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October 28, 2017 12:50 am

Friday Free For All – Jan. 8, 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

One week into the New Year,  can  we still be civil to each other?

It is time for the Friday Free for All,  where you choose the  topic for discussion. Please keep your comments brief,  and be respectful of each others  right to  have an opinion even though  you may not  agree with  what they are saying.  Discussion should be respectful.

There are three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying


Have a good weekend everyone, nice to see the -30+ weather held off

I read the “Lusty Brat” editorial in the Citizen about an old 1964 article from the Sun in which the reporter mentions being approached by a wobbling panhandler within 10 minutes of setting foot on the sidewalk in PG. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Good morning! I got an ad from a local franchise business now stating that their eggs are from hens who are fed an entirely vegetarian diet with no meat byproducts. They say they are healthier eggs.
I wonder if they have ever been around chickens to see what they eat naturally? When they are truly free run?
It certainly isn’t a vegetarian diet!
I think you only get healthier eggs when the chickens can eat what they eat naturally, don’t you?
Besides that, the eggs we get in the stores have no resemblance in colour, to eggs from free run chickens. I guess they think people will believe anything!
I guess all the products that have been constantly “New” and “improved” over the years should be so good by now that they should never break down or need re-using!
I just have to laugh at all their claims.
Have a good day and weekend everyone.

Slinky, I’ve lived in PG my whole life and I’ve never met a pan handler. I don’t know what part of town your walking around in. I guess if you’re wearing your gucci shoes and sporting a rolex outside the homeless shelter, then one is kind of inviting that kind of behavior, but otherwise….

I wonder what happened to the Weather Network this year. No radar data and the forecast is always way off. Past years I could plan a trip knowing a good idea where the actual heavy cloud cover was from the radar picture at the front end of the weather report. Now its just a map… whats the point of just a map? Why did they cut this valuable service? Then their forecasts this year have been all over the place… call for 1cm of snow and get 5cm, call for minus 30 and get minus 10… maybe they got the lazy intern covering this part of the country?

And then we have the Pacific Western Brewing sign… good grief is that ever a gong show. The time is off by an hour… Alaska time I think? and the outside temperature it displays is always off by 10-15 degrees (Fairbanks maybe?). One has to wonder at the logic of being a brewery that advertises quality in the precision of brewing a fine brew… and yet they have a huge neon sign that screams incompetence to everyone that drives by daily. I don’t get it, what’s the purpose is behind the faulty information on that sign lol.

if you stay at home all the time eagle you will never see a pan handler either… I have seen them at Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Parkwood, Super Store,Pine Center, and Spruceland….. I don’t go downtown so who knows how many there are there

Sorry, saying you never go out was very unfair of me….but I agree with Slinky, we have our share of panhandlers…

I get out. Maybe we define a pan handler differently. I don’t count the Salvation Army collection drives as pan handlers. By the sounds of it you do.

I get hit up by family members more than strangers on the street. Have you ever walked by a candy dispenser with a four year old… and they have those things everywhere, they’re at the pool, at the mall, they even have them at Princess Auto.

I too have seen many people asking for money. I have also been approached by many people over the years while I was putting my groceries in my trunk, or near a bank machine. As a smaller, aging female, I do not feel comfortable with this. Most have not been agitated, a few have and it was unsettling. I once had a gal tell me, she would go with me to my bank! Wow, and, NO!!!
This week I had a young adult male come to my house in the evening, to answer a survey. “Are you kidding me” I thought. At night, in the dark, only a guy would think, in this day, that is an acceptable practice. I love lots about PG, but safety issues are here to stay, I sent him packing!

I see there is a tender out on BC Bid for a site building deconstruction at the Experimental Farm. I thought the farm had been signed over to the Lheidli T’enneh years ago. Anyone know anything about this?

The tender is advertised by Public Works Canada…….

Really we have panhandlers. Gosh! I have NEVER seen one in any other city in Canada!

This could be a real problem for PG!

Seriously, at least here we notice them. This goes to who we are as a community. Want to learn to ignore them, move to Vancouver, but they are in every community. The only way you don’t see panhandlers is if you ignore them.

rather odd eagleone that you should indicate we might call the Salvation Army pan handlers. Never once did I even indicate as such…shame on you.
Let us just say we hang out in the same places just at different times….

Have a great and safe weekend all.

Eagleone. You should get out more. Panhandlers are working the parking lots in the malls and shopping centres all the time. They also sit on some streets with signs asking for hand outs. Panhandling is a common site in Prince George,. Probably more so now, than back in the day.

