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October 28, 2017 12:56 am

City’s Latest Economic Update Released

Thursday, December 31, 2015 @ 9:51 AM

Prince George, B.C.-Unemployment,  new housing prices and  housing starts  were all ‘up’ in Prince George in November,  says the newly released  City of Prince George Economic Update.

The report is something that used to be produced by Initiatives Prince George.   Now that IPG ‘s  role has been moved to  City Hall,  the report is being produced ‘in house”.

According to the report,  the employment rate in Prince George   (65.8%)  was  better than the Provincial (60.1%) and national  (61.2%)  stats in November.

When  it comes to those who were without work  during the same period,   Prince George’s unemployment rate of 6.5%  was  higher than  B.C.’s  (5.9%) and  nearly matched the national rate of 6.6%.

On the subject of housing,  the   reports says  23 newly built  single detached homes were sold in P.G. in November  at an average price of $437,715.  That’s  well above the average selling price of $405,031 for  the 16 new homes which sold in the same month in 2014.

44 housing starts in Prince George in November  was an increase over the  28 starts  in the same month  a year ago.

Although there were fewer building permits issued  in November (30)   than  in  November 2014 , the value of the permits  was nearly the same.   November 2015’s thirty permits were valued at $6.4 million, while the same month a year  ago 46 permits  were issued  with a  total value of $6.9 million.




Economic update = pay more for everything including BC taxes in the new year.

that unemployment stat is not really correct as it only indicates those who are drawing EI it fails to include those who are not working and living on other sources of income.

something wrong with thee stat however…. typo maybe?

According to the report, the employment rate in Prince George (65.8%) was better than the Provincial (60.1%) and national (61.2%) stats in November.

60% + seems just a little elevated.

Communities with a younger demographic typically have a higher employment rate.

Time they improved their web site. I put “economic update” into the search engines and got nothing remotely resembling the report. :-)

“Prince George is the largest city in one of the fastest growing regions in Canada.”

That is what it says on the economic development site.

Is there anyone here who can provide me with some details of that? Like maybe some BCstats or Census Canada data which would confirm that.

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