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October 28, 2017 2:27 am

With Month to Go Before Election, Campaign Just Getting Started says Prof

Sunday, September 20, 2015 @ 4:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – With just a month to go before voters head to the polls, the federal election campaign is actually just getting started.

That according to UNBC Political Science Professor Dr. Gary Wilson.

“This is sort of like the beginning of a normal election campaign,” he says. “You’re starting now to see the parties put a little more meat on their platforms so they’re starting to come out with clearer platforms on economic policy and policies they’d like to introduce if they form the government.”

He adds this is also the time most voters begin paying attention to what the parties are campaigning on.

“So you’re starting to see the details now which is good because the devils always in the details, right?,” says Wilson. “You can start to see what the cost of these programs are, what the projected costs will be and what the intentions of these new policies would be as well.”

So what can we expect to see from the parties from now until election day?

“I think locally what we can expect to see is kind of the ramping up of the election campaign,” he says. “It’s been pretty quiet so far, we’re starting to see more (election) signs going up and more activities like debates and forums happening.”

He also thinks both the Cariboo-Prince George and Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies remain the Conservatives to lose.

“If you can mobilize the aboriginal and younger voters, these constituencies that are not traditional, then the possibility of change is in the air,” says Wilson. “But (the ridings) are still solidly Conservative. I’d be surprised if they didn’t go to the Conservatives but we may see the gap decreasing between the candidates.”


Read the article in the Vancouver Sun about Dick Harris, turns out we paid the MOST TO GET THE LEAST. And now Dick wants us to vote for his hand picked replacement.

It amazes me that Harper, and his, I will reduce government waste spiel, would allow this to go on.

Can’t trust Harper

Mulcair during the latest debate accused the current government of ignoring a UN request that Canada resettle 9,000 refugees before Christmas and a further 46,000 over the next four years

Too bad he UN made no such request of Canada.

Can’t trust Mulcair

Are core Conservatives washing their hands of Harper?


When you look at the treatment of Vets, seniors and the give always to Banks a corporations using the tax credits and cuts which they invest off shore and add to that $800 million over 5 years advertising what a great job the cons have done, after 10 years time to head to the penalty box.

” Nor were the revelations that came out of Bruce Carson’s trial this week. The crown produced evidence it says show the former Harper advisor using his government contacts – some at cabinet level – to advance a scheme to enrich his then fiancé, a former Ottawa sex trade worker. ”

” Carson was hired by Harper as a key advisor despite having done jail time for fraud and theft. ” – Michael Harris

Good stuff Cons….

Robert Jago is making a difference . Rjjago.Wordpress.com

Thanks for the link Charles!

The F35 fighter plane is years behind the delivery date, billions over budget and still does not fly properly. The purchase price would be triple of what it was supposed to be. There are better planes already available and they suit Canadian conditions.

Trudeau has said he would NOT be buying the F-35 .

Wow.. We really needed at “prof” to tell us this.. Anyone alive knows how the campaign works.. Every time we get a statement from one of these profs is laughable.. They always state the obvious..

If it rains..things will probably get wet.. eureka. Lol

Harper is slamming Trudeau for saying he will run a deficit for a few years.. But that’s all Harper has done.. So why is it okay fir Harper too but not Trudeau.. Harper is a clown.

P-Val, people that don’t have a moral compass can lie, cheat, steal and not lose a minute of sleep. They just visit a “house of forgiveness” on the weekend.

A lot of enthusiasm for the ‘left’ will burn out long before the election when the voting public starts to realise just what they’re being promised is going to cost. Trudeau’s proposed spending on new infrastructure alone would induce an inflation rate that can’t help but increase bank interest rates on all loans, including mortgage renewals. So we’d not only end up paying more in new taxes to cover the cost of this infrastructure spending, but more again on every dollar of debt incurred personally, and by businesses. These increased costs on businesses will result in increased prices for all the goods and services they supply us. No doubt there’ll be pressure to increase wages, too, and they will also rise. But they’ll never catch up. And as we increasingly price ourselves out of world markets, unemployment will rise. Stay the course. The Conservatives may be far from perfect, but they’re a far better choice than the alternatives.

