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October 28, 2017 1:10 am

SD57 Plans Steps in Wake of Pepper Resignation

Thursday, December 10, 2015 @ 3:09 PM

school boardPrince George, B.C. -“Losing a Superintendent leaves a big hole to fill” says SD 57 Board of Trustees Chair Tony Cable,  reacting to news  today of the resignation of Brian Pepper.

Pepper tendered his resignation  today, (see previous story)  having served as Superintendent  for the past decade.   In all, he has been  working  within  School District for 37 years,  first as a teacher,  then vice principal, principal, and assistant  superintendent  before taking on  the top administrative role.

Cable says  the resignation wasn’t a complete surprise “Brian has been talking  off and on  about things like this, so that wasn’t a shock,  He has been superintendent for 10 years.”

Pepper’s last day  on the School District’s payroll will be December 31st  halfway through  the school year.  “That sort of thing we’re going to have to work through” says Cable, “We’re going to have to work as a Board and  find an interim Superintendent , but  these things do  happen  in other Districts, so we’ll   try and make it work as best we can.”

Budget discussions for  the School District will get underway in the New Year, but Cable says  the Secretary Treasurer  looks after most of that work, “So we’ll have him to guide us through it.”

The  Board  hasn’t had a chance to set out a full plan on  the next steps says Cable “It’s all new to us today, so probably what will happen is, we will have to meet,  we will be looking for an interim Superintendent.  Once we have someone in place,   we will take a look  at posting the job for Superintendent  and that will be quite a lengthy involved process and that will likely take a few months  for sure.”




First Harper, now Pepper. Maybe this will be a fresh start for a schools district that needs it.

That big hole will be filled by his big pension.

What an asinine comment!!!!!

He really needed to go!
Thank god!
This is great news for everyone!!
Can’t say why but trust me, the vice/principals are super happy!

I’ll clarify just a bit more and say he was going to be a HR nightmare and was forced to quit…good riddance!

Mayday, I’ll venture that this isn’t the place to discuss HR matters … especially if this wasn’t his choice. That would be a lawsuit waiting to happen, and our district doesn’t need that, I’m sure.

Never was a huge fan of the man, but hopefully this departure will mean positive things for SD57, and I wish him well in his next venture.

I am sure there is a lot more to the story than reported above. Brian Pepper has always been good too me, so I can’t say anything bad.

Bryan Mix was a good man for the school district too, he found new ways to find money for the school district and dealt with things with the big picture in mind.

The school district does have some big gaps to build. Going to have to find people with open mind.

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