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October 28, 2017 12:19 am

We Are Winter – Revisited

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 @ 3:59 AM


Exploration Place Executive Director Tracy Calogheros  looks at one of the images   captured during the Games,  now on display as part of a special  exhibit.

Prince George, B.C.- As the City continues in the Celebrate Prince George mode  for the rest of the week,  Exploration Place  is  opening an exhibit today that  tells  the whole story  of   the 2015 Canada Winter Games.The  whole idea of  the Celebrate Prince George Winter Festival,  centers on  building on the momentum created by the Games,  and the  feeling of pride  that  swelled in the community.  Exploration Place Executive Director Tracy Calogheros says people are  eager to  see  the exhibit “We’ve already  had a number of athletes who were involved in the Games, volunteers  who were involved, asking when the exhibit will  be open”. canadagames5

The exhibit at Exploration Place,  tells the story of  the  bid,  including the box that was delivered to  the  Canada Games Council .  That box,  (in photo at right) complete with a toboggan  and  all the bid  documents inside,  was  decorated with icy  glass, a First Nations carving  and the  words “We Are Winter” . 

Gathering the items for the exhibit was pretty easy says Calogheros “At the end of the Games,  the Host  Society had been collecting all the way through and so had Team BC, so they each shipped us a box.  Then we shipped the bid box back up fro the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame.”

This is the first exhibit totally developed  by  Alysa Tobin who is the acting Curator at the museum “She’s great  at getting things from people” says Calogheros.  “A number of the  athletes came down, and we’ve got some of their materials on loan,  so it came together really well.”

canadagames3canadagames2At left,  display honouring the Green Jackets, while at right,  complete gear worn by snowboard cross athlete Evan Bichon )

Calogheros says she, like many others  who volunteered during the Games,  is seeing  some things for the first time during this exhibit  “For me, a lot of this is a ‘first’ because I was  at CN Centre  all through the Games, so I didn’t really get anywhere except hockey.”

Looking at the photo of the Canadian flag   brings back special memories,  “To me,  when I look at that,  it took me right back to  CN Centre for the opening ceremonies.”,

Just about the only things missing from the exhibit  are the  food trucks and live music shows.

The We are Winter Exhibit is  open  today, through June.


It’s great to see a memorable occasion like this remembered and reflected upon. Although I have a few constructive criticisms to make of the latest event with the Chinese New Year fireworks.

I think the city failed to come through to make a unique event like that a great event. They could have done a lot more to make the park inviting and safe. The ice on the sidewalks was atrocious, and I notice the park does have some nice parkway light standards, but they were not turned on for the event. Truly a PG experience to have maybe 5000 people fumbling on ice in the dark because the city couldn’t plan their part for the planned event. And why aren’t those lights turned on in the park after dark? Especially during planned events?

It could have been a great celebration with some lighting, a little bit of sand on the sidewalks, maybe a few food trucks, the fire works, and it would be really cool to be able to play some pond hockey in the park as well. As it was the people showed up, but the city failed. IMO

Hey those are some great ideas Eagleone! In the City’s defense it was a Museum event, not a City one and it never occurred to me to get in touch with them about the sidewalks. I will for future years though.

This is the largest turn out we have ever had for the fireworks and it was fantastic! I have been casting about for ideas on how to make that outdoor event a bigger public celebration (since we do it every year) and I like the idea of adding food trucks! I will bring your ideas to my team as we start planning for next year. I think everyone is excited about public, free, outdoor events now and we should all be planning for much larger turnouts than we would historically get.

Thanks to Starlight FX too, for a fabulous show! They are wonderful!

Kudos to StarlightFX, living up to their “Mission Statement” – AMAZING Fireworks for ANY occasion.

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