I find it somewhat amazing that Eagleone can write about all the ills of the world on a regular basis, and yet not be aware of the fact that Prince George has pan handlers.

BC’s National Energy Board just approved a permit to LNG Canada to export 1,494 Billion cubic metres of liquefied natural gas over the next 40 years through the Port of Kitimat . If the permit is not used is expires in 2020. This gas is considered to be surplus to BC’s needs.

Rather interesting when you consider the past president of BC Hydro stated that they would build a electrical gas generating plant if BC if there was a sufficient supply of natural gas to last 100 years, however indications were that there was not sufficient gas in BC. Hmmmm.

BS baffles brains.

Why on earth would anyone be so upset by panhandlers? I’d rather speak with a panhandler than be incessantly pestered by sales clerks wanting to know if I “need any help,” or telemarketers, or banks and telecom companies wanting to know if I appreciated their service or, perhaps, want to upgrade my service.

If you’re so inclined when a panhandler stops you on the street, your spare change will be appreciated. If not, I’ve found a “sorry, I don’t have any cash” suffices just fine. We can’t always pick those humans who speak to us, and we can’t make them just like us. Welcome to life in the 21st century, people.

IMFrank@The Experimental Farm was to be transferred to Lheidli T’enneh under the terms of the proposed treaty. However, the treaty was not ratified by the band membership when it came to a vote in 2007. As a result, the Experimental Farm did not become Lheidli T’enneh property. I don’t know about the particular building in question, but it sounds like it is one that is sufficiently decrepit that the government considers it desirable to take it down now, before a transfer that may occur if the treaty is approved.

I have used panhandlers in Vancouver for directions and advice on entertainment and shopping. More times than not they have been quite helpful after getting over the surprise of being asked. I then give them a tip, money earned.

As I have mentioned many times, Palopu hydro electric generation is cheaper than natural gas generation. Hydro does have gas generators, in Ioco and Prince Rupert. They are for emergency supply mainly but will run for general generation if the spot price is high enough. The Ioco plant suffers from nimbyism but the generators, not the gas turbines are run for reactive supply to the coast.

No 250 coverage of the first Syrian family arriving in PG? The mayor was there for the photo op…

I wonder if there was a media circus when my parents arrived at the end of the war.

Had the joy of sitting in family court yesterday. Was eye opening to say the least. All are required to be there for 9:30am, if you bought a ticket for the ride (lawyer), have a Ministry or Band involved you move to the front, if your a regular taxpayer going thru the system trying to not go broke your time falls between 4-430pm. The lawyers are the most rag tag group, either morbidly obese or anorexic with fashion ranging from Value Village to scarves are in. Watched one well known older lawyer in his suit that has never seen an iron complimented with work boots one fittingly untied literally sleeping for 15 minutes in the front as well as the lady sherrif. Nothing accomplished but put over to this put over to that, what good old make work project ….

Have been waiting for Friday Free for all for comments from the usual commentators regarding the arms charges. Absolutely nothing!!!!!I understand collecting guns, but am confused about collecting ammunition.Something is wrong about this picture.

Posted on Friday, January 8, 2016 @ 10:22 AM by Rogue with a score of 2

Have been waiting for Friday Free for all for comments from the usual commentators regarding the arms charges. Absolutely nothing!!!!!I understand collecting guns, but am confused about collecting ammunition.Something is wrong about this picture.


Have you seen the price of ammo over the past few years? When I see something I use at a sale price I tend to stock up as well.

There is coverage of the Syrian family arriving on this Site. The Family looks healthy and happy and good luck to them. I also have to wonder about employment with so many people loosing their jobs in P.G.

Rogue, and his 22-year old kid at the time was caught at a local high school with a rifle in his truck…. From what I heard the principal of DPTodd laid charges, but they were later dropped. It was shortly after that the police raided the dads house, so probably were watching the whole lot of them.

Is Natural Gas Clean ?

In the first half of the 20th Century a new material was all the rage . At the 1939 New York Worlds Fair it was advertised as a “magic mineral ” and extolled for its ” service to humanity “. It was used in dozens of products , from buttons to telephones to electrical panels , Heart surgeons used it for threads and it considered safe enough to purify food and to include in toothpaste . The name of this magic mineral was asbestos . Natural gas is the new magic fossil fuel .

Ataloss your ignorance about natural gas is astounding! Don’t eat beans.

Seamutt. Just because you mentioned that Hydro is cheaper than natural gas for electrical generation doesn’t make it so.

By the time Hydro finishes (if it ever does) Site C. It will cost billions of dollars. My guess is close to $15 Billion or more when you take into account borrowing costs. One of the biggest costs will be the cost of having Hydro involved. Hydro is probably one of the worst money wasters on the face of the earth.

