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October 28, 2017 1:35 am

Finning Says P.G. Operation To Remain Open

Thursday, November 12, 2015 @ 3:01 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  Having announced its plans to close  a number of   its facilities across Canada,  Finning International  says  the Prince George operation is not on the chopping block.

Although the company  says it  will “exit 11 facilities in Western Canada”  Finning Communications Manager, Hillary Anaka tells  250News  the  company  won’t be actually  leaving any of the communities   “We are just changing how we deliver service to our customers in those areas.  I can tell you there is no  change to the facility  in Prince George.”


But the workforce reduction is another matter. “At the end of this year, we expect our Canadian workforce reduction to total approximately 1100” says Anaka “They are difficult decisions, but necessary ones  given the challenging  market conditions.”  Finning’s overall workforce will have been reduced by 1900  by the end of this year.

She says the  vast majority  of what the company calls ” exits”   have already taken place “And when it comes to a breakdown of numbers, we are not breaking down location by location on the exits, but I can tell you of  those eleven hundred positions,  24% were in British Columbia.”  She would not  say if there  are  further  layoffs expected at the  Prince George Finning facility “All I can say is there  are no facility changes there.”

In releasing its third quarter results earlier today,  Finning International says the adjustments have been made to  address  ” an economic downturn.”


what a bunch of double speak BS. Too chicken to say they are replacing workers in favour of sourcing out and cheap 3rd world labour. The facility wont be moving, but like a lot of ways stores are cheaping out by having no people to deal with. Just a faceless phone number that can’t understand or speak english.

How do you come to that conclusion Bent? Actually, dumb question. Your clearly a union indoctrinated goof.

Nope, never worked a day in my life as a “union indoctinated goof”. Your clearly a
“non-union business goof”. See how easy name calling is? Do you outsource by any chance?

Wonder if the Houston one is staying open

Hey you bs goofs it’s you’re!!! (you are)…not your

I think if PG is going to diversify our economy, then we would do well to find ways to promote the Bear Lake area as a heavy industrial and possible petro chemical location with a set area that has pre environmental assessments as a carrot for industry looking for ready to go locations.

This would be great for PG because it is within the greater PG region and would be serviced from PG. The Bear lake area is beyond the continental divide, so any potential pollution concerns would not impact the PG or Pacific watershed that flows from the Fraser River… thus neutralizing concerns for the Lower Mainland and the communities along the Fraser. The Bear Lake area has ample hydro power transformer capacity, is the central location for most all the LNG pipeline proposals, and is also central to Northern BC CN Rail spur line operations.

PG economic development people should be preparing environmental certificates for the heavy industry types like refining capacity, and steel production (pipe production?), but also value added forestry like MDF plants, or ply wood plants and the like… and then promote the area as a pre approved industrial park for BC’s future industry.

Far enough away to minimize air and water pollution issues, but close enough to benefit the industrial base and community development of PG.

I don’t think the closures are due to farming out manufacturing, rather a drop off in market. The whole Oil Sands issue is huge, and mining and logging are not expanding at any substantial rate. Pipeline construction etc., are all on hold …so business is down. Simple as that.

Ya, I noticed the grammar error, but thought no one would be anal enough to worry about it and comment on it. Guess I was wrong. Will wonders never cease.

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