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October 28, 2017 12:26 am

Council Puts Wheels in Motion for Bike Lane Upgrades

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The plan to move forward with upgrades to 36kms of  bike lanes in the City  won’t  leave everyone  happy,  but  consultation  and education are key points of the plan.

The City has  a plan to improve Bike lanes in the city,  but  the real concern for  Mayor Hall and Councillor Brian Skakun is that the consultation process  would follow the  banning parking from  arterial routes.

There are  some  routes which have issues,   vehicles parking in  bike lanes is one, and choke points is another.  Staff recognize there will have to be some infrastructure  upgrades and consultation  before the changes are made,  would help further identify  where  changes are needed.

The issue of removing parking  from  along Ospika, has  upset many a  parent with a youngster  in soccer at the Rotary Soccer fields.  Parking  near the  field  is at a premium when there is a major event underway  at the CN Centre,   such as the  auto dealer’s Mega Sale or the Exhibition.

“I think we have parking available” says  Dave Dyer,  General Manager of Engineering and Public works “but its a matter of  working with the Soccer Association.”

The removal of parking from arterial roadways would be a year  round  rule. That raised some new questions for the Mayor who wants to know the financial impact  of  snow removal in bike lanes.

The report to Council outlined a phased approach:

  1.  Identification –36 km of the cycle network is proposed for the 2016 project
  2. Transportation ; consultation with stakeholders within areas where parking on arterial bicycle routes is frequent and prevalent
  3. Prioritization –following the consultation process, determination of areas where infrastructure upgrades are required and areas where issues are to be resolved.
  4. Implementation –preparation of construction drawings for installation during the summer and fall of 2016.
  5. Education and Enforcement –provision of notice to stakeholders; establishment of enforcement processes and timelines in highly used on-street parking areas along arterial cycling routes;

Councillors  noted the initial establishment of bike lanes  really wasn’t a very well thought out  plan which  established the lanes without  concerns for the safety of the bicyclists.

The  upgrades will cost  about $500 thousand  dollars  with Bike BC   contributing half of that amount .





what no fines for those who ride their bikes off biking lanes?

Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 @ 5:16 AM by bcracer with a score of 4

what no fines for those who ride their bikes off biking lanes?


Who’s going to catch them?

Excellent, as one of a few people in my office who cycle every day to work it is great to hear Prince George is catching up with the rest of the world.

I like your idea bcracer and you have a very valid question axman. Maybe we need to have officers on bikes all over town. Now that would be a big blow to all those gangsta wannabes who ride around stealing from cars and houses.
The way the bike lanes are marked along some streets is questionable. Why have some that are three feet from the curb and others six feet?
Then we have pushers and shovers who love to ride right on the line wherever they go, like they are just asking to get brushed by a mirror. And why is it that many bikers with no mirrors refuse to look behind them even when a horn is sounded, warning them of a wide load or some other danger coming?
It has to be a two way street for everyone to get along.

Not allowing parking in bike lanes, even temporarirly or during the winter is a stupid idea. I never had a problem with a bike lane on my street until this city council decided that it should now be an inconvenience to me. It is infuriating to see a no parking rule being imposed for the two idiots that just have to ride their bikes in the winter.

During the winter, I need to be able to park temporarily on the street in order to facilitate clearing snow off of my driveway as I don’t like parking in my driveway until I have cleaned it.

Also, the person who does my yard maintenance in summer needs to be able to street park because they use a trailer. The street I live on is busy enough that it becomes a major hassle to back a trailer into the driveway.

Thanks to the morons sitting on this council, I now hate the fact that I have one these stupid, arbitrarily decided, lanes running past my house.

Also, if bikes are getting their own lanes then it is about time that the things be declared as vehicles. As vehicles they should require that the owners be able to pass a driving test and there should be a requirement to be insured and licenced like any other vehicle that uses the roadway. I’m sick and tired of bike riders who think they are entitled to blow through stop signs and red lights like it is their God-given right to do so and that the rest of us should give them right-of-way because they think they are pedestrians and not drivers.

Can we recall council.and mayor??

“Can we recall council.and mayor?? ”

Yes, lets try to recall mayor and council over bike lanes… this isn’t remotely an over reaction.

The reality of the matter, our city is used to driving but it isn’t the end of the world if you have to walk a couple blocks.

Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 @ 8:48 AM by pgjohn with a score of 0

The reality of the matter, our city is used to driving but it isn’t the end of the world if you have to walk a couple blocks.


This is the age of the drive through, people will revolt if they have to walk anywhere.

I have ridden bikes for over 40 years… I managed to get around on our roads quite nicely and had little or no problems with drivers. so I really don’t see the issue if people know their roles on the road. and it appears they don’t.

