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October 28, 2017 1:13 am

Holiday Decorating Worries

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 @ 3:45 AM



Couldn’t have asked for a better day last Sunday getting a tree. Hiking it an hour out of the bush was a good workout too.

No snow on the ground even in the trails. But I noticed a whole lot of spruce beetle infected trees. Not sure if its part of a normal process or the start of a new epidemic?

Looking a lot more like a Prince George Winter this morning.

And how much will our hydro bills have gone up by then? Yes, our ‘standard’ of living, for most of us, will have increased, too. We can “add that extra string of lights”. But you can rest assured that our ‘COST’ of living will have increased a lot MORE than just what we’ve paid for them, and to power tham. Will we ever ask, “Why?” And if we did, would we get any believable answers? How can it be if we are able to continually become more ‘efficient’ at everything we do our costs are always rising instead of falling?

Contracts to Independent Power Producers, 65 billion. Their power is more expensive to produce than BC Hydro,s. Nice to have friends in high places. Then there is the very inefficient,costly bird slicers.

I have an idea solar panels. Turn the lights on, the light will shine on the panels then xmas lights can be powered for free.

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