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October 28, 2017 2:05 am

Advance Poll Voting Busy in Prince George

Sunday, October 11, 2015 @ 1:11 PM
Voting has been busy at the Advance Poll at the Kinsmen Community Complex.  Photos 250News

Voting has been busy at the Advance Poll at the Kinsmen Community Complex. Photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Advance polls for the October 19th federal election are open again today and Monday from 12 noon until 8 pm each day.

So far, according to Elections Canada, there has been a busy flow of voters taking advantage of the opportunity to cast their ballot early.  The agency says 850,000 Canadians voted on Friday, the first day of Advance Poll voting.  That represented a 26% increase from the first day of advance voting in 2011 and a 90% increase over the first day in 2008.

Here in Prince George, voting during the course of the weekend has been quite steady at the advance polling station at the Kinsmen Community Complex on Kinsmen Place.  Cariboo-Prince George Returning Officer Lorraine Grant could not provide specific numbers on turnout, but says “I can tell you it’s been very busy.”

“Certainly at the beginning of every (day’s) opening there have been many votersADVANCE POLL 034 and there have been line-ups and we’re doing everything that we can to process people through as quickly as we can.  It’s lovely to see the turnout.”

Grant says by about mid-afternoon each day the volume of voters winds down somewhat.  “It’s unfortunate that we can’t spread it out a little bit better but that’s the way it is, so we’ll deal with it.”

Grant says a very important piece of information “is that all voters need to go to the place that they have been assigned (on their Voter Information Card they received in the mail) to go to to vote.  And they do need to pay close attention to which electoral district they are in and it tells them on their Voter Information Card.”

You are reminded to take that card and picture or other proper ID with you to the polling station.

Another reminder: On Tuesday, October 13th voter registration closes until election day.  It is also the deadline to vote at an Elections Canada office or apply to vote by mail.

You can find out more information at www.elections.ca


Let’s hope the big turn out is the usual reason for bigger than usual turn outs.. People are fed up with Harper and want a change :)

But it is nice to see so many more taking advantage of their right to vote ..it’s what democracy is all about.

1.6 million votes so far .

P VAl, I’m voting Harper, so is most everyone I know. The reason? Trudeau is a punk, wants massive immigration for more votes, and zero economic plan to deal with his influx of middle eastern immigrants. NDP? Not in a million years, BC would never vote NDP, never again.

So, you can spout off all you want about ‘change’ but the silent voters will vote Harper. I’m sure you would be happy to have a PM that wants to pay hundreds of thousands of new, and old, canadians to sit around and do nothing, while the wealthy pay for it… but I don’t.

Agree 100% PG101!

As an informed, knowledgeable and intelligent business owner, I was more than happy to get out and vote for the Conservatives!

Mulcair and Trudeau both want to support the middle class! I’m middle class and I and many others like me are doing just fine, thank you very much! I find it offensive that Trudeau thinks that he speaks for me, all the while keeping one eye on the balance in his trust fund!

Mulcair seems more than willing and happy to pander for votes by promising the world without any rational concept of how to pay for his promises. The guy scares the bejeezus out of me and I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him!

Canada is doing just fine under the Conservative Government and with Stephen Harper at the helm! Perfect? Of course not, but heads and tails better than the alternatives!

Agree 100% PG101 and Hart Guy – Trudeau doesn’t have a clue and Mulcair thinks he has a clue, who really doesn’t have a clue.

Hart guy, you find it offensive that Trudeau thinks he speaks for you, I and over 65% of the rest of Canada find it offensive that Harper thinks he speaks for Canada.

He is a narrow minded right wing radical. His entire platform is he will protect the economy, protect us from terror, and protect us from scary people in masks.

It is shameful how he tries to pit Canadian against Canadian. All he is after is to win an election he doesn’t give to shifts about how he treats people or the damage he does on the way.

His days are numbered and his support is getting old and obsolete. He is an embarrassment to Canada. The fact that you guys do not see that shows alot. Slowly but surely our country will rid itself of the racism surrounding Harper and the craziness of the right wing Reform party.

