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October 28, 2017 1:34 am

PM Calls for Moratorium on Crude Oil Tanker Traffic

Friday, November 13, 2015 @ 1:59 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  The  Federal Government is calling on the  Minister of Transportation to ” Formalize a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic on British Columbia’s North Coast”

The instructions are included in the Ministerial mandate letter issued By Prime Minister Trudeau to the new Minister of Transportation.   This is the first time the Federal Government has released the mandates issued to Ministers.

The instruction calls on the Minister to work “in collaboration with the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, the Minister of Natural Resources and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to develop an approach” to formalize the moratorium.

The directive  does not indicate if there should be a  time frame  for such a moratorium, but  it will have a definite impact on the planned Northern Gateway pipeline.


So your the true colors of Trudeau comes out. the west gets f#$ked by the PM, not too far from dad’s foot step.

So wonderboy. what is going to fuel our economy. No keystone, no pipelines. What, what. you bone head.

Guess he missed the tankers moving in and out of Vancouver, Cherry point, Valdez and fuel shipments up and down the coast to villages.

Yep a winner.

Yep, the wonder boy has no clue on what runs our economy. He better have a pretty damn good plan. Pretty much kills our local economy with his decision.

How about a moratorium on dumping raw sewage into the St. Lawrence? Oh yeah, it’s Quebec, he wouldn’t want to piss off his power base.

Everyone pays the price on this. The people in the private industry gets slapped first. Than it goes up the line. Private industry can not make a buck at it, they lay off people. This impacts the tax base. Then it hits the government workers, with realignment of services.

So your cushy job making 80k a year working for the city, province will disappear. Your family becomes a single income family. you loose that big house because you can’t make your payments. That is what is coming down the line, if we can not move the oil.

Finning cutting back is just the tip of the iceberg.

You will see a lot of small business shut their doors. Save what ever money they have, lay everyone off and that’s it. Your out of a job. The business owner protects his wealth.

No job is safe in western Canada. regardless of how many years you have served a company. business owners primary concern will be wealth protection, not employing people.

We need to get our oil out of the ground to keep our economy rolling. Now our bonehead Prime Minister has put this on the west coast.

To start with, it’s not “our oil”, it’s not Alberta’s oil either, it belongs to the oil companies.

Secondly, businesses shutting their doors has nothing to do with Trudeau or Harper, because the price of oil has nothing to do with either of them.

Lastly, with no danger of oil spills, maybe they’ll still have fishing and tourism industries on the coast. And maybe there’ll still be fish in the rivers.

Northern Gateway was to pay British Columbia the “huge” sum of 30 million dollars a year. That may be enough to do a study on something.

Good call Justin!!

Alberta is exporting a lot of bitumen by rail tankers to the USA. The sky is not falling. Bitumen can be transported to eastern Canada by pipeline (if the provinces agree and get some revenue in the form of taxes) or by rail. The imports of oil from Venezuela and other countries to supply eastern Canada refineries can be halted. In Canada we should use our own resources! Modern railway tracks of heavy duty construction rarely ever have any derailments due to track failures, i.e. no spills.
Rail tanker cars of double hulled construction are already in use elsewhere.

The price of oil is low because of a global glut. It has zero to do with either Harper, Alberta or Trudeau. A diversified economy can cope better with global ups and downs. Putting too much of our economy into the oil basket has had and still has predictable consequences. Perhaps we should have retained ownership of our resources rather than sell everything out to foreign interests who put their own priorities ahead of ours. We reap what we sow.

Just saying.

Fine, but wait until you collect your last check from your employer, than remember my blog.

Every company in western Canada, there sales and revenues are going to fall because of the lack business. This will mean the executives will be sending orders down to branch operation, cut staff by 10%. This means a lot of people are going to loose their jobs by next summer. They may find another job, but likely a low paying job.

Small business owners will reconsider their position and many will chose early retirement, and protect past earnings.

Remember this blog, when you get your pink slip.

Inconceivable dumping that much poison into a heritage river . There is no respect for your country there . Surely if they,d been more prudent in the preceding yrs, then there might have been another option . At least the conservatives tried to stop it ! Now every town on both sides of the border have a cheap option to deal with sewage as well !!!

So, the United States has increased its own energy production and does not need the key stone xl pipeline to supplement their own energy use. Now the Liberals are taking steps to stop oil shipments from the west which would kill the two refineries planned for the west coast. Now all oil will be sent to eastern refineries. Now you leave the only option of rail to move oil. Real smart. You “might” get a leak from a tanker but you will get air pollution in our towns with increased train traffic pumping out diesel fumes.

Thanks for screwing the west! Never trust a Trudeau!

Actually the sewage dump is just a small part of the rivers flow and only for a short time while upgrades are constructed.

Montreals need to dump raw sewage into the St Lawrence river is for the repairs to the existing system, it is temporary solution. the job is to take five days. Where would you keep 8 billion liters of sewer. That i2 40 million barrels. I am sure the mini8stry of environment has taken the calculated risk. This is not permanent.