Neither I or you have the information available to actually cost the difference between Site C. and Natural Gas., however we do know that Alberta is in the process of building Natural Gas plants, at considerable cheaper costs than Site C.

Don’t get caught up with the BC Hydro, BC Government, Big Corporation, hoopla about Site C, and cheap Hydro. It is nothing more than a hoax and a sham.

You don’t have a clue as to what is even in natgas . That’s excusable because of ” regulatory capture ” you are not allowed to know what’s in it . But because of the work of people like Tony Seba we are starting to get a peek behind the curtain and it’s frightening . Btw that excerp on asbestos is from Tony’s last book . But by all means be blissfully oblivious .

I’m not particularly a tree hugger or anything, but I’ve always been perplexed by those who advocate we should use natural gas for power generation rather than hydro and that BCHydro is scamming us if they do otherwise. Natural gas is a FOSSIL FUEL for pete’s sake. There’s only so much of it in the ground and the rate at which new fossil fuels are being ‘manufactured’ by the earth’s natural process is VERY VERY SLOW. We’ve burned up a goodly piece of it in a measly 150 years, and even if there’s enough easily-extracted stuff down there for another 500-1,000 yrs (which I doubt), that time frame is a blink of an eye in the scheme of things. Yes, I use the stuff too, but I think we need to use it wisely.

I see the pickpockets are at it again. The BC Government has raised the tenancy act dispute from $50 to $100 and the appeal from $25 to $50. Looks like they are targeting the ones that can hardly pay their rent now.

@seamutt… The Ioco plant (Burrard Thermal Generator) is being decommissioned this year. That’s 900 megawatts off the grid.

The Burrard Thermal Generator’s power loss is being replaced by the hydro Mica Generation Stations 5 & 6.

Palopu, cheaper because they are only a third of the lifespan and only cheaper because of the commodity cost right now. Nat gas prices will fluctuate over 100 years but water is always free – plus getting water for the dam doesn’t involve chemicals and small earthquakes and risks to groundwater aquifers which hasn’t been proven but… you know. spy into that crystal ball of yours and pray tell what will nat gas be per gigajoule in say 2020? How about 2030? 2099? Once these natural gas plants go out of service what is the cost of decommissioning?

Burrard Thermal is it running at 1% capacity annually – so not a loss of 900 megawatts but 9. It requires 400 million in upgrades to make it efficient enough to use on a regular basis, but even then the power is more expensive than a dam.

With Trudeau signing on in Paris we need more Site C and less Burrard Thermal if we are to ever top reach the climate targets our country just pledged to do.

to… 2? too? two? but not top… spell checker was right so can’t blame it on that, just fat fingers…

Only idiots can’t read through auto fill ,spell check , typos and fat finger syndrome .

Palopu what do you think of the 65 billion in contracts to IPP’s which is not firm power, base load is required to back up the IPP’s. I have mentioned that many times.

Palopu a simple google search will show you the costs of different generation.

You also mention the cost of construction but leave out the operating costs once on line which is very low, lower than any other form of generation. That is where hydro electric has its biggest advantage.

If you think the project is so expensive how come out power rates are so low considering all the other big generation built and on line.

You say Hydro is one of the worst money wasters on earth, say what. Yes hydro has warts but over all our rates are about the lowest on earth and would be lower is the government would stop meddling.

Borrowing costs, very low, most likely the lowest because government sponsored, lower most likely than any private outfit could borrow.

Alberta has swallowed the carbon BS and is shutting down coal generation and they have next to no hydro potential unlike BC to are forced to go gas which will bite them in the ass down the road. Also Alberta’s rates are higher than BC because they are thermal and mostly private generation.
They should build nuclear.

Hoax and a sham then again please tell me why hydro electric power is the cheapest source of electricity going. Again do a simple google search.

Seamutt do you ever look things up before you spew ? Alberta is an electricity exporter . Geez !

Those who cast doubts on what is the cheaper way to go – hydro or fracked natural gas, oil or coal – should remember that cheaper is not necessarily better! Better when it comes to the climate and the environment, like drinkable water and breathable air!

Geez Ataloss what does that have to do with anything. Electricity is a commodity, its bought and sold on the open market just like your imaginary stocks, geez. Because of our abundant flexable hydro system Hydro does very well in the market. Hydro, the government of the day private piggy bank.

Geez Ataloss please tell how well your imaginary solar system is pumping out fairy dust.

Ataloss, every province and almost every country is an electricity exporter. They are also electricity importers. Some import more than they export.