And what’s harpers economic plan the last 8 yrs.. He ran deficits. At least Trudeau admits he will have to run some to fix harpers disasters.. Harper just sold out Canada with the signing of the TPP..that’s why he has already put 5 billion away to deal with the fall out.. He lies about running deficits.. He cuts 35 million then adds 2 million to the veterans and says he increased the money to vets by 2 million…no. They are still out 33 million..that’s how he spins stuff.. The man can’t be trusted..

I am pleased that so many voters want to get out and vote early. This means that there is a lot of interest in this election. This is good from every perspective. More votes ensure a better consensus from our voting public. So, no matter which way the election goes, more voters have had a say about it.

I find it very interesting that those leaders who want change aren’t willing to work together to make sure it happens.

Mulcair wants to defeat Harper
Trudeau wants to defeat Mulcair

Their unwillingness to agree to work together now is just confirmation that they are not going to be able to work together in the future.

Good Luck to everyone.

“As an informed, knowledgeable and intelligent business owner, I was more than happy to get out and vote for the Conservatives!”

Once again, I have to call BS on your comment Hart Guy. Until you are able and willing to 100% identify yourself and this fabled business of yours without the shroud of anonymity, it’s just a bunch of garbage. It’s the internet, and you can be whatever and whomever you want to be.

You are Not a true Canadian …to support this harper Regime….Con voters are smart like streetcars….we know how smart they are!! Can ya wiggle your ears with it stuck up there?/Old Stock..it is…give him 4 more years to finish us off….
He has 40 under investigation,all appointed by herr harpo,$3.1 billion still missing under his watch..where di it go?
The Lies…Turds always roll from the top of the heap…guess who there? Duffy ..he knew all along…KPMG..investigation coming soon,Delmestro..convicted…robocalls…..he should not be pm we sat there and let him Lie…steal…cheat…Danny Williams speaks the truth …he know what a Lie’n scumbag harper is…and no Folks if he does get PM again we are in big trouble…….

Dave, Harper may not speak for you, but he speaks for me! Actually, he spoke for enough people that he actually ran a majority Government. Speaking of running a Government, your wonderful NDP has so far been unable to govern our country!

Dave, sorry that you are offended. I guess that I’d also be offended if the party that I supported was consistently in opposition!

Oops, perhaps I just offended you!

Harper throws a dead cat on the table and all you Conservatives eat it up.
At the same time promoting racism.
This tactic may closely violate their own terrorism law only to win an election without regard to the severe Damage they have occurred because of this.

Harper is an embarrassment to this country.

Trudeau’s platform and leadership style is the best among the leaders.
He has showed this country the type of leadership this country has been missing for a long time.
He stood his ground won every debate and handled many personal attacks better than anyone I have seen.

Also in my riding Tracey Calagheros was by far the best candidate in PG-Caribou for the liberals.
I will be voting Liberal tomorrow in the advanced voting

Brother Gecko, you got me!

I’m not informed! I’m not knowledgeable! I’m not intelligent! I’m not a business owner! Hmmm, maybe I’m an NDP Supporter?

Nah, think I’ll stick with the Conservatives!

tliotg, I’m seriously worried about you! Don’t go blowing a gasket on us, ok!

lets see one has corruption, convicted party members, sinister, moms the word on issues pertaining to the Canadian public. THE other guy wants to flood us with refugees, legalize pot, knit sweaters for Syrians. While the last guy hates hunters and wants to ban hunting and take away your guns. WOAH is me tough decision

Hart Guy,

First off I’m not voting for Trent and the NDP. I’ve seen him in debates and all he has done is spit out talking points. He is a waisted vote.

Secondly I take no offence to what you write. Your inability to see the things Harper is doing prove to me your opinion is worthless. Your only thought in politics is my team must win. You don’t see the damage Harper has done to this country. You are a little loyal sheep that will follow the blue vote from Reform to Alliance to Harper.

The MP we have had, has been a complete embarisment for 22 years but yet you still believe some how this man that spent over 550,000 dollars last year alone has done good for our riding. He is a joke in politics. The problem is the joke was on our riding.

Now you guys want to elect Todd, who was hand picked by Dick. And was nominated only to keep Sherry Green from winning. The only qualified con was pushed out by dirty tricks.

