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October 28, 2017 1:58 am

Liberal Majority Predicted

Monday, October 19, 2015 @ 7:40 PM

Prince George, B.C.- With the Liberals leading or elected in 183 ridings in the country,  it is  being predicted that Justin Trudeau will form a majority government.

A party needs to have 170 seats in order to form a majority government.

Although local ridings have yet to be decided, it  would appear the Conservatives will be  the opposition and the NDP have  finished in third spot, although  there are still many ballots to be counted.


Glad the fear mongering Conservatives have been ousted. This is a win for Canadian tolerance.

I agree Ginters. But too bad we will have a useless MP representing us.

At least the NDP are back in their usual spot

Palopu – where are you? Hiding under the bridge!

And so comes to an end 10 years of Harper rule. A wasted decade of opportunity, and unfortunately both PG ridings seem to be stuck in that regrettable time. As the rest of Canada moves on, lets hope some of the Conservative voters in our area can see forward to a brave new world.

Wonder how many people in a year or two will admitt to voting Liberal. It is too bad people let themselves be swayed by the anti conservative media onslaught. Time will tell and it will be ugly.

Hard to watch the gushing media tonight. Wonder how long they will treat trudeau with baby gloves.

Harpers directives and scandals made it easy to be swayed

Question the local MP’s should answer right away is their opinion on Harper leaving 40 senate seats vacant. How will that work out for them now. Hopefully Trudeau can do something about reforming the Upper Chamber.

40 senate seats to appoint, the entire cabinet to appoint, replacing the UN delegation and key Ambassadors overseas… I sure hope he has some decent people surrounding him with advice.

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