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October 28, 2017 12:56 am

Friday Free For All – Jan 1, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

happy 2016We start the New year with a Friday Free for All,  one that  I hope will see  those who comment adopt  and practice  a New Year’s resolution to be respectful.

The subject matter is  up to you,  but please,  keep the comments brief,  and  obey our three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying




Third….what a fabulous way to bring in the New Year! Great friends, food, and fun

Forth. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all,
looking forward to another year of exchanging opinions, thoughts and ideas

Well I found a new way to ring in the new year….by having a heart attack I must say all the staff here at unhbc have great and good to not only me but every other patient in emerg sadly I can’t find anyone else that is willing to take my heart attack over for me do here I stay

I hope this is the year that the use of condemnations of the politically incorrect as a source of political censorship becomes redundant and seen for what it is.

I hear the Home Secretary of Great Britain is looking into a travel ban on Donald Trump, because of his views on Muslim immigration… one wonders what that does to their ‘special relationship’ if he gets elected president?

That kind of use of ‘politically correct’ censorship is a page right out of war communism that contributed to the genocide of 60 million peoples of the Soviet Union by the bolshiviks. All the while they were systematically stripping away the flower of that civilization, outlawing Christianity, and farmers dieing of starvation by the millions… class warfare at its worst; yet throughout the western world not a peep was said, because it was politically incorrect to expose the reality for what it was… against a ‘great ally’ like bolshivik communism was at the time. A great stain for the world is what it was, on the use of censorship via politically correct lenses that enabled bolshivism to have any legitimacy.

Today we have key globalists taking more pages out of their bolshivik revolution text book on war communism with the use of islamist terror groups to push a political agenda in places like Syria, Iraq, and Libya. The group known as isis is nothing more than the Red Terror equivalent of Cheka and NKVD thugs destroying a society so they can rebuild it in their own image and take advantage of the lawlessness for personal gain. The puppet masters pulling the strings are in London, Ankara, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, and Washington… each with their own motives, but all using the same modus operandi to achieve their partisan goals.

Its the shaming of the politically incorrect calling out that allows the ideology of hate to grow unchallenged in places far removed from the safety of Canada and the west in general. Being able to speak of truths should be paramount in what is acceptable; and hopefully for the sake of the world we start to see the pendulum swing back in favor of truth tellers in 2016. I think this is why Donald Trump has so much support that holds strong through so much controversy.

Also has anyone else heard about a plastics plant in Bear Lake? At the old Pas Lumber site?

I see their is a new workers camp of portables on Industrial Way, I think is the name of the street, just past the Canfor mill. Is that workers camp for the planned pipelines that all seem to converge on Bear Lake heading west to the coast, or is this for the proposed plastics factory?

If there is indeed a plastics factory going in at Bear Lake, then is this the start of a petrochemical industry for that area? One that takes advantage of good access to a full service center like PG, good highway frontage, good rail access, good hydro electric access, and good access to water that flows away from population centers?

Well I certainly hope you recover soon Dearth. Best wishes to you for that.
Happy New Year everybody. Perhaps this year we can all be a little more civil and less antagonistic in our posts and rebuttals to others’ opinions here. Hope so anyway.
Yes it does take a little more intelligence to form a thoughtful reply but let’s all try for that and keep it in mind. Thanks.

Eagleone@The headquarters of the International Zionist Conspiracy is not Tel Aviv, it’s Jerusalem.

But I agree that political correctness is not conducive to rational discourse.

Hope you recover quickly Dearth.

I heard sometime ago that there was an ammonium plant planned for somewhere North of Prince George. Seems to me it was closer to Summit Lake than Bear Lake. Not sure why we would make plastics in that area of the Province, unless its the same reason as ammonium. e; DANGEROUS.

Usually dangerous plants are located in areas where there is high unemployment, or very little growth,. This makes it easier to build these plants because JOBS are the number one priority in these areas.

Speedy recovery, Dearth

Maybe the trailers are for the homeless….hehehe (we can still dream)

Best wishes for the New Year for those using the Gregorian calendar.

To stay politically correct (whatever that may mean to various people) I thought I would provide some other times we can join in various groups around the world when their New Year celebrations come around in 2016.

• Chinese and Korean New Year – February 8, 2016

• Balinese New Year – March 9, 2016

• Iranian New Year – March 20, 2016
• Telegu and Kannada (in 3 southern states of India) New Year – April 8, 2016

• Sinhalese and Tamil (Sri Lanka) New Year – April 14, 2016

• Diwali (North Indian Marwari and Gujarati communities) – October 16, 2016

• Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) – October 2 to October 4, 2016 (we are in the Jewish year of 5776)

• Islamic New Year – October 3, 2016

• Murador New Year (Western Australian Aboriginal tribe) – October 30, 2016

Always remember, one person’s political correctness is another person’s political gaffe.