Todd has already proven he is scared to speak in public forums. And when the pressure to attend was too much and he showed up he had his ass handed to him when he was called out for lying by Tracy Calogheros. His popularity is low as is Harpers and lots of thinking conservatives are changing their vote.

As I have said before the only two candidates that speak their mind in our riding are Tracy Calogheros and Sheldon Clare. I think Sheldon would most likely jump back on board with the Cons if elected.

My vote and many more from what I’m hearing will be going to Tracy Calogheros. She has shown she knows the issues facing our riding and has the ability to more than do the job as our next MP.

Good luck Tracy you have earned my vote.

Unlike Hart Guy who just gives his away where he has been told.

Good on you Dave , you voted . Not voting is not revolution , it’s surrender .

I can’t believe how some react to these poles like it is the end of the world! Really, does it matter if you are Conservative, Liberal or NDP, on election day, the people will make their decision. Attacking people because who they chose to support it totally ridiculous.
I may not like the final results this year, but I have to hope that the government elected will make the best decisions that will support all Canadians!

Dave, no one tells me who to vote for and I NEVER give my vote away!

You vote for the candidate that you want to support and I will vote for the candidate that I wish to support! In slightly over 1 week, like it or not, this will all be over! I don’t like eating crow and I’m sure that you don’t either! There won’t be two winners, so one of us is likely going to have to choke on the bird, that is unless the NDP snatching victory from the jaws of defeat and we both share a meal of crow, haha!

I’m still putting my money on the Conservatives!

Harper’s plan include ending public health care, destroying EI and CPP. We will be worse off than we would be under either the Liberals or NDP.

hg …Baaaaa,baaaaa,sheeppl……wiggle your ears !!if it ain’t stuck!!smart like streetcar……hehehe..

I wonder if this banter between the usual suspects has influenced anyone’s vote?

I had to go back to the original article to see what it was about again.

I did vote yesterday. The lady in front of me brought her Passport as proof of identification. Problem was that it was not good enough on it’s own along with her Voter Card. She still needed another piece of ID.

One with her address on it. So, it’s not only the proof of ID they require. They also want you to prove where you live.

I thought a Passport would be the ultimate form of Identification. Apparently not at a voter booth.

‘You are Not a true Canadian …to support this harper Regime’ – lol, but supporting massive immigration from a country ridden with terrorists, and undocumented people with no healthcare background checks… now that’s Canadian? Taxing the wealthy to get votes from the middle class? Sounds like a real plan.

Sorry, wouldn’t vote from JT in a million years, or his cute little plan to import votes.

Time to cut to the chase.

1. Dave. You need to understand that just because you say its so, doesn’t make it so.

2. Slagging the Conservative Government to get votes for your party or candidate is normal during an election, however I would suggest you read closely some of the anti Harper Conservative comments to see what some of your so called **like minded** supporters think. If you want to see some intolerant comments read away.

3. I know and you know that if Trudeau won the election with the most seats, but not with a majority, he would form the Government and try and stay in power as long as possible, even though over 60% of the electorate voted against him.

4. So all your ramblings are directed to get you the results you want, which is a Liberal Government. Even those making reference to some of the problems with the Conservative Senators, never mention the Liberal Senators that have been charged, the Gomery Commission, or the Liberal supporters that have gone to jail.

5. So we know where you are coming from. The fact of the matter is we will know where we are late Monday night and we can go from there.

Crow anybody??


Harper had a majority with less than 40% of the popular vote. My comment was that he thinks he speaks for all of Canadians. He does not.

He speaks for the right wing Reform party voters.

I have been a fan of this site for many years. Ben was a great person, and did a great job getting stories in front of the public. Unlike most of our print media. But I decided to comment because I grew tired of the same old right wing comments from the same old guys following this site.

You have always tried to influence articles on opinion 250. Political ones or otherwise. You guys just get your panties in a bunch when someone disagrees with your far right rambling.

We will see what happens on the 19th, and in my opinion Canada is looking for change.

It’s good to see the surge in advanced polling. That bodes well.

I’m an age old conservative that will not be voting conservative this time around. I want Harper gone and for my beloved party to rebuild and regroup in his absence. Harper has destroyed it and some of his policies and behaviour are in serious question.

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