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October 28, 2017 1:48 am

Possible Luring -Abduction Incident in Chetwynd

Friday, October 30, 2015 @ 2:53 PM

Chetwynd, B.C.- RCMP in Chetwynd are looking for a vehicle suspected  to be involved in a possible  luring -abduction incident .

Round 11 this morning,  the Principal of Chetwynd Secondary School reported to the Chetwynd RCMP that a grade 8 student had been approached by an unknown man in a car near the school grounds.

The male allegedly yelled at the girl to get in while he had his door partially open.

The student ran to the school and noted that the suspect drove into the school parking lot, drove to the front door, turned around, then left the parking lot.

The car is described as;

a white or grey older 4-door sedan (no licence plate obtained) with damage to its front bumper on the passenger-side.

The man/suspect is described as;

  • approximately 65 years-old Caucasian
  • white hair,
  • no facial hair,
  • blue eyes,
  • deep voice,
  • a tattoo on his left arm (with flames) and
  • wearing a blue button-up shirt.

The Chetwynd RCMP are actively conducting patrols for the vehicle. They are asking anyone with information relating to the vehicle or its driver to immediately contact them at 250-788-9221.

Police remind parents to take time to review  the safety protocols they have with their children, such as  creating a key word that only the parents and child know.  In the event the child is approached by someone who  suggests they  are there to pick up the child  at the parents’ request,  the  child can ask for the key  word to make sure the  actions  are in fact  at the request of their parents.


I certainly hope they find this guy. These creepy crawlies seem to be everywhere nowadays.

Blind grandpa picking up his teenage granddaughter, attitudes anyone.

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