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October 28, 2017 2:04 am

NDP Leading in Cariboo-Prince George – Poll

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 @ 3:48 PM

Prince George, B.C. – An opinion poll conducted over the weekend shows the NDP leading in the Cariboo-Prince George riding.

The Environics poll was commissioned by Leadnow – a self-described independent advocacy organization with over 500,000 members.

The poll, conducted over the phone and including a sample size of 500 eligible voters in Cariboo-Prince George, (with a margin of error of 4.4% 19 times out of 20) found the following of decided voters:

Cariboo-Prince George
(The poll did not include independent Sheldon Clare and unaffiliated candidate Gordon Campbell).

Director of Engagement with Leadnow.ca Matthew Carroll says they decided to run the poll last week.

“Our pledge was if we got over 500 people to sign our vote together pledge, which says I’ll pledge to vote together to vote for the candidate best positioned to defeat the Conservative, if we got over 500 in a riding, then we’d try and crowd fund to do local polling in that riding,” he says.

“And Cariboo-Prince George hit that threshold about a week ago so we ran a poll over the weekend.”

As for what’s next, Carroll says Leadnow will be asking their community in Cariboo-Prince George if they’d like them to officially recommend the NDP as the candidate best positioned to win.

He says they will likely publish their recommendation by Thursday.


Heave Steve!

Good for Trent. He is young ,hardworking , smart has good morals and most of all he is honest. A breath of fresh air into our local politics. He’s got my vote.

Methinks us Conservative supporters need to make sure this pole is dead wrong!
C’mon people, let us make sure good ol’ Steve still leads us on the 20th and beyond!

How on earth will Palopu explain the redneck vote, as he puts it, dwindling from 56% to 30%. It just does not add up. LOL….

And if he tells us that this is not the election, it is just a poll, then he can ask himself what a poll would have indicated in the last election at this time ….. surely it would not have been 30%.

The Trudeau factor is likely causing the liberals placement.

Mulcair or Trudeau, Mulcair or Trudeau ….

Or better still … Trent or Tracey … who wins in a debate between the two?

T or T or T …. a close three way race among the three T’s

7 days to the finish line …

BTW, does this look like an ad for Trent?

If the NDP are leading which this convoluted poll suggests, then why would they want the Liberals to vote for the NDP????

The NDP has only one concern in this election and that is to at the very least hold on to the position of Leader of the Opposition. If that means conning the Liberals into voting for them, then that is what they will try.

The whole idea of targeted voting sounds good during the election, however after the election you could end up with the NDP in power. This is highly unlikely however if it did happen it would be because the Liberals got conned into voting NDP. If I was Trudeau I would have some serious reservations about helping the NDP to defeat his party.

On the other hand considering the origin of the poll it is highly unlikely that either the NDP, or Liberals will win in this riding.

Polls! Accurate within 40% 6 out of 10 times!

Leadnow’s idea is to get the NDP and Liberals to vote together in swing ridings. Hmmmm. Since when has PG Cariboo been a swing riding. In addition back in August this year they came up with 13 ridings that they considered **swing** and at that time the NDP were very strong in the polls.

Times have changed. The NDP’s support across the Country and especially in Quebec in falling like a stone. Why on earth would any Liberal give a riding to the NDP when they are so far ahead of the NDP across the Country.

I am willing to bet that Leadnow will be told to take a hike by the Liberals. In any event in the last election the total votes cast for the NDP and Liberals were not enough to defeat the Conservative candidate, and I expect this time will be no different.

Have a nice day.

When Mr. Harper is not stirring up the Niqab debate, barbaric cultural practices or other wise trying to instill fear, his campaign and suporters are talking up the benefits to the economy if conservatives are re-elected.

Out of curiosity, I checked the TSX. On April 25, 2011, a few days before the last federal election, the TSX closed at 13,994.75. As I write this the TSX is sitting at 13,840.37.

Not much evidence there of an economic benefit arising from the last four years of the Con dictatorship.

I wouldn’t care to predict the “winner” from this poll result, and I certainly wouldn’t use this poll result to persuade people to vote strategically, i.e. switch from Lib or con to NDP. This poll result has NDP leading by 6 points, with the Margin of error plus or minus 4.4%; it’s been waaayy to long since I used stats seriously, but it seems to me there could be no statistical difference between the percent voting NDP and the % voting Con or Lib. Anyone who has decent stats skills to comment on this?

edit: line 4: too long not to long

Time for the Cons to do some strategic voting if they don’t want the NDP.

Time for change

With a 24% gain in the polls for Tracy Calogheros over last year. It shows Tracy on the way up, Todd on the way down, and the NDP no real change.

If we want change in our riding vote for Tracy Calogheros

Cons strategic voting would mean them making an arrangement with the Rhino Party.

Looking good for the NDP not so much for Todd…. :)

Throw the Cons under an omnibus.

Looking better for Tracy Calogheros up 24%

Trent’s support almost unchanged.

If this is what News250 passes off as “news” story then I think they should hand in their credentials as a credible news organization. Jump the shark moment IMO.