Alberta is a net importer of electricity

The previous government tried to make them a net exporter by selling power to the US from generation capacity being proposed for the tar sands. Thought you would have read that on the Tyee.

Posted on Friday, January 8, 2016 @ 8:26 AM by Palopu with a score of 25
I find it somewhat amazing that Eagleone can write about all the ills of the world on a regular basis, and yet not be aware of the fact that Prince George has pan handlers.

Most of them are mentally ill and have been set free to walk our streets by your govt.

Posted on Friday, January 8, 2016 @ 10:22 AM by Rogue with a score of -5
Have been waiting for Friday Free for all for comments from the usual commentators regarding the arms charges. Absolutely nothing!!!!!I understand collecting guns, but am confused about collecting ammunition.Something is wrong about this picture.

Collecting ammunition? What’s so confusing? You buy ammunition and then you go out and shoot it. You have to collect it before you can shoot it.
Stay in your apartment you’ll be safe there.

Posted on Friday, January 8, 2016 @ 10:45 AM by Eagleone with a score of 5
Rogue, and his 22-year old kid at the time was caught at a local high school with a rifle in his truck…. From what I heard the principal of DPTodd laid charges, but they were later dropped. It was shortly after that the police raided the dads house, so probably were watching the whole lot of them.

School principals don’t lay charges. The crown does. Are you saying Rogue, and his 22 yr old son were caught? Or are you just not writing correctly?

Since when is it illegal to have a rifle in your truck Eagle?

Dumbfounded, I believe that you are incorrect with your statement “Most of them are mentally ill and have been set free to walk our streets by your govt.

The mentally ill used to be institutionalized. They were fed daily. They were bathed and given clean clothes. They had a roof over their heads and were housed in heated buildings. Medications were given at regular times and other health treatments were administered!

BUT they were still institutionalized!

Unfortunately for many of those that were institutionalized, the bleeding hearts condemned the institutionalization of those that were obviously not able to take care of themselves. The loud and demanding bleeding hearts put pressure, LOTS of pressure on Government to de-institutionalize the mentally ill and Government capitulated.

The mentally ill are now free of “institutionalization” and are now free to walk the streets and live in a box in a back alley!

But, you won’t hear that from the bleeding hearts!

So here we go again,.

1. If the BC Government is going to sell natural gas to exporting companies, and if these exporting companies are going to get this gas by fracking, etc; then build a pipeline to Kitimat, and then build gas driven turbines to produce electricity to freeze the natural gas so that it can be converted into liquid form, and then shipped to Countries like Korea, Japan, or China, where it is deliquefied, and then used for ??? You guessed it, used for running gas turbines to generate electricity in those Countries.

Sooooo. Listen carefully now. By doing the above, we have more methane released into the atmosphere because of fracking, we have more pollution pumped into the air by the gas turbines at the shipping areas, we have more released at the unloading area, and then again when the gas is used for producing electricity. At this point we are putting more pollutants into the air than we would if we continued to ship coal to these Countries.

Soooo. What we do is produce electricity here with gas, and not flood the Peace Valley, and if we do in fact have a surplus, we could ship some to other Countries for their use.

Using gas fired plants in BC is a win, win. We produce jobs building the plants, and save the Peace Valley.

Seems simple enough to me.

Seamutt you need to bone up on business if you want to discuss it . Electricity is bought by auction , stocks are bought by price . They are two completely different markets .

Dumbfounded wrote: “School principals don’t lay charges. The crown does”

The Police commonly lay charges. The Crown may prosecute as a result.

However, private individuals can also lay charge. Before launching a private prosecution, you may want to make a complaint to the police. If the police refuse to lay charges and you believe there is enough evidence of an offence to support a conviction, you may lay your own charges.

When the information is presented to the court by a private citizen, it is then referred to either a provincial court judge or a designated justice of the peace, who holds a hearing to determine whether a summons or warrant should be issued to compel the person to attend court and answer to the charge.

Stupid statement by Bill Bennett, Minister of Mines and Energy.

**BC Hydro rate payers have the right to expect the Site C project to be built on time and on budget.**

This in regards to the FN blockade of a construction site. Hmmmm. Does anyone, anywhere know of a BC Hydro ratepayer who might be concerned about the completion date of this ill fated project.??? Not bloody likely. Just another BS line from a ill informed, politician.

Did anyone ever notice that they always say that Site C will generate 1100 megawatts of capacity 5100 Gigawatt hours of electricity each year.?

Then they say. Enough power to supply 450000 homes. Note they do not say that the power is needed to supply 450000 homes, only that it could.

