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October 28, 2017 1:52 am

Still Standing

Monday, October 26, 2015 @ 3:52 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  It has been nearly  four months since Prince George City Council first ordered the demolition of  the building known as the ‘laundromat’ on George Street.  laundromat

It is still standing.Council issued the order  on July 2nd,  and  reaffirmed that decision on July 27th when it refused to grant the  property owners an extension to the end of October.

Bylaw services Manager  Fred Crittenden says the  demolition has been  slow to happen  because of a couple of factors.  First, an environmental assessment had to be done on the building to deal with  contaminants such as lead paint and possible asbestos.

Then the property owners  applied for a demolition permit to do the work on their own.  The City allowed  some time for the property owners to proceed with that work,  and while the owners still possess  the proper permits,  no  demolition action has been taken.

The City  is putting the project  to tender, and should   award that contract  within the next couple of weeks.

The city’s costs for demolition,  removal of debris, and backfilling the  site, will be  recovered  either through the owners paying the bill,  or the City adding the amount to  the tax bill for the property.

The property is one of several  to  be given  either clean up or demolition orders by Mayor and Council this year.


City is really tough on tenants of a trailer court, but when it looks like someone stands up to them , they turn into silly putty and hide away in the dark..
congratulations our city council

Too bad they can’t turn these historic buildings into more restaurants etc.

So who owns this building? Is it someone local….?

I drove through Lombardy Trailer Park the other day to drop someone off, and I swear the whole place looked like a movie set for zombies. Scary and fascinating at the same time.

bcracer – if you were broke and owned that building, wouldn’t you wait for city council to knock it down? It’s probably owned by some limited liability company that has now gone bankrupt.

That’s very strange. The City is putting it out to tender. Maybe they should think like when it comes to installing the sewer lines in Hart Highlands. But then all of Hart Highlands would be completed say 3 months and maybe less cost to the homeowner.

Is this property owned by the same company that got provincial tax dollars out of NDIT to buy this and other property on george street that is now the subject battle in court?

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