If they want to post editorials by lefty Phillips and extremely left Ewart fine they are clearly identified as such and for the most part scroll wheel material.

A vote for Derek is a vote for what is almost certain to be third place party. Latest G&M projection has given the ndp a 1% chance of winning the most seats and a seat total around 75, about half as many as either the conservatives and liberals.

Like sheep to the slaughter!

I will wait to see the real poll… the election..

Leadnow explains what it is. ** An advocacy group which has no formal political affiliation, but is working to find ways to defeat the Conservatives**

So here we have an advocacy group that is basically pushing its face into this election without any formal political affiliation, which then goes on to suggest that in the interests of getting rid of the Conservatives, Liberal voters should vote NDP. Hmmmm. As they say politics makes strange bedfellows.

For those of you who would have your vote manipulated by Leadnow. I say go for it. Not sure what you will gain by being a Liberal and voting NDP, except the possibility of electing an NDP Government. So go for it, and while your at it take out a membership in the NDP party.

Palopu I think you’re onto something! Perhaps Leadnow is actually a covert right wing group hoping to spit the left wing vote to help get the Reformers back into power!

NMG. More likely a group of anti Harper Conservatives, that are willing to manipulate the voting system to get what they want.

In any event this system wont work because all political parties want to get into power and therefore wont support this system. People on the other hand might be inclined to target their vote, but I doubt that there would be enough to make a significant difference.

Or to put it another way, Canadians as a rule don’t like anyone telling them how to vote. Political junkies come up with this h…. s…, however the average Canadian doesn’t buy into it.

Q. “Since when has PG Cariboo been a swing riding?” is asked in one of the comments above.

A. Since the Conservatives nominated Doherty.

It was painfully evident at the all-candidates forums that he is not in the same league intellectually as the other candidates.

I would not interpret the Leadnow/Environics poll as strategic advice to vote NDP. Libs are in the hunt too. If we vote for what we believe in, no vote is wasted.


Palopu didn’t you think that red Tories were a myth ? You could be the one guy with the vote that would slit the left and middle vote . You could be a hero ,if just for one day .

3.6 million Canadians voted in the advance poll . I saw some standing in the rain to get in to vote .

Seriously the only people that would vote for Harper and the Cons are the people that have always voted conservative and that is what they have always done and I get that. But you can’t really look yourself in the mirror and honestly believe they deserve another term. Do what an old conservative like Danny Williams said don’t vote at all.http://www.thestar.com/opinion/commentary/2015/10/11/stephen-harper-a-prime-minister-we-cant-trust-danny-williams.html

Here’s the skinny boys.

Leadnow gets a large proportion of their funding from US Enviromental Group Tides. Tides has sent something like $3.2 Million to various Canadian Organizations such as Idle no more, Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign, etc; etc; etc;.

Tides along with other American Environmental Groups has sent $75 Million dollars in donations to various groups in Canada in the past few years. One of their major targets is the Tar Sands, and Oil pipelines.

So here we have a case of American money being funneled to Canadian Groups to try and defeat the Government of the day because they don’t like their politics. Hmmmmm.

So when you do your target voting, ie; NDP, or Liberal, you will in effect be supporting Leadnow, who in turn supports Tides, who in turn is against some of the things that I would presume some posting on this site are in favour of.

In any event you might want to vote as you always have without outside influence.

Have a nice day.

Ataloss. Lots of people in the advance polls. Many will vote Conservative., some will vote NDP or Liberal. I wonder how many will vote for your wonderful leader Lizzy May.

Now that May is on the extreme bottom of every poll in Canada, we do not hear much from you.

Perhaps you could give us an update.

Palopu do you have proof this money is being used to defeat Harper..or is it being used to get the government to try to start caring about the environment? Are you sure they just don’t want them to change their polices on the environment?

You have no problem with how the present day government deals with environmental issues ? The fracking works for you? Tens of thousands of gallons of poisons being left in the ground once the gas has been removed? Tailing ponds leaching into the river.. That’s fine with you too? Because it’s fine with Harper..

Palopu I sure hope that you plan on getting a new set of winter tires this season. With all this spinning trust me you are going to need them.

P Val. Leadnow state that this funding is used for other purposes than the target voting initiative but who knows. Money is money. In any event the Money come to Leadnow from Tides, and Tides is against most of the oil business in Canada. So the question is. Do we need American intervention in Canadian Politics??? If it was money coming from US Corporations you would be screaming bloody murder.

I don’t support a lot of what’s going on in the oil and gas industry. Ie; LNG plants, Pollution from the Tar Sands, etc; etc; and we need to find a way forward that can deal with some of these problems and still provide jobs for Canadians.

The oil sands was up and running long before Harper ever got elected to Government so quit blaming him. In fact you might want to look at the Liberals record on this issue.

As far as the pipelines go. You can rest assured that we will get a pipeline going either to Rupert, Keystone, Vancouver, or East. Without a pipeline we will be subjected to continued American influence on how we price our oil. It will make little difference what party forms the next Government. We will get a pipeline.

I wonder if the results would have been different with Green in the blue position.