Fact of the matter is we do not have 450,000 homes built that could use this electricity, and at a rate of approx. 30,000 new homes per year in BC it would be 15 years after the dam was built before we would use up this power. Where would it go while they are waiting for these houses to be built to use the power???

The power would be exported, and we would then say that we need a new power source to supply these houses, and would then probably build a natural gas electrical plant.

So build the gas plants now, and deep six Site C.

Hey, Palopu, I have an idea. Why don’t we wait till we have the 450,000 homes, THEN start to build the dam.

Another way to look at it is that we need to build a new dam of the same size every 15 years if we have that rate of growth. When was the last time we built a dam?

In fact, we are managing at the moment. That means the last dams that were built were built in advance.

Besides, the measuring “stick” of using houses does not just deal with houses, it also deals with commercial, industrial and other facilities that use electricity.

Where do you get these unrealistic notions from??? I always considered you as a relatively practical individual. I am starting to have my doubts.

“Collecting ammunition? What’s so confusing? You buy ammunition and then you go out and shoot it. You have to collect it before you can shoot it.”

Ok, I will bite. 31,000 rounds of ammo – he takes it to go out for a bit of shooting at the local gravel pit (taking illegal guns to a shooting range is not such a good idea). Lets say he fires off a round a second, you know with reloading a 5 bullet clip every time and such, until it is all gone. He would have to be there for aver 8 and a half hours firing away before he ran out and had to go online and buy more. He must have done the math which is probably why he had to remove the pins from the clips and switch to full auto

gopg 2015. You miss the point.

If we don’t need the power now, then it will be exported and once exported it will be gone. We will then need to produce more for local consumption.

We don’t need to be sending all this gas to foreign countries just so they can produce electricity with gas along with all the attendant pollution and in fact we could reduce the pollution by using the gas ourselves.

Exporting LNG and Electricity is only being done to create some short term jobs and make some huge profits for foreign corporations. A few gas plants in BC to produce the electricity we need for the next 100 years could be phased in as needed, say one every 10 years for 30 years,. This would be more than sufficient for our needs, and would stop the need for Site C.

Seems people have a problem getting it through their heads, that Site C, and those types of projects are antiquated, old time thinking.

It is especially insulting when people think that they can just flood someone’s property because it will create a job for them. Time to be more realistic in finding a ways to create jobs.

If we were to build a dam at Fort George Canyon and flood out all of Prince George and points East and West you would have an entirely different perspective.

Its easy to sit in the comfort of your living room, spewing balderdash about destroying someone else’s homes and property because of a perceived need for power. Perhaps its time for some people to go to the Peace River and talk to those people being effected, rather than listen to BC Hydro, BC Government, and Corporate propaganda.

Slinky was it said these weapons where full auto? One can go down to whole sale sports and buy a semi ar.

Rate payers I think would get upset if construction is held up by protesters. Delays cost money and the builders I would think would have a no delay clause to the government as the government would have with them.

Ataloss not quite correct, price and bidding. The traders for powerex make some serious coin.

Yes, an AK47 and M16 were converted to full auto, the parcel for another full auto kit for a M16 was what triggered the raid according to the Citizen’s article. 5 – 100 round drum magazines. So you see he needed lots of ammo.

Palopu, it will take 10 years to build, there will be 300,000 new homes built before the dam goes on line. We can reduce more pollution by sending our gas overseas so they can mothball the coal plants and burn gas while we build a dam. Even Alberta gets more than half of its power through coal fired generation, we should sell some gas to them too.

There are a couple of people over at the citizen that should read this

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
` Arthur C Clarke

“Sadly, we have arrived. Our children are growing up in a world run by magic. Flip a switch and there’s light. Press a button, and the TV turns on. H*ll, you don’t even have to press a button anymore on the newer stuff, you can just tell it to turn on. No one knows how to count change anymore, the till calculates it automatically. Well, that’s assuming you use cash, most people use these cards they can just tap and the money is magically whisked out of their bank accounts. Go to the grocery store and it is fully stocked with food. Not matter how much you buy, when you come back the next day, the shelves will have been fully restocked. Magic. Need to talk to someone? Just say “call” and the person’s name, and you will be connected.

The current generation doesn’t ask how these things work, or even marvel at the fact that the do. On a visit to a remote farming area, a young lady tried to make a cell phone call. When I explained that there was no cell phone coverage in the area, she demanded to know “how is that even possible?”

At the time, I was amused. Now I read Tim’s articles and I realize I should instead be terrified.”


Thanks Slinky I did not know that.

here is some news for the solar drum beaters


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