Victoria, is a poor example, where after all these years still dump it into the ocean. What is our ministry of environment doing about that. It is not a repair. it is something the city is not willing to deal with.

1:”At least the conservatives tried to stop it!”

Yeah, big deal! How do you stop a city of the size of Montreal from cooking with water, taking showers, relieving themselves and flushing the toilets? How about hospitals and vital industry?

The Conservatives simply handed the issue on to the next government, anticipating that they might not get re-elected! They also pretended that they had never heard of the problem before, even though Montreal had asked the Conservative minister in 2014 (!)to get involved right away as the infrastructure was failing and needed to be shut down in order to be repaired.


randrover:” You “might” get a leak from a tanker but you will get air pollution in our towns with increased train traffic pumping out diesel fumes.”

Most advanced countries have switched to electrified railroads, only the backwards ones are for now still using diesel engines! Time for Canada to get all its infrastructure up into the modern age! Our railroads are a joke!

Maybe someone should tell Christy to forget about LNG and build a Rubber Manufacturing Plant in Victoria.Put Finning to work and build three or four rubber skimmers and turn them loose in the ocean around Victoria. This should help clean up the sewage problems and create employment.

Well, I guess its ‘told you so time’ for the poets and lefties. For one thing 2bits, you are typical of the left wing who believe anything that knocks enterprise and job creation to subsidize your sad asses.
The price of commodities is for sure creating a long term nightmare out west but your statement about who owns the resources is totally off base.
Oil. gas, forests and minerals in the ground actually belong to the provinces and the job and tax creators pay stumpage, royalties and a lot of PST and GST for the right to develop and exploit these resources.
Companies like Transmountain, Enbridge and Petronas are willing to spend $billions of private money investing in our province and you still criticize.
While you’re at it, do some dd and check out the amount of actual taxes paid by the BC commercial fishing (none) and tourist industry. Minuscule compared to the resource extraction businesses.

Sorry I just have to paste Ezra’s comment her…I wonder nhow many billions Justin will have to pay Enbridge for this…

Today Justin Trudeau killed the Northern Gateway Pipeline project. The National Energy Board had already approved it, after the most rigorous review in Canadian history. But Trudeau simply ordered his new Transport Minister to blockade any oil tanker ships along the northern B.C. coast.

Funny: normally economic blockades of shipping are done by hostile foreign countries, not by your own government.

But Trudeau won’t ban OPEC tankers from Canada’s east coast, that bring conflict oil from Saudi Arabia, Algeria and other regimes. Apparently those are magic tanker ships that never leak. He’s only against tankers taking Canadian oil to market.

But really — is any of this a surprise? Trudeau grew up at the knee of his father Pierre who despised Alberta, and Alberta oil. And the son has never made a secret of how he feels about both. And Justin Trudeau’s senior advisor, Gerald Butts, is a former anti-oil lobbyist who invented “Earth Hour”, to teach young children to embrace energy poverty, North Korea-style.

Rachel Notley made the first attack on Alberta’s oil patch. Then came Barack Obama’s decision to choose Venezuelan oil over Canadian oil, by killing the Keystone XL pipeline. Now Trudeau has destroyed a $10-billion construction project.

And it’s not done — all three of these job-killers are off to the Paris global warming conference, where they’ll surely unveil a new carbon tax, too.

They won’t stop until the Canadian energy industry is dead — and our competitors, the Saudis, Iranians and Russians, are laughing all the way to the bank.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

@oldman1 doesn’t affect LNG

Don’t we already have a moratorium on oil tanker traffic on the west coast?

Princegeorge , you must get out once in a while . You got the rail thing right . We’ve got third world snail rail . Contractor , levant is one of Stevie’s contemporary , they went to school together . He’s a paid oil shill , as much of a petrocrate as Stevie and is just as prone to hyberbole as is Stevie .

Ataloss, I’d put more validity in things that Ezra has to say over absolutely anything that the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge has to say, ANY DAY!! At least Ezra has the balls to call a spade a spade!

The CBC and especially good ol’ Peter are so far up Justin’s butt that they wouldn’t know real journalism if it kicked them in the butt while they had their head up Justin’s butt!

Posted on Friday, November 13, 2015 @ 3:16 PM by axman with a score of 2
How about a moratorium on dumping raw sewage into the St. Lawrence? Oh yeah, it’s Quebec, he wouldn’t want to piss off his power base.

Victoria has been doing the same for ever.

Move offshore, there are lots of jobs there. Our govt and their corporate puppets designed it that way. That’s why you see all the business people on here calling everyone lefties every time someone comments about how the govt is screwing the people over.

It’s all about protecting ones bottom line.

Contractor-Rachel Notley made the first attack on Alberta’s oil patch.

So what did Rachel Notley do? Are you talking about the 2% tax hike,if so no oil company should be in business if they can’t withstand that.So how much did your hydro go up this past year?

