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October 28, 2017 1:58 am

Cariboo-Prince George Results

Monday, October 19, 2015 @ 7:25 PM

Up to date  results of  Cariboo-Prince George riding  FINAL

Name Party Votes
Calogheros, Tracy

Campbell, Gordon


no affiliation



Clare, Sheldon Independent 656
De Kroon, Adam Christian Heritage 325
Derrick, Trent NDP 13806
Doherty, Todd Conservative 19418* elected
Jaques, Richard Green  1845


It’s great that Harper is gone. I would have voted Conservative if Harper hadn’t been leading them. I voted Liberal instead. I now wish that more of PG had voted Liberal to possibly have more clout in Ottawa. Of course, we had both Harris and Zimmer and while I can’t really speak to Zimmer’s record, Harris didn’t do us any good.

PG will be on the outside looking in as it looks at this point now. Not only will PG remain a non swing seat meaning it is not in play for the liberals, but we will have a couple of MP’s that have proven during this campaign that they can’t speak up for themselves…. Compound that with riding the pines on the opposition bench, and PG can expect more of the same (no much) from the federal government for this region.

If it wasnt for the split between the NDP and the liberals Todd would of had his ass handed to him

Where is Palopu?

A strategic vote in PG – Cariboo would have been a vote for the liberals … seriously, weren’t people listening and watching what was going on??? Now we’ll have no representation in Ottawa because we un-strategically split the vote again ….. way to go PG

Come on Tracy!

If we had a preferential ballot then Tracy would have won because once the ndp were off the ballot she would have likely picked up enough of their second choices to get over the 50% majority threshold.

PG = Political Goofs

Proud of Canada, not to happy sending another doofus to Ottawa in my own riding.

When is PG going to wake up? Same old, same old.

Wow Libs now just over 600 votes back in PG. Not over yet!

After all their misdeeds, how could anyone vote Conservative? Idiots!

I wonder how Palopu will explain to us that those cons that always vote cons and used to get over 50% of the vote, only got 36.4% at the time when 175 of the polls reported.

Anyway, Todd is in. I wish him the best. Perhaps the new leader of the cons will take a page from Trudeau’s speech tonight and try to work together. It is one country. I assume Todd will work better under that sort of mindset.

It is the cons and ndp’s turn to rebuild now that we have Canada back.

Let us wait for the stock markets and the European press reaction.

With 100 or so seats, there might be room for Todd as a member of the shadow cabinet.

Does anyone want to talk about all those NDP signs and the notion that name recognition is everything? There must have been 50 Trent signs for each Tracy sign out there. Maybe that is even a low guess.

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