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October 28, 2017 12:07 am

Chickens Come Home to Roost at Council

Monday, February 22, 2016 @ 3:50 AM

city hallPrince George, B.C.- The  proposal to change a bylaw so residents can legally keep a few chickens in their backyard, will be put before Prince George City Council this evening.

P.G. Poultry will be making a presentation to Council, asking that the existing bylaw be amended so people could  keep up to 6 chickens ( no roosters) in the backyard.   The delegation hopes to dispel some of the myths about chicken keeping, and ease concerns over issues such as noise, cleanliness and bear attractants.

Also on the agenda  for this evening’s regular meeting of Council,  RCMP Superintendent Warren Brown will deliver his report on crime stats  for  2015, (see previous story) as well  as present the detachment’s  plans  and focus for the future.

There will be a public hearing on a  proposed  change to the Official Community Plan   for a piece of property adjacent to Exhibition Park.  The property  fronts on 22nd Avenue, and the proposal  calls for a  change to the OCP to allow the construction of  a residential “cluster”   consisting of single detached and  semi-detached  housing.

Mayor Lyn Hall will be calling on  his Council colleagues to support  a resolution to be  forwarded to the North Central Local Government  Association   calling for the Provincial Government to  reverse its decision on downloading DNA analysis costs  to municipalities.  The move by the Province  is expected to cost Prince George about $56 thousand dollars this year,  and significantly more in the  years  ahead. ( see previous story).



They could easily have these funds if each council did not get rid of staff and pay their severance. Such a waste and mismanagement

P.G. Poultry will be making a presentation to Council, asking that the existing bylaw be amended so people could keep up to 6 chickens ( no roosters) in the backyard. The delegation hopes to dispel some of the myths about chicken keeping, and ease concerns over issues such as noise, cleanliness and bear attractants.

What about bears and the horses at the exhibition grounds, and all the dog and birdfeeders out side around town… as well to list a few

Say NO to backyard poultry! The whole concept of having backyard chickens in the bowl or downtown is completely self-righteous. If you live in PG and want chickens/livestock/etc there is plenty of space in rural areas to do so. People need to remember that you made a choice when you bought your home. If you bought in town (i.e the Bowl/Downtown) you did so in order to be ‘in the city’. If you want chickens keep the hell out of the City and move to the Hart or Pineview.

    “… when you bought your home.” pretty much says it all. It’s my home and I should be able to keep 6 harmless chickens in *my* backyard if I want to.

      Feathering your own nest ? You know they only live a few years , then what ? Then the axman cometh .

      When their laying days are over, into the soup pot they go!

    There used to be a lot of chickens in the bowl, no complaints then.
    Not self righteous at all. Healthy and green.

Lets see how Our council handles this…How bout a chicken petting zoo in this New Needle park they are gonna put in behind that Wooden building….then wait for the lites to go out….Pluck you….

The regular chickens come out to roost (complain) on this blog.

    I think it’s called Alektorophobia, LOL!

Well if you don’t like chickens in town, I’d suggest you don’t move to Penticton, Summerland, Kamloops for three towns that are proceeding down chicken lane.

Everyone is so caught up in the chickens that the OCP amendment doesn’t seem to have been noticed. I’m more interested in what the city is doing there, are they taking away park land or exhibition land for new development?

    I think that could be why all the noise is being made about chickens, to hide what is being done with the OCP amendment??? maybe…..

    It’s not much of a park along 22nd Ave. More like a city dumping ground and what used to be a patch of Lodgepole.

      No but some of it is considered part of the exhibition park, and the original plans for all the land is actually pretty impressive. But like everything else in the city, what is planned usually gets thrown out for some special interest. I attended the community meeting when they were talking about putting in a hotel there, and it’s very clear that the city planning department has no long term vision for any part of our city. And when they showed what the original plan was for the area, it really made a lot of us angry about what could have been.

I’m against this. People are too bloody irresponsible to allow them to keep urban chickens. They’ll start with six and then say to themselves, “what’s a few more?” There will be the smell of chicken crap everywhere, because people will be too lazy to clean up after their birds. I mean, are people really going to clean up after their chickens when they are too lazy to clean a litter box or, at the least, pick up after their dog when it takes a dump on the sidewalk.

Say no to urban chickens.

Achoooooo! Bird flu?

I think I will apply for the chicken police….
like the other branches of bylaws I will be able to sit in the office and drink coffee….
heaven forbid that I might have to face someone who might talk nasty to me.

six chickens you say, and your neighbor has seven, the neighbor across the street has eight, now you think it should be great to have 10….and on it goes.

So do the people who belong on the PG Poultry board or whatever live within the city? Why are they promoting this?
Poop stinks, whether it is chicken, dog, cat… I am sorry but I don’t want to live next door to someone who has a chicken coop. Believe me they will build it closest the nearest neighbour because they wont’ want it too close to their dwelling perimeter.???

    I am very happy to hear you’re sorry. You are forgiven for your uninformed comment. LOL

Just read an article on the PG Poultry Page.
Jillian Merrick (council member) It was one of her points in her running campaign! so, if you voted for her… Suck it up!

    Bike lanes and free ranging chickens! All we need is a massive wall around the city and we’ll be self sufficient.

    not surprised that this is one of her little ego trips

So now we are going to worry about chickens in the bike lanes. They run with their neck stretched straight out and if they get caught in the spokes it can be nasty.

Yea,,chickens just got slaughtered at city council meeting!!!!

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