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October 28, 2017 12:31 am

Dealing with Grief…You don’t have to go it alone

Friday, January 29, 2016 @ 3:50 AM

Prince George, B.C.  –  It is a  subject  many would rather not  discuss, but it is one  that needs to be  talked about.Grief, and how to navigate through  the emotional  journey brought on by  loss, is foreign territory  for most of us. ” We all go through it differently” says  Donna Flood, Executive  Director of the Prince George Hospice Society.  “That is one of the misconceptions  about grief,  it  changes who we are,  we don’t necessary ‘get through it’ because  there is no end.    What it does is,  it creates a new reality for us, so what we  try  to do is walk through that and try to get to that new  reality.”

Tomorrow, many members of the  community in Prince George will be attending one or both of the  funerals set for  two  well known members of the Prince George community.

The service for  Kenny Carpino  is set for  11 Saturday morning at  St. Mary’s Catholic Church,  and the service for Matt Pearce is slated  for 1 in the afternoon at the Westwood Mennonite Church.

Both men died  unexpectedly in separate incidents  last weekend,  sending a  shock wave through the community.

“Grief is  different  for everybody  and everyone needs to be entitled to grieve in the way that is best for them” says Donna Flood.

The Prince George Hospice Society does offer a number of grief  programs says Flood “Our Tea Time for the Soul, is about people who are going through the same journey,  being able to talk,  being able to participate, being able to talk about the people  they  lost and its  having that safe environment in which to do it”.  There is also a special  Grief and Grub for Guys  “Men almost go into themselves and  go underground with grief,  so through  Grief and grub for Guys,  it’s an opportunity for men to get together  and through food  and conversation, get some  tips on how to grieve  and bring some normal back into their lives, or their new normal.”

While each person  will  experience loss in a different way, Donna Flood says there are some things  a person should keep in mind  as they  try to deal with  grief:

  • Your mind may feel vague or empty, don’t try and make decisions don’t make any large life changing decision for about a year
  • You will have physical effects, Make sure you care for yourself, get nourishment, exercise and rest
  • Do not apologize for your feelings, they are your feelings and there is no right  or wrong way to feel
  • You will experience joy and happiness, don’t feel guilty
  • You do not get over it ever! It does become less painful

“Remember it is because we dare to love, that we grieve,… let’s keep loving.”

For full details on the  various programs offered by P.G. Hospice ,  you can  contact them directly at 250-563-2551


I am so glad we have the Hopice here in P.G. and support it in any way I can . One of their fund raising projects is the Antique Fair in the spring in the ROLL A DOME, you know the building some people want to get rid of. Is there going to be a Fair this year??

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