Whatttt they closed comments to Doherty’s story ???? why???

Hon… think was meant to read Hun…Didn’t see a pic of his hair and nails guy, Scott in the flyer..maybe that explains the Hon thing

Editor’s note:
The window to comment is open for 24 hours. That window has closed.
Elaine Macdonald-Meisner

ohhh thanks for the explanation, Elaine, didn’t know

Happy New Year to Elaine and her staff.

Hope you have a full and speedy recovery Dearth. Was going to visits my mom today in Simon Fraser lodge but they aren’t starting the year off to well, have a stay away warning due to some bug going around te home. Hope they can stop it from spreading..being old and sick not a great combo.

Happy New Year to All!

Anyone have any idea why Lower College Heights lost power in the early morning hours of Dec 31st. Could see the lights on at Malaspina Ridge! Seem to have one of those each year now without high winds?

Another one of those proverbial Crows??

I got email that should be passed on — Subject 11 Men cause problems on flight from Atlanta to Houston. The men were talking on cell phones and began to show footage of a porno video they had taped the night before. The stewardess attempted to take the camcorder and the man began to scream in her face in another language , One of the men said “shut up infidel dog” I can’t write the whole story on this site but you can get the drift of how scary things are getting.

I am in lower College Heights and had power all night but I do know why some lost their power, it was a Karma event.

There is (was) a person in a black pickup the past few days driving like an ass all over lower College, sideways around every curve and fishtailing on the straights. Karma got that person in the early am on the 31st. That person while driving like an ass managed to lose it and took out a B.C. Hydro box as well as Shaw Cable across the street from my house. While I was happy to see karma get them I was pretty angry at the way it affected others.

I sure wish I could have gotten a plate number sooner, it would have saved a truck and people wouldn’t have lost power.

@ bitter… that email you got is nothing more than urban legend. That story started making the internet rounds back in Nov 2009, after Fox News broadcast it without checking the facts of AirTrans flight 297.

Obviously it’s still got legs.

Gecko; Tedd Petruna is a diver at the NBL facility at NASA Houston… Tedd happened to be on the AirTran Flight297, from Atlanta to Houston and it was his report. He says if you don’t believe this look up the date and then Flight 297 from Atlanta to Houston. If it was true and you were on that flight what would a person do , other than sit and be scared.

Billyinpg: was it a pickup or a Toyota 4runner? Because 4runner dude was doing the same thing…..

Happy New year to all my friends in Prince George. Hope you all have a good year. Nice bright and sunny in Abby this am.


Lynton Crosby is getting a Knighthood this year . Honour cronyism at its finest ,just like here in Canada . Elections Canada finds Peter Munk ( barrick gold ) broke the price limit for buying Tories three elections in a row . Then on the 8th of dec. he signs a contract with elections canada that he won’t do it again . So No Charges . Cronyism at our finest . And James Moore ?

-34C at our house this morning…so much for global warming.


It was a black crew cab, a Chevy I believe. I never could get close enough to tell. I am guessing he lives in the neighborhood as I’ve seen him multiple times driving like that.

@ bitter…

I will say this again. The incident in question happened in Nov 2009. That would be over 6 years ago. Does it take that long for email to show up in your box? Who are you using for online service? AOL?

Secondly, every media has downplayed this story as nothing more than a chain letter hoax, including Fox who originally broadcast it. There was an incident on that flight, but it was a simple misunderstanding of a number of men not understanding English when they were told to turn off his cellphones.

This story re-appeared in 2014 on Facebook. When the posters were asked about it, the story was suddenly deleted. Why delete if it’s a true account? Wouldn’t a person stand behind the truth?

The supposed witness, Tedd Petruna, was scheduled to be on AirTrans flight 297, but he never actually boarded, as his connecting flight was canceled. That’s hard to be an eyewitness if he wasn’t even there.

You’re bringing up a very old and hoax riddled story, that is very easy to debunk.

I recently had to register for Fair PharmaCare as my household income had dropped to the point where we qualify. During the registration process, I found this nugget of joy…

“The Fair PharmaCare Plan online registration system does not support Firefox browser versions 37.0.0 to 40.0.03 or the latest versions of the Google Chrome browser. We recommend using Internet Explorer.”

Internet Explorer? Leave it to the Liberals to have a registration system that only works well for 6.8% of the population, and doesn’t work reliably for 86.6% of online users.

