Province  is setting up  a special  fund to assist  Syrian refugees.

Reflecting on the tragedy  that  gripped the world last week when the body of a 3 year old Alan Kurdi washed up on the shore  of Turkey,  Premier Clark  says $1 million dollars  will be dedicated to  help community groups fill the gaps and ensure those who come from Syria have the support they need.

Clark choked back tears as she reflected on the image of  Alan Kurdi  “A tiny little figure on the beach.”

“It is just not good enough to only open  our doors,  We have to make sure that when refugees get here that  we’re  doing everything that we can to help them realize the  Canadian dream and find their way seamlessly into British Columbian society.”

B.C. cannot  determine how many refugees  can come to Canada,  that is a Federal  decision, but Clark says  this province wants to be prepared to  ensure those who  want to come to B.C.  can make a seamless transition.  They may need trauma counselling,  or languages services and employment placement says Clark.

Specifically, the funds will be used for :

* Counselling – trauma counselling through a range of psycho-social supports.

* “Groups of Five” private sponsorship supports – A “Group of Five” is made up of private citizens who come together to sponsor a refugee. These funds will assist these private sponsors to help navigate the refugee-sponsorship process.

* Community-level supports – help for local governments that will be settling Syrian refugees so there will be a welcoming community for these newcomers.

* Foreign Credential Recognition – many Syrians will arrive in Canada with work experience and credentials from their home country. Funds will be available for B.C.-based professional associations to quickly and fairly review and approve their foreign credentials so they can start working in B.C.

* Employer supports – funds to help businesses and existing immigrant settlement organizations employ, train and mentor Syrian refugees. These funds will also provide matching funds to employers who train and commit to hire a Syrian refugee.

Clark says there are thousands of individuals, churches and community groups across the province who have already indicated they want to sponsor refugees.

A special  toll free number has  been  established  to help those who want to sponsor a refugee  navigate the  process. That number is 1 877 952-6914

Clark says she doesn’t know how many refugees can be supported by that $1 million dollars  but it will be added to the  $4 million  B.C. already contributes to the  federal  refugee  fund.




‘Clark choked back tears as she reflected on the image of  Alan Kurdi  “A tiny little figure on the beach.” – what a joke. Where are the tears when a 3yr old Canadian dies from drowning? Where is the assistance to those in need here in Canada? Where is the outrage that his father paid 1k for a boat ride, and never bought the kid a life jacket?

Love how the media is trying to sway our emotions with a picture, but it isn’t working. Today, for example, the Syrians are rioting in Greece because they aren’t being taken care of, to their standards. The food isn’t good enough, the clothing isn’t sufficient and they aren’t getting enough money….

Coming to a city near you… entitled refugees who will do nothing to fit in with our society, and collect more money than you, or I, by sitting in a home the tax payer will pay for.

Word is thousands of terrorist are mixed in with the people in need. How do we deal with this down the road?

I don’t often agree with Clarke, but this is appropriate.

It is not a joke. It is neither funny nor improper. It is a tragedy, compounded by Harper’s attitude towards refugees from the Middle East. “Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it”, isn’t that the saying? Well, before the last war Jewish refugees were turned away by Canada and most were murdered eventually. Have we learned, or are we going to reject Muslim refugees this time, so they can be murdered? In 30 years time, will we be saying how much we regret what we did today and issue another government apology for our discriminatory behaviour. We have taken in refugees before, from all around the world. Take in these as well.

The righties who don’t want these refugees here are saying that there are terrorists mixed in. Please provide the evidence of that and not just the claim. Please tell me how many, both in absolute numbers and as a percentage, and include evidence to support your figures and where the numbers came from. Let’s have facts, not fear mongering.

she can take care of everyone but US

By X-it: “Word is thousands of terrorist are mixed in with the people in need. How do we deal with this down the road?”
What a load of crap. You sound like a terrorist X-it, did you know that?
The negative comments here so far are making me sick. As I’ve said before, don’t let fear override compassion. That’s what makes us humans.

Daimler Benz and many other large and small companies and government agencies in Germany are interviewing refugees as to their educational training and professional background and experience. If found suitable they are hired, given language training and time to get used to the different customs. People are needed in the tourism and hospitality industry, healthcare and hospitals and so forth. Most are young and very hardworking and ambitious to support themselves! Others get support for themselves and for their families!

Ammonra, thank you for your comments!

The oil rich middle eastern countries should absorb these refugees.

The Saudis and several other middle eastern oil rich countries have NOT contributed their fair share.

Most of these people have fundamental cultural and ideological differences from us that include; life values, freedom of religion, separation of church and state, freedom of speech and some crazy ideas on vengeance.

These are one of the countries that have said “Death to America” our biggest ally,friend and trading partner….(the word “partner” is debatable)

This is very concerning, that any group of people would send this kind of message for any reason.

I say we do our part by funding the cause but be very strict on importation.

Of course there will be terrorists mixed in. That is a given considering the number of refuges. That does not mean that we shouldn’t do everything we can for the ones that need our help. Hopefully Harper’s extreme security measures will weed out the terrorists. I’m surprised that the govt actually realized these people will need more than just clothing and a roof over their head.

I agree its a given that there will be those that have mental health issues, harbor ideas of revenge for our role instigating the whole mess, and just plain islamic extremists. We are not a neighboring country, so I don’t feel we have as high a moral duty to take on anyone that hasn’t been properly screened.

The screening though should be fair and compassionate and in a timely manor. All these people are in a very vulnerable state, and if we are to have them come to Canada, then its best we lessen the trauma as best we can… maybe have a transit point where they are further processed before entry into Canada.

Our leaders support the fight against Assad in Syria by any means possible, short of risking Obama’s Noble Peace Prize. What ever happens it has to have plausible deniability for Obama, so we can blame isis, al quada, or Assad. Collateral damage for the Obama Syrian policy is the least costly its been in this world since Pol Pot or Stalingrad.

If we are to stop the fighting that has destroyed the Syrian society then we need to work with the Russians again for a new peace process. But that is just Syria, the whole region is in a mess now… the rule of law has never been mocked and used for such nefarious deeds as it does in this day and age in that part of the world.

The rich Gulf oil states won’t take any refugees, because they have been bombing and funding the extremists that destroyed Syria… not only that, but they already have a temporary foreign worker program that is like Harpers on steroids. In those states they have temporary foreign worker populations that are nearly the size of their citizen populations. For them its all a balance of tribal interests that make them highly unstable… they send money instead to fund the camps, probably tell them all about the west in the camps.

I think we do what we can for genuine refugees at a level that we can accomodate, look at each applicant based on their own merits and provide the opportunity for those that show they could have the most potential for a successful integration.

So why do ‘the right thing’ only after the world is shocked by a grisly photo?
Why didn’t the B.C. government act on the Syrian situation until now?
Answer: political gain.
Why do Mulcair & Trudeau shed crocodile tears and so innocently imply that the current federal government must not care about refugees.
Answer: political gain.
Let us ask both of those two twits what they and their vaunted political parties have been doing for the Syrian refugees. Surely they could have spearheaded fundraising efforts or something.
As previously stated, I am not a fan of Mr. Harper, but it is obvious that he is an experienced leader, and is staying the course on the Syrian file, no sudden announcements and promises, no sudden reactions to an image.
No apparent attempt to make political hay from the outrage du jour.

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