Why some bikes ride on the line – because roads aren’t swept and the bike/parking lane is covered in gravel, glass, etc. Flats suck.

Bikes should be insured? If you have a homeowners policy or renters policy, you and your whole family are covered for liability while riding a bike. Extra insurance not required. The people who don’t already have insurance, would never buy it anyway.

Some cyclists don’t like to look behind because they tend to go into traffic if they look over the left shoulder, ditch if the look over right shoulder. It’s the way human’s are built, we tend to go where our head is pointed.

Banning parking might actually help motorists. Currently, bikes ride in the outside lane when the bike lane is blocked, slowing traffic. Currently, cars wanting to park in the parking/bike lane, stop traffic while they parallel park. It could create a smoother commute for everyone, with the major argument against this idea, people will have to park on side streets and walk two blocks.

There is also the possibility that more people cycle, get healthier, use less healthcare dollars, in which case we all benefit.

I think it’s worth a 3 year experiment, see what happens, and if participation rates stay low, go back to the way it was.

Also, don’t need to worry about by-law enforcement giving you a ticket for parking in a bike lane while you clear your driveway. Currently people park across sidewalks in VLA, and park halfway on sidewalks in College Heights – never seen anyone get a ticket.

Great st John ambalance would like 50,000 grand for the community good they and the this abministration says no money. However 500,000 grand miraculously appears for bike lanes in a winter city. Plus there is always bitching about the snow removal budget but again money will miraculously appear to clear bike lanes.

Next you will be seeing bike lane pot hole fixing, sweeping and snow clearing before the main roadway. How did a minority get so dam entitled?

Where is this money coming from? One thought, letting the Four seasons pool get so run down, shut it down, voila money for the entitled.

Seamutt – it’s only $250,000, we’re getting “free” money from the Province – you know same logic as the Winter Games.

As far as I know, probably 90% of the households in PG has a bike in the garage somewhere – hardly a minority. There’s 4 local bike shops, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Costco, etc., all selling bikes. This whole issue is around the concept that there’s lots of people who would cycle, if it were safe to do so.

So, let’s find out. Like I say, if we’re wrong, it’s not like we can’t go back.

How about upgrade your bikes to motorcycles then ride on the roads.

I like the idea PVal, tried it for 4 years, never had so many close calls. When a motorcycle runs into the side of a car, you get really hurt. And for some reason, cars can’t see motorcycles either.

Read this sentence over a couple of times . The upgrades will cost about $500 thousand dollars with Bike BC contributing half of that amount . This sentence means the city only pays half of the cost of the upgrades .

If the rules for bikes where enforced and fined accordingly the money from the fines could pay for this upgrade. Rarely do I see a bike rider with a helmet, that alone would be a big cash cow to pay for it. Or my favourite is a parent without a helmet but their kids all have one on..love that mentality.

“The upgrades will cost about $500 thousand dollars with Bike BC contributing half of that amount .” This sentence means taxpayers pay 100% of the cost of the upgrades.

“Next you will be seeing bike lane pot hole fixing, sweeping and snow clearing before the main roadway. How did a minority get so dam entitled? ”

Perhaps its a minority because the infrastructure for biking is crap.
I would like to bike to work in the summer, but it’s a pain when you stick to safe options. This city is not bike friendly.

We have four bikes sitting in our basement which we don’t use because of the fear of riding with traffic on shoulders/bike lanes that are not user friendly.

It’s open season on anything with less than four wheels! I know some bike riders don’t follow the rules of the road, but the mentality of some of the drivers in Prince George is downright scary when it comes to sharing our roads.

I think everyone who has one of these dumb lanes in front of their residence should appeal their assessment. Oh wait, it was done after the appeal period has closed! Smart move on the part of whomever schedules when these votes come before council!!

It will probably turn out to be the dumbest piece of legislation this council passes!

Anti bike lanes = low information voters

the city only pays part of it and the province pays the rest .

yea my ICBC rates aren’t high enough thx

“4 bikes sitting in our basement”
has nothing to do with safety.. it’s the same reason I have a Bowflex….. seemed like a good idea at the time .

So just how healthy is it to deeply suck in all that road dust. In the spring thanks to all the dog owners who do not pick up dog poop all winter, wonder how much of the spring road dust contains dog poop?

On behalf of the handful of street pedal bike riders in town I would like the thank the 99% who drive to work yet have to fit the bill for this tiny little group. The once in a blue moon that a bike rider actually rides the city streets trumps all the drivers who pay taxes etc to have this $250,000 wasted dollars.

up the fines.. $500 for no helmet… $500 for riding on sidewalks.. $750 for running red lights… we are so worried about the safety of the bikers we need to make it so they don’t risk their safety by attaching a dollar figure to it… ;)

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Your real name is duncanpg11 ? Catchy.

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