Gecko; What would you do if you were on a plane and something like this happened ? what should a person do? I do not know if its a hoax or not, the date I have is Dec. 6, 20l5,AirTran Flight 297, from Atlanta to Houston. HE says he got off that flight and took another one five hours later.

Bitter I think that would be a potential ‘lets roll’ case. Obviously one would asses the threat first, make sure you have a couple of guys that have your back. Then ask the flight attendant if they need some help and intervene if need be. If it came down to it hit first and hit hard take them by surprise. Who cares if you get kicked off the plane at that point. They can thank for the help later.

I don’t think the case is as serious as it’s made out to be, because after 9/11 I can’t see how that’s not how it would go down, considering the plane likely had a hundred other males on board that would not put up with that kind of behaviour either.

Get well soon Dearth.

2015! I remember it like it was yesterday.

Posted on Friday, January 1, 2016 @ 7:46 AM by Eagleone
Also has anyone else heard about a plastics plant in Bear Lake? At the old Pas Lumber site?

I see their is a new workers camp of portables on Industrial Way, I think is the name of the street, just past the Canfor mill. Is that workers camp for the planned pipelines that all seem to converge on Bear Lake heading west to the coast, or is this for the proposed plastics factory?
Portables just past the Canfor mill? You mean Canfor/Rustad? Those trailers have been there for years, just storage. Besides which, if they were setting up a camp for people to work in the Bear Lake area, they’d set the camp up close to the worksite.


That is a point by point rebuttal of the alleged activities of the original hoax account.

There are far too many people in the internet who are unable to be situationally aware, in this case from the point of view of thinking about the reasonableness of the statements made to the point when it should sound a bit “fishy” that they check it out.

As an example, I had a conversation with someone I had met that evening and he told me that our new PM was supposedly the first one to visit Vancouver since his father did several decades ago. He then proceeded to tell me of how the Federal Liberals planted that false story in the newspapers to make him look good, when, in fact, several other PMs visited Vancouver.

I had not read the news articles, so could not respond from my own knowledge. However, it sounded fishy to me since I could not believe anyone would spin an easily refutable news report such as that. No one else at the table disputed the story.

When I got back home, I looked up the news reports which, one after the other, spoke about the first visit of a sitting PM to Vancouver CITY HALL and that Pierre Trudeau was the last one to have attended an official visit to City Hall to have a private conversation between a PM and the Mayor of Vancouver.

I believe the most gullible people are those who, when listening to what someone else is saying or has written, are ready to believe that which supports their own biases. In one case it might be about a group of people who they are unfamiliar with and have learned to hate …. In another it may be an individual who they have learned to despise.

In the case of the air trans flight, the individual who has rekindled the flame of that account did not even have to be inventive, he/she simply had to repeat it.

Passengers stay quiet during such incidents. The Captain is in charge and assisted by his/her crew.

Unless one is in the military or other official force and is trained for such events, one stays out of it.

Those who are trained will know when they can act, when they should act, how to let those in charge know that they can assist and what to do if they feel they can help to diffuse the situation.

Neophytes and those who think they are the macho he-man type are likely to escalate something rather than de-escalate or help in other ways.

“portables on Industrial Way” … :-)

I see there is some equipment next to the library downtown and a light hammerhead crane.

I hear they are finally putting a new entrance onto the library. ;-)

Rumours are fun….

Speedy recovery Dearth. Best of luck.

Brother Gecko wrote: “Internet Explorer? Leave it to the Liberals to have a registration system that only works well for 6.8% of the population, and doesn’t work reliably for 86.6% of online users.”

Please let us know where you get those percentages from.

According to the US Federal Government, the most popular browsers accessing their sites are (report from March 2015):

Chrome = 34.7%
IE = 28.3%
Safari (Apple) 20.3%
Firefox = 11%
Android = 3.3%

As far as Firefox browser versions 37.0.0 to 40.0.03 go, they are old versions. The Firefox version I have installed is 43.0.1. The ones specified by Pharmacare are older versions.

I understand that sites typically support older versions of IE but only the most recent versions of other browsers.

I have all three browsers as well as Window 10’s Edge which I do not find useful at all. Windows 10 has issues on some installations with the speed of browsers.

I use IE because I have it all set up to run the way that I work. Never had any problems with it.

Perhaps you are just wanting to post something against the Liberal Government rather than the Administrative staff which operates Pharmacare. Another conspiracy theory. :-)

Todd your comment in the Citizen on carbon. Do you not know there has been no statistically significant global warming no for almost 19 years. About as long as the carbon hype. Time for you to catch up on the science.

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