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October 28, 2017 1:17 am

Christmas Surprise at the Pumps

Thursday, December 3, 2015 @ 11:28 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  It’s been  a long time since  the price of gas in Prince George has been below the  90 cent a litre mark.gas priceThis morning,  Costco  dropped its price of a litre of regular gas to 89.9.    That’s a full  30 cents a litre cheaper than  when the  Costco gas station   first opened,  offering  regular unleaded at 1.199  a price which was considered a major bargain at that time.

Most other gas stations  in Prince George are  offering  regular unleaded at 94.9 today.

While there is no telling  how long this pricing will last,   you might recall  gas was  also  pretty  affordable  in January of 2014.   At that time,  it dipped as low as  82.9 at the Costco pumps.

Today, the average price of gas  in B.C. is 1.14 per litre, and  the Prince George  and Kamloops Costco’s are offering the lowest in  all of the province at 89.9






Would even be lower without the fiberals carbon tax scam.

Actually seamutt just heard on the news that a report just came out saying they are not charging enough carbon tax in BC but it is set to remain where it is until 2017 – go figure

But to the story at hand, prices at the pump should have been this level over a year ago

seamutt, I’m sure you are enjoying and taking advantage of the associated tax cuts that make the carbon tax revenue neutral!
I’m assuming of course that your are not as principled as you make yourself out to be and are not in fact forgoing those corresponding tax reductions.

Look at the prices in the US 1.40 to 1.80 a gallon. We are still being gouged.

When you take into account the size of the US gallon and the currency difference we are paying about $2.40 USD per gallon

Was up in Fort Nelson a while ago. 1.269 a liter.

Anyway, Would rather see gas at 1.10, Oil at $60.00/barrel.

Christmas Surprise??
Think I’ll wait and see what it’s at a week before Christmas……..LOL.

Sad to see the price of a litre of diesel fuel is still higher than that of gasoline. Remember the good old days when diesel was always less costly?

Why have the carbon tax in the first place? As for being revenue neutral, takes an expensive bureaucracy to run it. Don’t forget the cost of paperwork for those claiming rebates. Revenue neutral my butt.

Recent comments to international participants (vacation/climate conference or what ever)from our Provincial leader touting the “success” of our carbon tax..HUH? Success as in increasing general revenues to Provincial coffers maybe. Heard it said that the CO2 emitted from all the jet air planes used to transport the hot air bags to the conference far outweigh any gains a carbon tax could make on combatting climate change.

Go anywhere north of PG and its 40 cents a litre more still. Highway robbery. Doesn’t take 40 cents a litre to deliver gas.

metalman, earlier today I read that Canada has a massive contingent of participants at the UN climate change conference in Paris.

The 383 people listed on the provisional list of participants is expected to be higher, even though the 383 already exceeds the combined total from the U.S.A., Australia and the U.K.!

Add in Justin’s wife, 3 kids, a couple of nannies along with many, many others in support positions for our new royalty and then add in the many, many others that have tagged along to support the 383 participants and it would seem that Canada has literally sent a small town to Paris, all on the public’s dime!

Hope they all enjoy their Chateaubriand and escargot! It always tastes better when somebody else is paying the bill!

I think diesel stayed the same when the gas price was higher a few weeks ago, so it’s not as if the diesel burners never get a break.

I think the highest local sticker price for gas right now is on the sign at the little station in Willow River that closed down many years ago. It’s been showing 96.9 ever since then.

“Look at the prices in the US 1.40 to 1.80 a gallon. We are still being gouged”

Not in the Northwest. Lowest prices close to Cherry Point refinery is Bellingham with US$2.08 at Costco. When that is corrected to can dollars and litres, it works out to $0.74/lire.

Irrespective of a carbon tax, Canada has had higher taxes than the USA on gasoline for decades. I thought by now everyone would know that.

Anyone want to talk about the price of Gasoline in Venezuela? Beats the hell out of the price in Canada AND the USA. Does not seem to do them any good.

Average price in alberta is 86.3 according to gas buddy

man = 88.2
sask = 90.4
pei – 99.8
ns = 100.1
nb = 100.5
on = 100.6
nl = 106.4
pq = 111.7
nwt = 111.9
bc = 113.7

seems we are faring quite well here at the moment.

this too shall change.

National Average Prices in the USA according to gasbuddy


Yesterday Avg. $2.038

Week Ago Avg. $2.058

Month Ago Avg. $2.191

Year Ago Avg. $2.760

pgman wrote “Look at the prices in the US 1.40 to 1.80 a gallon”

can’t get those averages from that price range.

Can we have some of that stuff you are smoking?? :-)

gopg2015:-“Anyone want to talk about the price of Gasoline in Venezuela? Beats the hell out of the price in Canada AND the USA. Does not seem to do them any good. ”

Doesn’t seem to do them any harm either. At least if you can afford a car down there you’re no taxed to death to drive it. Like Norway, for instance. I like the way Alaska does it. Oil royalties don’t go to the government to spend as THEY see fit. They go into the Permanent Fund, which is then invested wherever it can get the best return. This protects the ‘capital’. The ‘income’ derived from that investment is paid out as an annual dividend to each Alaska citizen. To spend, or save, or do with as he or she chooses. Including paying taxes for things that Alaskan legislators actually get approval from the Alaskan people to do for them.

Seems to me Alberta tried that twice and failed twice.

Just because you got it, does not mean you have to spend/use it as if there is no tomorrow.

As far as getting permission to spend money, most, if not all states in the USA have that approach these days, unlike Canada.

There are often surprises too when that happens …. like funding for a new jail when the current one is overcrowded.

In reality we already booted Clarke out once, we can do it again, if she raises the fuel or carbon tax again… That equated to raising the price until we can’t afford it anymore. Harper/Clarke, not much difference…

OPEC meets tomorrow. We might be in for a surprise. No one is happy with the Saudi’s strategy of continuing to flood the market.

Then there is the Venezuela inflation rate kind of negates the price of fuel.

Wander if anyone traveled the Paris party carbon trail from cash strapped UNBC.

I used wander on purpose.

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