PrinceGeorge… also add to the F-35 price that the loonie has tanked. Those fighter jets just got 25% more expensive on that alone. If Canada needs a new jet, the Super Hornet should be the way to go, or the Saab Gripen if they want to save a few million.

We paid a lot for a dead horse named Dick to go back and forth from Osoyoos to Ottawa ….wait a minute….Osoyoos isn’t even in our riding!
Oh well they got the same representation we did…which was non-existent!
Unless he can claim shining Harper’s shoes as service to his constituents!
In all honesty how did this clown keep getting elected?

PVal:- “Harper is slamming Trudeau for saying he will run a deficit for a few years.. But that’s all Harper has done.. So why is it okay for Harper too but not Trudeau..”
Why not just run deficits all the time? Why bother trying to have a balanced Budget at all? The reason, PVal, is because of the effect deficit spending has on PRICES. It raises them. Harper could do that because there were a whole bunch of loans to businesses outstanding when the global financial crisis came on in 2008, the principal repayments of which, like all business loans, come out of ‘profits’. When business profits fall, as they did then, those loans become delinquent. When that happens the banks will not further lend. Credit dries up, and without financial credit continually flowing, all other loans are also at risk of default. By deficit spending at such a time the government enables the ‘floating’ loans of the private sector to be more fully repaid by maintaining, so far as is possible, enough business profit to continue to make the payments as due. These private sector loans are transmuted into the ‘fixed’ loans of the public sector. A National Debt is not an ordinary ‘debt’ in any sense of the word. Any government can do that, and all of them do in such times. But to continue to do it will mean that prices, and the upward pressure on wages to try to meet them, will quickly become uncontrollable. Do you want to go back to double digit interest rates on your mortgage?

@nh how did that clown get elected ? Dick again ? I’ve tried to point out why anyone would vote for this invisible man . The only logical reason must be that the electorate is an idiot and Dick must be the smartest guy in PG .

The stay the course line is the funniest thing the conservatives say.

Stay the course for Harper means, it is okay to lie, it is okay to be corrupt, it is okay to cut funding to our Veterans, it is okay silence scientist, it is okay to have MP’s and senators over charge for travel. And the list goes on.

For me none of that is okay, I for one will not be helping Harper stay the course the conservatives have lost their direction long ago.

Can’t trust Harper

And PGs other guy is a god and Stevie fearing gym teacher . Just for laughs I’d like to see him get reelected and sit in opposition for the next 4 years to collect a honkin big pension on your dime .

Dave, I think you’re over dramatizing again. ‘Stay the course’ means, as I’m sure you well know, that any call for raising taxes, and especially in another spurious attempt to make Canadians believe it’s only going to be the ‘wealthy’ that will be paying them, is not what the Conservatives are going to start doing.

Some of you might be taken in by Trudeau’s vision of running deficits to re-build new infrastructure. We all know that there is a considerable amount of infrastructure that could stand replacement. And some new that should be added. Some of it long overdue.

The problem is not, in any sense of the word, a ‘physical’ one. We most certainly have the actual capacity to do what is desired. Much of it currently under utilised, and in the case of those who might actually do the constructing, unemployed.

What is the problem is purely a ‘financial’ one. How do we do this in such a way that we don’t end up paying for what we’ve done two or three times over? And on this Trudeau has been strangely silent.

There was some mention that there might be some some new bank started to fund all this proposed spending. That perhaps this would be along the lines of what some have long called on the Bank of Canada to do, simply lend the money to the government and have any interest paid on it then return to the government’s coffers. Effectively funding this infrastructure , at least supposedly, ‘interest’ free.

Some even aver that the Bank of Canada once did this, and did so up until the time Trudeau, Sr. became Prime Minister. So far as I’m aware, it didn’t. We shouldn’t be fooled by such a proposal.
While there may, in theory, be some interest rate saving to the government, there will not, in practice, be any interest rate savings to us. We’ll pay MORE, way more, for every loan we incur. And we’ll be incurring a lot more of them, for prices of everything we need and want under such a proposal are going to go through the roof. And interest rates will be hiked to try to stem that. Which they won’t ever be able to do.

