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October 28, 2017 1:35 am

Transfer Switch Blamed for UHNBC Power Troubles

Thursday, November 12, 2015 @ 1:30 PM

Prince George, B.C.- Power  irregularities at the University Hospital of Northern BC  which  forced the cancellation of all elective surgeries today, may have been caused by a faulty  transfer switch.

The switch enables the hospital to move from BC Hydro as a power source, to its own generator.  In a statement issued  this afternoon , Northern Health says  the generator system is tested on a monthly basis “to find issues such as this to avoid them  happening during an emergency situation.”

Northern Health is working on a time line to  replace the switch.

In the meantime,  as  reported earlier,  elective surgeries have been cancelled for the day,  and the latest update from Northern Health is that  it is believed “services will be available  again tomorrow.”

The emergency room is open, but again,  Northern Health  asks that people who do not have an emergency  avoid the hospital today.

Also impacted by the  power irregularities  are the Northern Health websites.   Updates will be available on  facebook  (Northern Health) and on Twitter  (@Northern_Health)


Monthly tests… If it was tested monthly they probably wouldn’t be in this situation now would they. If it worked 30 days ago and now it doesn’t well someone fudged.

Northern Health asks that people who do not have an emergency avoid the hospital today.


That should be the norm for every day.

pookerjams… you obviously don’t work in industry.. we test numerous things at different intervals where I work.. and you know what.. even though they have been tested..stuff will not work the next time, break, wear out etc..

I would bet that it is mandated from what ever insurance company they have their policy with to test this ..if they don’t then they lose their insurance coverage.. Also the generator will have a counter to show how many hours are on the generator.. which shows if it is run up or not..

Pookerjams what?

You got facts to back up your post?

I know for a fact the test is conducted monthly. This test was successful, a problem was found. Found now and not in a critical situation. That being said does not mean there won’t be a problem next time.

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