Nobody trusts polls anymore. Hell, most of us barely trust elections!

I see Stephen Harper was hangin’ with his old “fishin’ buddies” the Ford brothers today That smacks of desperation.

“I’m not ready yet” – to ever vote for Steve. ABC

Only a few more days, P Val!

yeah, these votes that suggest the NDP are off to a victory, are never wrong.

Quiet on Liz Palopu? I just said I hope she ends up holding the balance of power . I think pharma care , the thin edge of the wedge into dental care and full on PR to replace first past the post is the way to go . I only wish I could have voted for a viable Green candidate . Makes me want to go back to the island .

Glad to hear that the Conservatives are NOT in the lead in Prince George-Cariboo; however, everyone who wants Harper out needs to ensure they get out and vote …. these polls become less and less accurate as more people ditch their landlines in favor of having just cell phones. Cell phone are not called by pollsters … there’s no directory for them; the only voters that are called are those with landlines that are listed in a directory. Even if it seems the NDP or Liberals have a comfortable lead over the Conservatives, it’s still very, very important to get out and vote to rid us of Harper!!

R5t5e4m6c wrote: “Cell phone are not called by pollsters … there’s no directory for them.”

Things change. If there is a way to make money, someone will find it. Cell phone directories by area code, carriers are available for sale.

Here is a Canadian provider: liveadvertiser.com/Cell_Phone_List_For_Sale/Canadian-Cell-Phone-Database.htm

Here is a USA provider: cell-phone-list.net

Some pollsters do use cell phones. They should locate the phone by asking a key question of the person if the poll tries to differentiate the data by region or riding.

Since things change, here is the latest version of polling by phone:

Automated polls

With this technology, the company’s computer dials telephone numbers at random (which means cell phones can be included) and then plays a message recorded by a professional radio announcer.

The message asks whomever answers the demographic and political questions, to which they respond by pressing buttons on the telephone.

The percentage of people who hang up quickly with this technique is much higher than when a human being conducts the poll. Nevertheless, pollsters and others use this technique because it is fast and cheap, allowing them to charge less than their competitors in the polling business.

Traditional polling companies criticize the methodology on the grounds that it does not adequately filter out teenagers too young to vote but definitely old enough to play games with the system. Of course, “games” can be played by older people as well and they can be played with live pollsters. There is nothing that will verify the honesty of anyone’s answer.

With the high turn out at the polls this weekend we can be sure Harper’s closet is starting to shake.

He’s probably got one eye looking out the cracks of the closet door, and the other eye furiously scanning the internet for some awful heinous hypothetical he can use to inject more fear in the voter in the hopes they will side with him as the catch all and be all of making things right with this world outside of the safety of his closet.

Harper will say and do anything to have power, so reports like this are sure to motivate more of his righteous claims that are nothing more than window dressing with hollow promises.

Why would anyone conclude that a big turn out at the advance polls means the Conservatives are to be dumped? This isn’t 1954 A lot of people I know who went and took advantage of advance polling are voting for the Conservatives. Most people are fearful of the NDP leading the country and a lot of people are getting flashbacks to when Trudeau’s father ran the show 30 plus years ago.

Regarding the above poll? A lot of male dogs would love it. :)

Commentary about the book *Canada After Harper* by Ed Finn, Introduction by Ralph Nader.

“Most Canadians know that Stephen Harper has had a tremendous impact on the country since becoming prime minister in 2006. But few have the in-depth knowledge of how far his transformation has gone — what has already been done, and what the consequences will be in the future.

This book brings together Canadian experts in a wide variety of areas. They document key changes put in place by the Harper government. There have been dramatic changes in education, health care, women’s rights, science and research, guiding the economy, labour unions, water and natural resources, and aboriginal affairs. Most of these measures have been designed to be difficult, if not impossible, to reverse.

Readers will for the first time grasp the breadth and depth of the Harper attack on institutions, policies, and programs that embody values and principles shared by most Canadians. Each chapter documents the dangers of a government fixated on the needs of corporations and the one percent, blinded to our environmentally unsustainable lifestyle, and expanding surveillance and security measures to intimidate and threaten opponents.”

The book is an eye opener!

Anyone with a functioning brain knows the NDP with their wingnut MP’s would crush this country. Further more anyone with any knowledge of history would remember junior’s Dad and his view of Canada in the world. The love for Cuba. The Pierrot behind the queen. The finger to Alberta. etc
Junior has made the same BS comments. This government is not perfect, but the alternative is far, far worse.

15 dollar daycare???? Sounds good if you live on fantasy island, but this will be a massive white elephant.

Don’t get sucked into this crap.

A *before Harper* Conservative campaign would have never stooped as low as to accusing an opponent of planning to sell marijuana to children in corner stores and wanting to establish whore houses (brothels) in residential neighbourhoods!

Wake up! Your party has been hijacked and you are pretending that it is still the party you once knew.

I feel these pols are untrustorthy and should not be permitted as they can be pursasive. I have no science to back this up other than knowing alot of lemmings out there that can be swayed by the last word.

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