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October 28, 2017 2:21 am

Quesnel City Council Hopes to Put the Brakes on Pay Parking

Monday, September 28, 2015 @ 8:15 AM
Photo courtesy City of Quesnel

Photo courtesy City of Quesnel

Quesnel, B.C. – Quesnel City Council will convene for a special open meeting tonight to discuss the College of New Caledonia’s new pay parking initiative.

It will include the participation of college president Henry Reiser and Board Chair Vince Prince.

The meeting was called in light of CNC’s decision to institute pay parking starting August 1.

The City is at odds with that decision and as a response earlier this month decided to provide free transit to users of its North Cariboo Community Campus this fall semester (Sept 8 – Dec 31).

Mayor Bob Simpson called the decision to bring in pay parking “an affront to the community on a two-fold basis.”

“One, we don’t have pay parking anywhere and they go and unilaterally institute pay parking,” said Simpson. “The second piece is that that’s our campus, and we believe that there should have been fairly significant consultations before any changes were made.”

CNC president Henry Reiser countered with his own statement noting the “parking fees of three dollars a day will cover maintenance costs, snow removal, line painting, curbs and asphalt repairs. This is the same parking rate as the Prince George campus has had for the past 12 years.”

The meeting starts at 5pm.


“Same parking rate as Prince George” – look, somebody else is worse than us, they have been doing it for years.

My first thought is that two wrongs must make a right. I must have missed that lesson in my schooling. Was it in primary school, high school, university or trades training?

When will people stop using the argument that someone else does it, so it must be right?

It seems the reason of “they get it so should we” is the go to phrase for stupid reasons of getting/stopping something when it comes to council decisions… Why did our council members give themselves a raise a few years ago.. because other council members where getting paid more so they deserved it… horrible decision making tool to use..shows lack of investigation..its a lazy answer.

Pay parking is a bad idea at any College campus. The college already takes in revenue to cover the costs mentions, in the form a multitude of fees added onto the tuition. $3/day may not seem like much to someone who is working, however, for a student trying to make ends meet, it’s huge. Lets not forget that many students are using food banks already, so this added expense will mean they can’t pay a bill or going without some types of food (ie protein sources), since not everything is available at the food bank.
CNC should back the h___ off! They should manage their budgets better and pay the maintenance costs from the revenue that already have instead of adding more expenses on students. If they want to charge for parking, keep it to charging their employees only, since they have a good income.

If you insist on driving to college you should be responsible for the costs associated with driving. I know that goes against the sense of entitlement that has been instilled in people for the past few decades but that’s the way it should be.

Axman. Your totally wrong with that line of thinking.

1. We paid for the College with tax dollars.
2. We pay the salaries of those people who work at the College with tax dollars, along with all the infrastructure.
3. Part of the cost of running the College comes from tuition fee’s.
4. We paid for and own the parking lots.

Soooo. If we own all the facilities and pay all the wages and costs then why are we charging students extra to park??? Seems to me this is just to generate more money for the College to p..s against a tree, and add more costs to students.

Furthermore if it is run like the ones in Prince George then a good portion of the money goes to the company that looks after the parking.

Citizens deserve better.

I expect that the parking lot maintenance companies did a sales job on the College faculty the same at they are doing by selling the high priced parking program to the City of Prince George.

I believe that we need free parking at UNBC and at CNC. Lets try and stop gouging our citizens and students.

I agree with r5t5. The College should back off this initiative.

Soooo. If we own all the facilities and pay all the wages and costs then why are we charging students extra to park???


Perhaps we are not generating enough revenue to pay all those wages and costs? If the money coming in for the parking lot is not enough to cover the costs of maintaining that lot, someone has to pay for it and that someone should be the users.

Do we own the parking lots? I was under the impression we didn’t.

Sorry Palopu, but you and R5t5 are wrong on this issue.

Some students walk to campus, some ride bicycles and others take transit. Still others for whatever reason, drive a vehicle.

Those that walk, ride a bike or take transit have no use for the parking lots.

Should tuition costs for everyone be raised to a level that is sufficient to cover the costs of maintaining/plowing/sanding the parking lots that are used by a select group, or should that select group pay for the maintenance of the parking lot that they chose to use?

When I attended college in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I chose to use a car and the required parking lots. I had no issue with paying the monthly parking fees. Today’s users should do the same, IMHO!

Better yet the city of Prince George turns over a whole street to the hospital and the parking company in order to charge people that didn’t want to pay the rediculous prices to park at the hospital. What kind of city council allows a private company to rule its streets and charge its citizens to park. Why does the city not patrol this area instead of turning it over to a private entity.

I forgot that the Hospital should also have free parking, or at least two hours free.

When you look at CNC you see that the lots are basically full and a lot of people park on the streets. To take on part of the whole infrastructure of CNC and say that those using the facilities should pay is not based on sound reasoning.

Should we only charge those people who use the toilets??? How about those who sit outside and enjoy the sun and park like setting. Should we charge them, because they use the space. How about heat and lights. If we wear heavy clothes and bring a flashlight perhaps we shouldn’t be paying for these services either.

Parking is a fact of life, and the only reason they charge is because they view it as a revenue source, rather than a service.

It is a sign of the times that one has to pay for parking at every facility that is operated by a government authority, such as a university, college, hospital, cancer clinic….and so forth. Is it related to the exceptional salaries and benefits that some are enjoying together with the ever rising costs of everything like energy, maintenance and basic services. Parking fees are indeed a source of additional revenues. They are probably looking for other things to charge a fee for all the time.

You got that right Prince George.

Expenses at CNC year end 2015.

Salaries and benefits $43,482,000.00
Supplies and Services 6,811,000.00
Facility Infrastructure Maintenance 1,024,000.00
Amortization of tangible Capital assets 2,345,000.00
Contract and professional services 3,100,000.00
Cost of goods sold 1,969,000.00
Utilities 1,732,000.00
Scholarships and bursaries 450,000.00
Debenture interest 232,000.00

Total $61,145,000.00

So 71% of expenses are for salaries and benefits. Hmmmmm.

Simple solution, the city believes it is their property so the city then should plow, sand, repair and line paint the lot

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