Now there is a way infrastructure could be funded WITHOUT raising prices, and in fact could lead to the lowering of them. But it’ll NEVER be proposed by the Liberals or the NDP. Of that, just as sure as there’ll always be death and taxes, you can be certain.

Ms. May is taking the Munk debates exclusion to the CRA . It’s finally starting to get interesting . The boys are scared stiff of her . She’ll put the facts ahead of their BS every time . She’ll be at every debate either in person or on Twitter in real time . Be afraid Stevie , be very afraid .

The professor is probably right about one thing. This is the safest ridings in Canada for a neocon.

Think about it. Dick Harris ran on 20-years of austerity for this riding, lived 800km as far away as he could without leaving the province, never sponsored any bills of significance for his riding other than the largest expense bill on parliament hill… And yet was re-elected every election with smashing success.

As much as the voters are to blame for their own lack of representation, the local media should be seen as culpable as well considering they allowed this to happen and provided cover for the absentee MP.

We now have to come up with a hundred million dollars for Windsor Ont. for their auto industry . We are a generous country that’s for sure . Well Stevie is . Did you know it’s cheaper for Americans to buy cars/trucks made in canada than it is for Canadians to buy the same ones in canada ? Free trade eh . Newspeak is a real thing .

It’s so absurd that it is funny . The most amazing thing for me is that no one that cares has noticed that those numbers are only for travel expenses . If we got a look at the cost of this guy you’d see bills in the multi millions . Why just audit the senate ?

Socredible..what ever you are getting paid to post you pro-con drivel I hope you are at least paying taxes on it.

I’m not getting paid anything, PVal. You asked a question and I replied to it. If you want to research the matter further I believe you’ll find what I’ve told you is correct. And would be so, wherever you are on the political map. When a government deficit spends, as Harper did in a time of economic stringency, it’s engaging in what is known as ‘Keynesian economics’. The downside to Keynesianism is that it is always inflationary. Initially, raising prices helps maintain the overall rate of business profit from which loan principals are repaid, and thus allows the banks to maintain the necessary flow of credit. But if overdone, as would be the case if what Trudeau is proposing ever comes to pass, inflation gets out of control. Which leads to ever higher taxes and increases in interest rates. What Trudeau needs to learn is that there is a big difference between genuine ‘prosperity’, which we all desire, and ‘inflation’, which always comes first under its guise, but is really anything but.

PVal, if you really want to dig into the matter, you might question why those who deal in debts, i.e. bankers at the highest levels of international finance, are always the core supporters of so-called ‘Liberal’ Parties. Everywhere. And they are not disappointed in the slightest when a socialist government takes office either.

What is he talking about, my Pickup was build in Kentucky , it’s says so on the
Windshield! That’s not Windsor ?

Socredible.. What’s very fishy is why did harpers worth go up by 5 million while he was in office? Something stinks on parliament hill.

It amuses and amazes me how some of you are so far on the wrong side of current trends in social and political thought, but, I suppose, that is what society is all about. The far right, in Europe and North America has been giving dire warnings of inflation since 2008, after the biggest worldwide economic threat we have ever seen, brought on by unfettered capitalism gone wild. (I’m no socialist) It hasn’t happened. And we still have next to nothing interest rates. Think of what the States could have accomplished if the congress had allowed the government to spend on infrastructure in the last six years. Harper gets a pass for deficits ‘in stressful times’, he hasn’t balanced a budget yet, but Trudeau is pilloried for stating the obvious. And, tell us again how global warming and climate tax is a scam.

Hmmmm….Stephen Harper net worth $5million. Source of wealth is listed as “politics”. A big Palopu style hmmmmm.

Politics pays pretty good money. The Prime Ministers salary runs around $315,000.00 per year. MP’s make over $100,000.00 per year and more if they are Cabinet Ministers or on committee’s. Harper has been in Parliament for 17 years, 13 of which were as Prime Minister. Considering that he has not household expenses (housing is provided) and very few expenses its is not hard to see how by investing smartly he could accumulate $5 Million dollars.

Lets not try and make a mountain out of a mole hole.