Of course you would hart guy because you are not plying with a full deck .

@ Ataloss, “because you are not plying with a full deck”?

I’ve never heard that phrase before! I’ve heard of the phrase “not playing with a full deck”! Playing, not plying!

So much for you playing with a full deck, eh Ataloss, haha!

Another little detail that the Ezra doesn’t quite grasp is that the tarsands are NOT the Canadian energy industry . Our hydro exports dwarf the oil industry with out polluting our air sheds .

That was no typo . I meant plying with every nuisance that implys .

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling”

Hey hart guy . Do ships ply the waters of the north coast or do they play the waters of the North coast ? Ask seamutt he’s a landlocked seaman or a pretend seaman . I wonder which . Im on the coast . I think I see a little more of it from here . And yes Bent the sky is really falling . Tons a day in the form of micro meteorites . Every little bit helps .

The rightwing extremists are so afraid of their bottom line, that when they were in power they drove Canada so far into the ground we are now a laughing stock to the rest of the world. Trudeau is doing a great job so far one election promise at a time. Good job Justin keep up the great work!

The Headline reads:

PM Calls for Moratorium on Crude Oil Tanker Traffic

Doesn’t that leave the door wide open for “refined oil products”?

Yes it does AS . It’s called value added . Something the harperettes seem to have omitted .

Can’t believe you dill weeds haven’t figured it out yet. The two biggest drivers of B C economics are the forest industry and the pot industry. Who knows for sure which is larger at this moment No need pollution the water and soil that grows the cash crop. Wait for it .

Do many of the posters on this site realize prior to oil dropping into the basement the west was doing great without the pipelines? Yup honest it’s the truth feel free to do some research…..the whole fear mongering comments are reminiscent of Heil Harpers corporate propaganda machine to ensure we do our best to sell out what is left of our country without any questions.

ataloss:- “It’s called value added. ”

Where has any ‘value’ been added if all the costs can’t be recovered in price?

What are you talking about socred ? The fossil fuel industry is a Rube Goldberg machine . That’s the game we are subjected too . If you are not part of the game , you don’t collect . Every move has its cost and gain . I know it’s stupid but those are the cards delt . Where is the value ? You do know that the government get a %age . That’s what makes the game go round . Always follow the money . If the gov wasn’t collecting , the game would already be over . Have you read Tony Seba’s latest book ? If not you should .

ataloss:-“Every move has its cost and gain . I know it’s stupid but those are the cards delt . Where is the value ? You do know that the government get a %age . That’s what makes the game go round . Always follow the money . If the gov wasn’t collecting , the game would already be over .”
Every move indeed has its ‘cost’. But if that cost can’t be fully recovered in price, plus enough of an additional profit to make any further moves worthwhile, and worthwhile repeating, where is the ‘gain’?

What the government gets is simply an addition to ‘cost’. That ‘cost’ still has to be recoverable in final ‘price’ when whatever has been ‘produced’ is finally ready to be ‘consumed’ by someone somewhere.

Contrary to what some on this site seem to believe we do ‘produce’ primarily in order to ‘consume’, not just so someone can have a job.

So I ask again, where is the ‘value’ in fully refining oil here to ship somewhere else if ALL the ‘costs’ can’t be fully recovered in ‘price’? And further to that, if we WEREN’T shipping it, fully refined, somewhere else, could we buy it ALL here at a price that covers ALL the costs from ALL the additional incomes distributed in adding this supposed ‘value’?

hey Ataloss I can back up my statements not like you and your make believe solar system, what a crock.

For your information I have a third class combined marine engineers ticket and can act as a watch keeper in the engine room on any sized ship and have in the past sailed on about half of the worlds oceans curtesy of the RCN. You know what combined means, steam and diesel. So have hardly been landlocked and have strong knowledge of seagoing ships and their capabilities.

Hey again how’s your imaginary solar system.

And still you’re a harperette ? I find that to be unbelievable . How could you possible support that coward/chicken hawk .

And I’m the King of Finland. I just like living in Prince George.

Yes your Highness , I don’t believe him either .

Finning has downsized in the past.
How did BC get as far as we have without Northern Gateway?
There has been a Tanker ban on the North Coast for a long time?
Life will go on.

The report finds G20 countries spend about $452 billion US each year to prop up their oil, gas and coal industries.

The Liberals promised to “fulfill Canada’s G20 commitment to phase out subsidies for the fossil fuel industry,” in their election platform. The party singled out the Canadian Exploration Expenses tax deduction as too generous to industry, saying the tax break should only kick in if companies are completely unsuccessful in their resource exploration.

“The saving will be redirected to investments in new and clean technologies,” the party platform says.

But the Canadian Exploration Expenses tax deduction isn’t the only place where companies can take advantage of a generous subsidy system.

So were else is the money coming from and going to. We might just be richer with out gateway .

Longtimelocal—-Nice to see someone on this site with a little humour.

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