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October 28, 2017 1:34 am

Wheels of Justice

Friday, November 13, 2015 @ 9:38 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Two people have been arrested  following an investigation into a rash of tire  thefts.

Yesterday afternoon,  Prince George RCMP   executed two search warrants in the Hart area of Prince George and located a number of stolen tires.

A 39 year old male, and 24 year old female, both from Prince George  have been arrested.

The tires have been seized and officers are looking to return them to their rightful owners. Anyone who has recently had tires stolen, whether they were reported stolen or not, is urged to call the Detachment at 250-561-3300.  The owners will be required to describe the tires before they can be returned.

The two suspects have been held in jail overnight and will appear in Provincial Court at a later date. They are expected to be facing a number of property related charges.


LOL…they were black and round officer, can I get them back?

In all seriousness though, the people that buy these goods are just as bad as the thieves. I’m pretty sure most people can tell when they’re being offered stolen property.

Buyers of stolen goods are just as guilty of wrong doing as the thieves are, meaning that if you got a really great deal on some tires, in this example, it is likely due to someone else’s misfortune.
I’m glad the RCMP investigated these thefts, and made arrests.


The thieves should do some hard labor in a work camp. I don’t care if they have to do stupid work like manually build a road into Wells, from hwy 16 East. I don’t care if it is a waste of money. But a system where, they are worked 8 hard hours a day. Feed them well, Give them a good place to sleep, but work them for 20 days.

Hespoke; bang on.
We used to have Hudta Lake work camp, the miscreants sentenced to live there had to do a little work, one thing was cutting firewood.
Why has that become a thing of the past?


Well check Kijiji Prince George folks. There are some real deals on a TV and stand for $300. Trying to contact the person with the add. Hmm Hard to get hold of them. Rather aloof to say the least.
Hmm, by the RCMP’s own admission a rash of residential B and E’s in the last few months.
Are the cops investigating Kijiji and Craigs List for sale???

He spoke: Only eight hours a day for twenty days?? Set a quota for how many yards they have to complete in a day if they’re building a road, BEFORE they get to eat.
Don’t make it easy for them.
Metalman: Hudta lake used to saw lumber too and make a lot of furniture and such. It was a good set up. Trouble is, they only worked about six hours a day and not very hard at that. Same as prison work gangs.
I don’t know why they shut it down. It still doesn’t make any sense to do that.

Ax, a good laugh.
Ax and Metal, seriously, so true, but there are those out there who don’t care.
He Spoke, a good idea, but give them the tools our grandfather used to build the Mandalay Rd. It would probably take cons a year to do what Grandad and his three partners did in a couple months.
Terrace a few years back they used to space in the bush, split wood in the yard all day, and they liked it.
But here in PG the hill being a remand center and a douce less, hard to trust a lot of them.

They will walk. The firefighters did.

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