Is that why Steve surrounds himself with criminals, makes him look clean ? Cool strategy.

Should read 9 Years as Prime Minister.

Digitus Impudicus. Seems to me the criminals were hanging around the Liberals. Have you forgotten the Gomery Commission. A number of those Liberal friends went to jail. Using your selective memory might work for you, but it does nothing for me.

Brother Gecko:”PrinceGeorge… also add to the F-35 price that the loonie has tanked. Those fighter jets just got 25% more expensive on that alone.|

Another snag for Canada concerning the F-35 would be that no one except US personnel would be allowed to have any access to the electronics. The programming code is reputed to be the most complicated written for any computer controlled device in history. It is also to be kept in total secrecy and not one customer will be allowed to even look at the computer modules. Consequently no Canadian technicians will be allowed to do any routine checks or updating or troubleshooting. No Canadian maintenance whatsoever.

The latest per copy projected price was $ 165 million US. I do not know if that includes some warranty work and/or maintenance.

Time to pull the plug and start shopping around. There is the Euro fighter for instance which NATO countries use, Canada is a member of NATO.

Palopu…who went to jail after the Gomery Inquiry ? Do you have a name ? Weren’t you complaining the other day about staying in the present ? You are all over the map trying to support Harper Mr. Allenopu.

Palopu look at the rules governing the prime minister investing.. Extremely limited.. So he didn’t make it any legal way I am guessing..but that’s my opinion doing some math… And he made that 5 million while prime minister.. Even if he saved every penny.. There is still the question of 2 million …

The F-35 topic is getting boring. Lets talk about the Liberal purchase of (4) Four British Submarines in 1998 for around $897 Million dollars. These submarines have been a yoke around taxpayers necks ever since. Some British Politicians state that they cannot believe that the Canadian Government would be so stupid as to purchase these submarines.

Hmmmmmm. Another example of Liberal purchasing acumen.

Oh Palopu.. And a few opinions ago I brought up Harper government telling E&I workers to deny applications and each save $500,000 a year as a quota. This happened in 2013 and you told me to stick to the current topics..and what do you do to stop all the truth about horrible Harper..you bring up something from 1998.. You certainly are a con..

Palopu, okay , I agree on the poor submarine purchase. Same goes for some tanks in Afghanistan. But back to the Cons….

Chinook helicopters, 5 years late and millions over budget.
Sikorsky cyclones, already 4 years late and grossly over budget with no delivery in sight. Why are the Cons so bad at aircraft procurement ?

Every time you lefties dig up some dirt from the past to further your pithy political ambitions, I will counter with some Liberal or NDP folly.

Claritus Impudicus. You want names. Try these on for size.

Chuck Guite Sentenced to 42 months for fraud.

Jean Lafleur. One of the advertising executives that accepted money from the Federal Government. Pleaded guilty to 28 counts of fraud. Sentenced to 42 months.

Jean Brault. Arrested by the RCMP for fraud. Plead guilty to five counts, sentenced to 30 months in prison.

There are more if your interested, however is suspect you are not.

Dave. The article in the Vancouver Sun, on Harris was also printed by the PG Citizen on Saturday Sept. 19th. Funny thing about this article is that it was published in the Sun and the PG Citizen almost verbatim on June 26/15.

Sooooooo. Why are these newspaper running 3 month old articles and trying to pass them off as **news**. Seems to me this issue was dealt with 3 months ago.

Could it have something to do with politics?????.

News flash. During the last election the party leaders, ie; Harper, Layton, and Ignatieff were asked by the media what their net worth was.

All three refused to provide any details. Hmmmmmm. So its not just Harper, its also other leaders. Perhaps we could get the net worth of Mulcair, and Trudeau.

Palopu.. Nice spin.. So why no answer towards your post of sticking to the present then you go back 17 yrs..

There is a huge difference between not saying your networks and making 5 million while prime minister.. But you spin it how you need to so you can sleep at night

Maybe Palopu likes to go back in time and hear about Mulroney putting Airbus money into his own pocket.

The story of Harris’s excessive spending are very important.

TODD DOHERTY – he wants to be your next Dick

P Val. and Dickitus Impede Us.

