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October 28, 2017 12:33 am

Driver loses wheel, keeps on going

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 @ 3:55 PM

Prince George B.C. – An odd scenario  had  RCMP  knocking on doors  in the northern  reach of the City of Prince George this morning.

It starts  around 7:23  am  when  police  got a call from a chip truck driver reporting his rig has been side swiped on Highway 97, and the offending  vehicle ( a truck)   had kept on  going south bound on Highway 97.

A few minutes later, police received a  call about a truck  that was  travelling southbound on the highway  and  there were sparks flying from it, because  one wheel was missing.

Police headed  to the area,  and discovered a truck, in the ditch near Highway 97 and Chestnut  Drive .  The  truck was missing one wheel,  and its driver.

The area was  cordoned off and police  went door to door to  locate the  person who had been  behind the wheel of the crashed truck.

They  located  their  suspect,  and  he has  been slapped with  a 24 hour license suspension,  and cited for two violations under the Motor Vehicle  Act, specifically, driving without  due care and consideration, and failing to remain at the scene of an accident.


Shoulda thrown his arse in jail for endangering the public and being a retard for driving like that

Probably couldn’t run a breathalyzer on them either if they were already at home. More than likely fled the scene because they were impaired. On another note, how come no mention of the fender bender on Ospika yesterday morning. When I went past one of the crosswalks there was a little car with it’s front all smashed in being hooked up to a tow truck and what looked like a cop car parked with it’s lights on and it’s front end was all dinged up as well.

Name of company he works for might keep him off road

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