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October 28, 2017 1:04 am

RDFFG Inks Deal With City for Economic Development

Friday, December 18, 2015 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.- With  Initiatives Prince George  no longer  in existence, and economic development moved into the realm of  Prince George City Hall,  the  Regional District  of Fraser Fort George  has now  entered into an agreement with the City  for that service.The two year  agreement was  sealed  at Thursday’s  meeting of the Regional District of Fraser Fort George.

Under the new agreement,  the RDFFG will pay  the City  $20 thousand a year to  oversee the development of marketing materials for  sites to be identified by the  Regional District.

As part of the agreement, the City  of Prince George will  respond to  inquiries from  investors about industrial lands within the RDFFG.




So the population with in the city is about 80,000 people. With the surrounding area what is the population??? 120,000. Everybody pays taxes.

So how much money is being collected and paid by the Regional district to pay for the library, pools, rinks, art gallery, clearing of snow on the main arteries, city parks

I think the regional district pays for the museum at the park. They operate the dump, but charges the city a fee.

I be leave there was 9 inquires in the last year , 8 of those are being LOOKED at , and one pulled out . now why did they pull out ? kept on the hook to long .. come on lets get off the pot , I will be so dammed old I won’t even be able see anything if you don’t…

RDFFG census population in 2011 was 91,879

The City population at that time was 71,974

The next census will be taken in 2016 and will likely have some preliminary figures by this time next year. The population of the regional district shrunk a bit while the population of PG grew a bit.

The museum is a regional district museum. However, part of the property taxes paid by city property owners go to the regional district, thus the majority of taxes that go to the museum are paid by the citizens of PG. Seems reasonable to me. After all, we can attend the museum any day and every day if we want to. Difficult for someone from Valemount to do that as easily.

So, if 78% of the populations that lives in the RDFFG live in the City of PG, then about that percentage of the taxes that go to the RDFFG are likely paid by the PG citizens.

So, 78% of the funding going to the City to pay for $20,000 of promotion would actually be paid by city residents. I presume all promotion is for lands outside of the City limits.

Such a deal, if my assumption is accurate.

Maybe the City can make a similar deal with the Province. :-)

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