I only go back when you guys/gals bring up something from the past. Tit for Tat you might say.

Ahhh, are you getting upset again Eric Allen opu ? Or is it P U ?

Dickitus Impede Us. Seems your the one that is getting upset. You seem to think you are a wise guy, however don’t ever ask for a second opinion.

I notice that once I gave you the names of the Liberals that went to jail you shut your trap, and changed the subject, and started to make stupid statements. Hmmmmmm.

Remember that there is more to life than an over active ego, buffoonery, girth, bombasity, and constant railing about life’s travails. Take some time out to smell the roses.


I can only assume they would run another article about Dicks outrages spending habits on the tax payers dime. Because no one can believe the people in our riding would continue to vote for someone that would do so little for so much. Especially when he ran on the platform of reducing government waste. When he was one of the biggest contributors to it.

And maybe just maybe they are hoping if the people are more informed they can make an educated decision. So of course they run it during the Election when their readers are interested.

To blame the media of playing politics every time they do their job. Which is to report the facts. Is just someone so lost it partisan politics they can’t accept the truth.

You are not disputing our conservatives extremely high travel expenses to his home in Osoyoos, your just up set that it is being report during an election.

Palopu, you asked us to TRY and stick to the present and not dig up things from the past – yet here you go again setting a poor example by not sticking to your own suggestion! Why do you not just IGNORE what others mention about the past? That way you would establish some credibility for yourself!

O.k. – here is something from the present. The USA and its allies agree that the solution in Syria and the neighbourhood is a political one and NOT a military solution! Why does your hero Harper not get it and keeps on saying that we have to keep bombing and strafing there? He wants 44 billion dollars worth of new planes (about 16 billion up front) to fly future useless missions in that screwed up part of the world and perhaps other parts?

Obviously diplomacy is not in his vocabulary. Why not?

The story about Harpers net worth also chronicled the net worth of a number of other Prime Ministers around the world. There was no indication in the story (that I could see) that would lead one to believe that Harpers money came from anything other than honest effort.

Sooooo. Do we go with the actual content of the story, or do we listen to the innuendo of some of the posters on this site. Hmmmmm. I’ll go with the story,

Once again we are into cherry picking and McCarthyism.

Palopu….if the Site C dam was a Harper Government project, would you then be 100% behind it ?

Money isn’t the most important thing in life. Better go and smell the roses.

Dave. I read most of what has been written about Harris’s travel expenses, etc; Although he was the among the highest there were others, both Liberal and NDP that were quite close.

There are many reasons for allowing these expenditures, and the rules around them probably leave something to be desired, however no laws have been broken, and its more the optics than the facts that are getting reported,.

I am not about to educate you or others on MP’s expenditures, however all the information you need is available on the net. All you need to do is look it up. One problem you will have is that you have already made your decision based on less than accurate information.

If you read up on the duties and travel obligations of MP’s you might get a better insight to the overall situation, and not have your thoughts impeded by your political wants and needs.

I am against Site C for a simple reason. There is no need in BC for this power. There is no need to flood agriculture land, and displace people. I would be against it regardless of what party was in power.

In fact I was in favour of the Wacky Bennett dam, however that was then and this is now.

For those of you who do not take the time to look into issue’s you should be aware that Canada is entitled to 1100 megawatts of power from the Columbia River Agreement with the US. This power is never taken by Canada but is sold to the USA by PowerEx for approx. $200 Million a year.
Site C will generate approx. 1100 megawatts of power. So simple math tells you that we could take any power we need from the Columbia River Entitlement, as we need it over time, and sell what’s left.

Will we do this? Of course not. We will continue to sell the Columbia power to the US. Then build Site C and sell that power to the US.

To me its a lose lose situation.

“….and not have your thoughts impeded by your political wants and needs.”

Did I just read that the pot called the kettle black? Yep! So it did!


I can not believe you can defend our conservative MP’s travel expenses. Just another example of how you are blinded by party politics and want your team to win at any cost.

How do you defend this quote from the article.

One of Harris’s flights, costing taxpayers $2,858.73 to get him from Osoyoos to Ottawa and back in September of 2014, was justified by him as “travel to/from constituency and Ottawa” in order “to attend a constituency or community event.”

Can’t think of any constituency event going on 800k away from us. Unless we all missed some big golf tournament our MP put on for Prince George in Osoyoos.

How a party that sells it self as the only one that can cut government waste, can allow this to happen over and over is beyond me.

Palopu, I read that the article was an update as the reporter had tried to get comments from parliament on the matter. Parliament referred them back to MP Harris who then has refused to comment.

The article was more of an update to show some media fiduciary duty to its readers with a followup; and how that followup was met with stone walling and various opinions on the matter from others.

D.I. I agree with you at times, but I think Palopu was right about the time out. There is no need to get personal and use petty intimidation to make a point stating the obvious. Time to clean it up a bit if you’re really that serious about your politics.

Prince George, I agree with your post on Harper and Syria. The guy is all chicken hawk for war and its because of guys like Harper that people in Syria and Ukraine fear for their loved ones because of the evil that has resulted from neocon war strategy.

The clean strategy of talking tough, but using cowardly covert acts to achieve the plan that can be blamed on others. Enabling groups like isis, so as to remove Assad… or groups like the Right Sector in Ukraine so they can be run by globalist thugs.

It might keep the shine on a Noble Peace prize and have some plausible deniability back in domestic politics, and possibly they surely must believe in the history books… but by god its a strategy that has the worst kinds of collateral damage to innocent civilians since Pol Pot or Stalin’s retreat.

The fools in Harpers foreign policy team (the Aussie and Israelis) all have their own agenda’s to grind and are as blinded by Palopu and his Harper cool-aid… for their agenda they are blind to the fact Russia is now on the ground pledging to defend the Syrian government from isis… Russia would gladly down a Canadian CF-18 to put Harper in his place for Ukraine and plausibly deny responsibility claiming intrusion of Syrian airspace. that could cause a World War 3… and smart people around the world know this.

Europe is incensed at the neo-con foreign policy blow back. They don’t like having a civil war on their door step in the largest country in Eastern Europe, and they don’t like the civil war in Syria either. In fact a half dozen NATO countries have gone so far as to signal to the Russian that they would like to take part in the Russian ‘peace’ initiative in Syria where Russia has already set up humanitarian camps for displaced Syrians in Syria.

So think about that… NATO countries going against the neo-con war on Russia and joining Russian in Syria… where Harper wants Canada to bomb and not enable peace… and any possible misfire by an 18-year old kid in an close contact situation could lead to WW3… or possibly a NATO on NATO incident, or the complete dissolution of NATO.

Harper foreign policy is built on a dream from the depths of who only knows how deep in the closet. It has no relation to actual world events, and a good Christian outcome that respects the human dignity of everyone no matter their nationality.

I expect the Pope to call out Harperittes (the neo-cons) and his ilk in his address to Congress this week.

Time does tell.

I just had to come back and say on military procurement. Canada should buy the French Mistral carrier ships France built for Russia. Those are world class ships, which is why Russia made the unusual decision to procure these foreign built ships.

Canada could get the discount, and they would pay off huge in our remote arctic missions. Strengthening our relationship with France would be good for both countries.

Because these are just now available… and Egypt, Singapore, and India have their eyes on them… I think it would show Canadian unity of all three party leaders if they could agree that this is the right thing to proceed with now. Canada could use that capability on both coasts.

Glad the F-35’s look to be dumped. I think the new Super Hornets are the way to go with their twin engines and proven record in performance and cost. It should be a no-brainer if lobbyists were not involved.

F-35’s are for sneak attack. That doesn’t fit Canada’s role. The new Super Hornets fly circles around the F-35 and beat it every time. The small amount of stealth gained with the F-35 is already obsolete with the newest radars, so pure performance is what really matters to rule the sky.

A couple of hundred Super Hornets would cost less then a few dozen F-35’s and at that cost and with enough in hangers we could then afford to actually use them and have the threat of using them if need be. Nobody is going to send billion dollar F-35’s into a conflict zone for a peace mission.

Drones are what modern military’s use for stealth.

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